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What do you all think of current nursing wear. it kills me to go up to a adult floor and see RN's wearing all these crazy looking tops with cartoons and teddy bears on them. personally i see why some... Read More

  1. by   AmyLiz
    Personally, I think prints...cartoon characters, etc...are appropriate for peds. Other more subtle prints seem to bee ok in other areas, but man, some of those loud prints just make my eyes cross!

    I'm just a student at this point...and the school's uniform is all white, which doesn't bother me (except it certainly doesn't make me look "thin"). I tend to be drawn more toward the "traditional" colors anyway. Blue, green, burgandy, etc.
  2. by   Repat
    I agree I agree I agree about the fingernails!!!! Yukkkk........
  3. by   BadBird
    I could care less what the nurse wears as long as he/she is competent and efficient. I always wear ceil blue uniforms and I resented when I had to wear all whites, made me feel like a ice cream vendor.
  4. by   bossynurse
    I wear prints on my adult surgical unit. I get lots of complements on my Hello Kitty scrubs. Kids aren't the only ones who freak at the sight of a nurse in all white. I usually wear white pants so that all of my tops match. I don't think I look unprofessional because I wear prints. I am a good nurse, my appearance is neat and my nails are short.
  5. by   cactus wren
    As I have been doing this for many years, I have run the gambit from whites with the white hose to current dress. I have an entire closet full of scrubs, have colors for every season...every holiday... , and love my "Maxine "top. no Spongebob, tho. But, agree about the long nails...yuk and excessive makeup or jewelry. Doesn`t matter to me what you wear as long as it is clean and pressed.At least we don`t look like we work at Denny`s..........
  6. by   MishlB
    Totally agree about the uniforms. Everyone on the floor has scrubs on, including housekeeping, makes it difficult to tell who the nurses are! It also wouldn't hurt to pick up an iron...
  7. by   webbiedebbie
    {Everyone on the floor has scrubs on, including housekeeping, makes it difficult to tell who the nurses are! }

    That's why my hospital is requiring RN's wear white. Each other unit is color coordinated.

    Hospital where I just got a new position allows any scrubs.

    Wild colors and cutesy cartoon figures are not me. I don't mind seeing them on others, but I wish I could find something to match my personallity.
  8. by   ladyjane
    i don't agree at all. i do work peds, and wear all kinds of print tops. they are clean , no stains, and wrinkle free. it's the nurse inside the scrubs that makes the impression. if people are shallow enough to not look past that, then sorry. i get complements from parents, grandparents, and other visitors, (all adults i might add) that say how refreshing it is to see something fun on the nurses. just as nurses don't make judgements on the pts. appearance as far as lifestyles, don't judge me on my tigger scrubs. let my professionalism do the talking.
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    I can't believe so many nurses are against the printed tops..... I love them and so do the patients.... I work on a Ortho Floor, and I have had MANY MANY patients comment on my tops and say how they like the nice brite tops, it makes things more cheery...

    I have several really BRIGHT tops, one procedes went to St. Judes, and I get the most compliments on that one... I get more aggravated at things like the LONG hair, the tons of jewelry and the pretty fake painted nails then what people are wearing...
  10. by   askater11
    The last hospital I worked at we could where any color/print uniform.

    When I went on job interview's....there were hospitals nurses were wearing (anything) other hospitals they wore certain colors.

    Uniform...I felt was more professional.

    Any color/print....I felt was more laid back.

    I thought starting a job .... wearing only navy/white solids...I'd get bored. But actually I like wearing the uniforms. But I only started the job.

    At my previous hospital I did have people complain they didn't know what profession people were in. Some patients told me we should wear hats....I'd much rather wear navy blue than a nursing hat.
  11. by   emily_mom
    I agree; there are many more things that make you look worse than what is on your top.

    I should clarify that I wear printed tops but not cartoon character (like Spongebob) ones. If I worked in Peds, I would definitely do it, but I doubt the end-stage oncology pt and families would appreciate it. Just my opinion.

    This is my favorite top. I don't think there is anything unprofessional about it, and sales benefits CA research. I also wear a lot of sage green things. Subtle, pretty, yet original.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by baseline
    I don't mind most of the uiniforms, as long as they are neat, not wrinkled and stained.

    Long uncontained hair, excessively long fingernails , and too much jewelry makes me cringe.
    I agree 100% with this post. We need to stop picking on individual uniform choices and address these TRULY unprofessional traits of certain nurses/ancillary staff. NOTHING turns me off MORE than perfume, cigarette smoke smells, long nails, loud hair and rude behavior. NO Uniform can cover up for that sort of unprofessionalism or make it worse, IMO!
  13. by   sjoe
    jane writes: "don't judge me on my tigger scrubs. let my professionalism do the talking."

    Most people who see you don't follow you around and keep track of your professional activities. They judge you, immediately, by what they see. The same is true of all of us.

    White or PLAIN colors are much more professional (except, perhaps, in peds) than any prints, cutsey or not.

    Dangly earrings, more than one ring, bracelets, perfume, little teddy bears on shoelaces or belts, long nails, long hair that isn't "up," excessive makeup (on men OR women nurses), anything "fancy" or "flashy" is completely inappropriate at work (unless one is a roving floor nurse in a Vegas casino, perhaps).

    It's little wonder people (the public, patients, docs, supervisors, AND hospital administrators) think we are a bunch of ditzy airheads, given the combination of our roles on television shows and these kinds of dressing habits that scream "I'm a decorative, silly little thing, not to be taken seriously."
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