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Well, it's about time for me to unload my problems on those who will listen (or read):crying2: . I was dismissed from a job about 3 weeks ago for something incredibly stupid. Something that eveyone... Read More

  1. by   chattypattyCRNA2B
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    What does ex-stripper have to do with any of this? There are a lot of Ivy League women and men who paid for their educations this way. Stripper does not equal bimbo.

  2. by   unknown99
    I agree with Bob. Employment is a double effort that requires an effort on the employer and the employee. Sounds like, to me, that there was no effort on your part to assist the new supervisor adapt to her role and your facility. Calling names and demeaning a person's character is not only uncalled for, it is disrespectful and illegal.
    You say there are 3 CNAs. How many nurses? I thought you said two. If that is the case, then you are much luckier than many places are in regards to staffing. At a place where I used to work, we had 1 nurse and 2 or 3 CNAs for 50 residents.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Me thinks there is MUCH more to the story. I can't possibly advise you but with ONE sentence.

    MOVE ON.

    good luck to you.
  4. by   elizabells
    Being an ex-stipper, or ex- anything, does NOT make you trash. Through a series of poor choices, I ended up in one of the filthiest internet videos I hope none of you are unfortunate enough to witness. She made a choice to strip at one time, and you made a choice to leave work. I'm sure you probably both regret those choices.

    By the way, I AM going to an Ivy League school. :chuckle
  5. by   Nursebaby23
    Even if she had not been a stripper she would still be trash. Character speaks volumes. She would come to work with a "itty bity" tank top on and a mini-skirt and then proceed to change into scrubs. That kind of attire in a skilled nursing facility in inappropriate. However, that is not the problem. I can't be responsible for other people's actions. But this is a "vent", I should be allowed to say whatever I please. I appreciate everyone's comments, and I have had to take some with a grain of salt. I have realized that nursing is a cut throat profession. Nobody favors the ones that actually care. Everybody is for self.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    As professionals, one needs to leave personality conflicts on the back burner and always be mindful how our personal behaviour/actions affect patient care while on duty.

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    So, I left on a break. I was gone 10 minutes! She was waiting on me when I got back with a write up slip. I left the facility without her knowledge.

    Opinions are appreciated...but please remember I am also still very upset. I am aware that I could have been fired for worse
    As an LPN, you left the building without notifying your immediate supervisor. That was construed as abandonment of your patients. If reported to the board of nursing your license would be in jeopardy. Your are not accepting responsibility for your actions here like a mature professional nurse would.

    Please accept advice given, learn and grow from this experience.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    I'm sorry you have had to learn such a harsh lesson. I agree there are vindictive people out there...we must be very cognizant of that in our workplaces. We must be even MORE cognizant of our written policies.

    Even in the case of difficult judgment calls, if a nurses' decision violates written facility policy someone will possibly notice this (it happened to me once ) The odds of this happening multiply if one is not diplomatic in the workplace( ie your new supervisor knew you called the administrator essentially jumping rank.) Are you following me?

    I understand you're upset and are venting, but you need to accept responsibility and move on. We all live and learn and politics are part of the job as a nurse unfortunately. Best wishes to you.

    I must admit if I were the new RN with ultimate responsibility and you called administration on me and then left the premesis without telling me, I would be upset too. And I'm not even an exstripper.
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    And I'm not even an exstripper.
    Come on now! Don't be shy!
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    Come on now! Don't be shy!
    Well maybe once or the privacy of my own bedroom...with DH.

    Can't deny our men their fantasies now can we...