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I have been to a few hospitals for clinical rotations and each of them has what are called VIP rooms. In one hosp it was basically a private room, all the other rooms had 2 beds. In the other two,... Read More

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    I'm very happy to see that we can find agreement somewhere in the middle. I really hate to get into flame wars.

    Now ... if only we could get the rest of world to be so reasonable about things!

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    Quote from RNonsense
    No VIP rooms here...we do have lots of private rooms that any person may have if they wish to private pay...
    NO VIP teatment here. All but two of our rooms are private and the two doubles are kept as singles unless we are busting at the seams.
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    When our VP of nursing (may she rest in peace) had surgery they really cleaned up a private room, hung new curtains, brought in a nice bed from the mother baby unit.

    We were a little preturbed thinking "perhaps she should slum it like the rest of us".

    Usually our VIPs, i.e. celebrities, doctors, etc. get private rooms when available. But we also try to give private rooms to all employees.

    But I agree, all patients should be treated equally.
    The hospital I used to work at had a VIP room- it was called the "penthouse" and views of San Francisco. It was a beautiful room.

    As much as I resent people being given "special treatment, I have to agree that if someone is willing to pay extra out of there own pocket for a deluxe room, I can't fault them.
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    Yes, but who winds up being the butler for those rooms? People who pay for the "nice room" expect better treatment from the staff than the other pts. are getting.
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Yes, but who winds up being the butler for those rooms? .

    Hmm...I wonder who? :stone :stone
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    Quote from hogan4736
    two scenarios (each involves an extremely wealthy patient):

    1) the grand wizard of the kkk is a friend of a hospital board member. he takes ill, and needs a hospital stay. some of his hooded friends come by on their way to a kkk rally to give well wishing. now this person has so much money, he has asked that he have only "certain" people come into his room, and he'll pay whatever it costs to keep blacks, hispanics and jews out of his hospital room (they can better attend to the rest of the patients, he says). heck, he said he'd donate 1 million dollars after his stay (if these "kinds of people" were kept out of his room) to the hospital. he is okay w/ the only room just off to the corner of the rest of the rooms on this ward, and is a very quiet patient.

    2) a prince from some unheard of country has taken ill and needs care for a few days. he asks for a room in a floor that is partially under construction. he then brings in a goat to sacrifice, as he believes that this will help him heal.

    far fetched examples? the second one is, but i'll wager the first one is played out in some hospitals around the country.

    you decide

    when the grand hooha of the aryan nations was admitted to the hospital, he had a jewish cardiologist and an arab surgeon. according to them, he was extremely polite to them! no accomodations were made for his racial preferences . . . again, according to the cardiologist and the surgeon. we did, however, have a federal judge from louisiana request all while caregivers. while the hospital did not officially accomdate this request, he made any non-white caregivers so uncomfortable that they generally requested a change in assignment.
    [color=#4b0082]as far as your second example being farfetched . . . well, maybe. i've personally seen a witch doctor burning something truly stinky in the room, and chickens sacrificed in the shower. (the witch doctor removed the remains.) i've also seen patients hung out an open window "at the moment of death" so their relatives would not be required to burn down the building by sunset.
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    Sometimes ya just need VIP for when you get vips!
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    Quote from acutecarenp
    When Bruce Springsteen's kid had his appendix out...we needed to put him in a private room for when his daddy came to see him. Same for when Bon Jovi's mom was admitted...
    Sometimes ya just need VIP for when you get vips!
    Be CAREFUL what you say here.....HIPAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!