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Hello Everyone, I am a Unit Clerk working in B.C., and I will be entering into the BsN program next year. I have just recently become a unit clerk, after an 8 month course through the local... Read More

  1. by   twinmommy+2
    Ha! If I had asked the UC to "fetch some coffee" my arse would have been on the ground after being forcefully kicked. If I see them sitting with nothing to do, I leave them alone. They work hard enough and if they get a break it is well deserved.
  2. by   pipersjo
    I am a Cardiac Monior Tech so I deal with most of the UC's in the hospital and you know when you talk to them whether you will have a good or bad night! They are the hub of the unit! I dread hearing some of the clerks voices, but with the majority, I know my night will be great (i.e. organized!)!
  3. by   Altra
    Quote from SharonH, RN
    The place you are working is unique. I have never asked a UC to fetch me coffee and the unit clerk can make the difference between you have a good day or a bad day. In fact, the UC's can make the difference between whether you have a good unit or a bad unit. They are much appreciated. You might want to look into transferring.
    SharonH probably said it best ... the unit you're working on seems *unique* as an ICU with frequently empty beds and staffed with a *unique* group of nurses who feel it's their domain to put in orders, etc.

    If things don't improve, I can guarantee there's another unit somewhere who will value your positive attitude. Good luck to you!
  4. by   aklrnbn
    A unit clerk is worth her/his weight in gold! When in charge sometimes and I answer the phone (big mistake), many a time I will say, I'm only the charge nurse, let me get the ward clerk!
  5. by   bcskittlez
    OMG I can't believe anybody would say that! This is my third day as a Unit Secretary and I have come to one conclusion... You can be short a nurse, or short a CNA or PCT, but you are up a creek if you don't have your Unit Secretary... First off, the nurses are too busy to do the things that the US does so even if they know how to do that job, whats the value in that? US's work VERY HARD at least on my floor, it is nonstop.. annnnndddd they DO NOT GET PAID ENOUGH.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    You can be short a nurse, or short a CNA or PCT, but you are up a creek if you don't have your Unit Secretary
    I disagree. Being short a nurse or CNA would be a problem.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I agree that a US is worth their weight in gold, and that the comments those nurses made were out of line. Especially the coffee-fetching. Next time i was "told" by one of the nurses to get them a cup of coffee, i would give them directions to the pot and the coffee.
  8. by   Lenap
    We have a lot of respect for all our unit clerks! When we have one, it means our day will be organized, all pt appointments scheduled, orders filed, consults called, all floor issues such as broken equipment and leaking sinks addressed. Plus our UC also answer call lights (when we are too busy and short staffed) and then page us to let us know what our patient is calling for. Thank God for Unit Secretaries :bowingpur :bowingpur :bowingpur
    You should transfer somewhere where you'll be respected.
  9. by   nursemama2be
    I am a unit clerk... and in our last round of students we did have a student nurse who made the same type of comments.. that we are useless and why would we ever wanna be a clerk... she was quickly corrected and instructed to not talk to a staff member in this way...

    Our nurses have always stated how invaluable we are... they have on multiple occasions stated they would work one RN/RPN short but never without a clerk...

    we hardly ever have an empty bed and sitting down for mini breaks are few...our unit is just tooo busy... and i have never ever had one nurse EVER ask me to get her a coffee... (altho we do Timmy's coffee runs daily)..

    This experience i have definately been told will help assist in nursing school... everybody in healthcare is a vital member of a big team...

    I suggest you look on another unit...
  10. by   banditrn
    Quote from ktwlpn
    Coffee,a sandwich-whatever she needs.A good unit clerk is invaluable in acute care.The not-so -good don't seem to last very long in my experince.I would think the knowledge you'll gain would be invaluable-you'll put alot of it to good use as an rn....Unit clerks here enter orders,take off orders,order labs,etc..
    I agree!! And have done so! I have worked with some outstanding unit clerks, and they are worth gold!!
  11. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from aklrnbn
    A unit clerk is worth her/his weight in gold! When in charge sometimes and I answer the phone (big mistake), many a time I will say, I'm only the charge nurse, let me get the ward clerk!
    :groupwelcome: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat:
  12. by   vamedic4
    jenni h...

    see?? there are people who appreciate the work that unit clerks do!! it just sucks that it's here and not at the ops workplace!!

    have a good night!!
  13. by   kadokin
    Quote from MU/WVUGRADRN
    Jenni H
    I hate you are having such a tough time at your job. People write dissertations about how and why people treat others poorly.Others give lots of advice about how to manage people who do not treat others well. I will do neither.
    I just want you to know how valuable this experience will be for you as you become a nurse. I hope you learn to respect each person for their own contribution to the workplace. Your experience as a unit clerk will give you some background in transcribing orders, reading doctor's orders, recognizing medication names, etc. All will be a good background for you as you begin your nursing education. So don't let others spoil that experience.
    All I can tell you is that my butt has been saved more than once by a unit clerk.
    The nurse who told you she does not need a unit clerk probably thinks she doesn't need the doctor either.
    Best of luck with your job. If people continue to treat you poorly you may want to look elsewhere. You do not need to be treated this way.
    Hear hear!:wink2: Or is it here here! Whatever. It is just as you said M/V Garden. It is good experience and a unit clerk is a valuable member of the healthcare team. I just don't get people who treat others as their underlings. Unfortunately, in my experience, it is those very same people (who don't know how to treat others w/basic respect), that have the ear of management. I just don't get it.