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I am a nursing student four months away from graduating, and I've run into a "situation" of sorts with another student in my class; it is causing great concern to me, and I was wondering what all of... Read More

  1. by   nightingale1991
    All I can say about this situation is run, don't walk to one of your instructors or directors and report this person immediately!! Would you want her practicing on someone you love?
  2. by   CEN35
    i would say she is crazy, and unsafe, and if you didn't report her........well that would be downright terrible.
  3. by   essarge
    I am also a student and thought about what I would do if I was in your situation.

    The solution I came up with was this.....

    Make two anonymous phone calls (or have someone else do it who's voice isn't recognizable).

    One to the hospital DON and one to the Dean of your school.

    This will at least plant the "seed" and they will be watching this person.

    I fully understand why you are on the fence as to what to do and I agree that something must be done, but you (I think) are also afraid of any repercussions that may occur to you. By making the anonymous phone calls it "removes" you from any identity and then in the future if you need to come forward you can do so.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   JenRn2B
    Yikes...What a situation to be in! I am in agreement with the other poster's who suggest going to your instructor....PRONTO. I am sure they have dealt with this type of behavior before and know how to handle it. If you would rather remain annonymous then write a letter. Either way, do something! Not only do you NOT NEED to be worrying about this situation throughout your last semester of nursing school but also, would you be comfortable waking up in the ER if something happened to you and seeing her standing over your bed! You owe it to yourself, your fellow students and future patients! Good Luck...Keep us posted!
  5. by   moonchild20002000
    report her asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Annette Campbell
    Kristi, what an unenviable situation to be in. I agree with all those who say you should tell someone; preferably your instructors. They NEED to know your concerns. I would also print out all the posts from this forum so you have it "on record" that your only concern is for the safety of patients now and in the future. I would rather risk repercussions for "squealing" on another student nurse than risk something like what happened to the woman who lost her baby. Please have the courage of your own convictions and tell someone who is in a position to do something NOW! You obviously care a great deal for all the right reasons. No one is going to try to make you out to be BillyBadButt.

    Good luck in all your endeavors. We need more caring nurses like yourself, and we certainly don't need nurses like the one you are telling us about. Help to weed her out and/or teach her what she is doing is dangerous, morally wrong and criminal! If she is making up this sort of thing and outright lying, well that too needs to be addressed. It is not normal to lie to this magnitude. At any rate, the bottom line is patient care is compromised by such a cavalier attitude and as patient advocates, we have a responsibility to prevent any harm coming to patients where we know them to be endangered. Doctors are not the only ones who believe in "first do no harm." Again, good luck and God bless you.
  7. by   Nurcee
    please turn her in before she could actually become the nurse for somebody in my family, my friends, or myself.

    she'll probably stay 'local' to you. do you want her practicing her style of nursing on your family?

    send this thread to one of your nursing instructors. distance yourself. get yourself a hotmail address if you need to send it anonymously.

    don't sit back on this one. she could really, really harm somebody. possibly kill them. you don't want that on your mind.
    debbyed has hit the nail on the head with her post.

    ps: it's good to know the profession will be getting such a ethically balanced nurse like you.
    :d welcome!! :d
  8. by   dstout-rn
    OH! MY! GOSH!!! We had a girl in my nursing school like this, she was caught cheating on exams RED HANDED and a was given another chance and another chance and yet another chance because one, her dad gave money to the college and two, she was on all kinds of committees. She works at the bedside now and went to grad school straight out of undergrad and is looking for a postion as a director. From my fellow nurses that I went to school with who work with her now say they can't wait to see her go because she is very unsafe as a nurse yet she made it through school and passed NCLEX and apparently got through grad school also!

    RUN!!! To your instrutor the dean whoever and save countless lives by not subjecting them to an unsafe nurse.!!!!
  9. by   radnurse2001
    You must report this individual to an instructor immediately. If you intructor won't take action, go to the DON of your institution. If no action is still taken , go to your state board. Be sure to document all your contacts and get names. The nursing profession is stessful enough, we don't need to babysit an obviously deranged and demented person. This would be the nurse that kills a patient. I had a LPN that I used to work with that was horribly incompent. There was a nursing shortage. She would make mistakes left and right. We wrote her up several times, our managers respose was we can't afford to lose another nurse. We took the matter to the DON she reviwed it for several weks, in that time this LPN hung a Cardizem gtt as a bolus and killed a patient. We documented all of our attempts to rectify the situation and when the court case started, none of us were called to testify She lost her job and her license but it was too late. The only thing I regret not doing is going to the board of nursing. We could have saved that patient.
  10. by   levirn
    Yikes, report her now. The instructors as well as the ED supervisor need to know who they are dealing with. Just think how you would feel if she harms a patient. Tell them what you know and let them decide how to deal with the information. As a nurse you of course are patient advocate first and foremost and that in my opinion includes doing what we can to protect patients from unsafe nurses.
  11. by   nurseleigh
    I dont envy the position you are in. Fact is, she needs to be reported over and over until someone listens. I too have been trying to decide what i would do. The problem with reporting her anonymously is that you don't know if they believed it or not. I think that i would go directly to my teacher and spell out the whole thing to her. Then check up with her to see if anything is being done. If nothing seems to be done, go up higher and higher until something is done.

    I hope that i am never put in your position, however, something needs to be done. Please don't sit on this any longer. I hope that you have already reported this. If not, there is no time like the present.
    Take care
  12. by   JennieBSN

    no, that nurse isn't on my unit any more. HOWEVER, she WAS reported to the board and DID NOT lose her license...she's now a nurse at Duke's infertility clinic. I wouldn't be a patient there even if the care was FREE....scary, huh?

    reading all the posts on this thread really is a major downer....it just goes to show how easy it is for these unethical, unsafe nurses to slide right through...kill a patient? don't worry!! we'll protect you!! the only reason the nurse i talked about wasn't dragged into court was (get this) because the mother was an illegal alien and had no right to sue. that SUCKS. we all hoped and prayed and wished for her butt to be dragged into court, but never got our wish.

    BTW, i was the circulating nurse for the c/s...i had the 'pleasure' of not only doing the postmortem care/decedent care on the baby (a beautiful little girl), but also got to run back an forth from the blood bank with ffp, blood, and eventually RACE to ICU with this woman on the vent. all because of a LOUSY, DANGEROUS nurse.


    Kristi, you'd better have reported this woman...we're counting on you.
  13. by   RNforLongTime
    Kday--wow! It's too bad that that nurse is allowed to work with that kind of record! I wonder WHY the NC state board of nursing did not revoke her license! She must have hired a pretty good lawyer to represent her. Remind me NOT to apply to Duke if I ever decide to move to NC. I know Duke is a good hospital an all but if they would actually hire an RN with that kind of a track record--it makes me wonder.


    Please let us know that you reported this chick!