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Last week she came into the nurses station and urinated while she told us something that was going on with a patient. We were shocked...I'm not talking a little dribble...pant leg was clinging to... Read More

  1. by   honeyz
    how about everyone pitch in 1-2 dollars and buy 1 set of scrubs for her, a neutralizer body spray, socks, little make-up, etc. Put it in a nice little basket and give it to her. i know it's hard to work with stinky's . but try to help her if she'll allow. she too must feel bad .:imbar
  2. by   Midwest4me
    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    I wonder why she couldn't be let go for abandonment? I don't always understand management. We've had some very incompetent nurses in the past who have been fired and then management turns around and arranges a job for them in a doctors office. It's not like they were trainable. They were given every chance and then some to learn but continued to make the same mistakes time and time again to the point of being very dangerous. There have been other very competent nurses fired for i.e. absenteeism and they are not help in anyway....just goodbye. It beats me.
    Since the OP said that the offender is NOT a nurse but instead is some kind of therapist, I doubt "abandonment" would be an issue....one of the few things that would not be an issue!!! I'd receommend contacting the administrator with the complaints. I liked one poster's idea of referring her to this thread on allnurses.com.
  3. by   sockov
    Quote from stevielynn
    She doesn't have to wear a brief - there are incontinence pads that work well. Buy her a box.


    LOL.. buy her a box. LMAO!!!!
  4. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from gauge14iv
    So does that mean we are all being kept in bladder suspension now?

    nyuk nyuk nyuk
  5. by   IMustBeCrazy
    This thread seems to be spiraling out of control. The former thread was locked for good reason.

    I have a great sense of humor, but honestly, I see nothing funny about this situation. There have been many good responses as to how to handle this situation, why are we perpetrating the knee-jerk, immature responses of:

    1) Buying boxes of depends
    2) Spraying Glade around the nurses station
    3) Making veiled comments about the rank smell in earshot of this person
    4) Buying new pants
    5) Sliding a note on her desk
    and on...and on....and on......

    Are we not professionals? Can we not confront someone and tell them what they are doing wrong and how it is impacting others/unsanitary etc? Do we not know how to follow up with management/risk management/OSHA? Are we so spineless that we can't stand up for ourselves without the cloak and dagger/catty responses? If you want to be seen as professionals, then please act like it.
  6. by   tvccrn
    I have one question....where is the OP? It's been quite a while since she has posted in the thread she started about this person.

  7. by   flashpoint
    Maybe the OP is busy doing crazy things like working and spending time with her family. Sometimes people get busy and can't get back to a post...soemtimes people go on vacation...sometimes people have internet problems...
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  8. by   Elisheva
    It's true. Sometimes people do have internet problems.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from tvccrn
    I have one question....where is the OP? It's been quite a while since she has posted in the thread she started about this person.

    Some people have a life outside of this website.
  10. by   tvccrn
    SORRY, was just curious as she had been posting on other threads since she last posted here.
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