Unemployed and looking into Nursing

  1. I am unemployed and looking to go to class for CNA and then LPN and then RN. Obviously money is not letting me go straight into RN. In waiting to get called for the CNA class and acceptance into nursing school, I am getting more and more depressed.I was so excited before. Waiting sucks big time and I am losing patience. Any advice out there to keep me going?
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  3. by   Sourdough
    With the shortage of nurses, I would even try going to Human Resources in different hospitals and ask them if they can steer you in the right directions....they may have funds to get you into an RN program right away...if its' really what you want, keep looking for a way to get it...sell yourself!!! and have patience, you really need it as a nurse!!! and good luck!!!
  4. by   Tweety
    Our hospital doesn't have any connections to make the wait any less, but has good scholarships. Good luck!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    the shortage of nurses has also created a shortage of nursing instructors, unfortunately. some schools have a 2 or 3 year waiting list as a result. don't give up; plug away at pre-requisite courses and keep your eye on your goal. you can do it! we need you!
  6. by   webbiedebbie
    I got a grant and a student loan. I also attended a community college for the two-year associate degree. After the first year, I sat for boards and was able to work during my second year as an LPN. That year of working as an LPN (I think) really helped me pass boards for RN.

    Don't give up.
  7. by   leeca
    l know exactly how you feel, l'm an Div 2 nurse and l want to go on to do Div 1 and you have to wait six months to see if you got in and if you didn't you have to wait to apply again.

    So far l've applied twice, didn't get in so going to try again this year, l'm not going to give up.

    l started off doing a traineeship for personal care in aged care, then l went on to do Div 2 (enrolled nurse) and now l want to go on to do Div 1 (registered nurse).

    l'm glad it did it this way rather than do Div 1 from the start, as l feel l've learnt more and l can also work while studying as a nurse. If l did Div 1 straight away l can't work as a nurse until l've studied for 3 years.
  8. by   psychonurse
    Check withe the college that you are going to be attending and find out what classes other than nursing classes that you need to take, get those out of the way while you are waiting. If you get your CNA then you can start working in places like LTC and that will really show you if you want to become a nurse. I think that advancing from Aide to LPN to RN is a good way of getting to your goals and a lot easier to pass your boards in the long way. Good luck in your endevors.
  9. by   AmyLiz
    Money is tight with me too, so I completely understand. Visit your financial aid office at your school...there are a lot of monies out there to be found that will make life easier for you!

    I am on a "waiting list" as well to start my nursing classes. But I'm taking it in stride. I figure this way I can pretty much just go to school part time. That way I'll have more time to concentrate on the 2-3 classes I take each quarter. I know when I take A&P next quarter, I will need all the study time I can get!

    Good luck!
  10. by   sjoe
    I would suggest you also involve yourself in other pursuits (such as regular physical exercise, whittling down a nurse reading list, volunteering, whatever occupies you and leaves you feeling some satisfaction and accomplishment) rather than putting all your self-esteem and rewards in this one basket.

    Getting a CNA can be one useful pursuit, but it is a mistake to make it the ONLY thing, IMHO. It gives your school, your instructor, and later your employer FAR too much control over you and your self-confidence.
  11. by   rebel_red
    Why not apply to a local LTC as a nurses aide? They generally train you to be a certified nursing assistant for free! This way you have no expense involved. It also provides an opportunity to give very basic bedside care and see if this is the profession for you. From there you can apply to an LPN program, and most facilities offer some type of tuition reimbursement plan or scholarship funds.

    I am going this route and our nurses are fabulous, once they realize you are serious about the nursing profession, they take on the role of preceptors. Every night I make it my job to learn something new from them.

    Plus it will get you out of the house, put some money in your pocket and get you started on your path.....

    happy little cna in the process of LPN school.....
  12. by   GraceyB
    Thank you everyone for your great support and suggestions. Here is the update: I had my CNA orientation, passed the test and interview so I am in. Classes start at the end of April. I also found out that unemployment insurance pays (am I allowed to say that) for this particular class. The CNA class is a 5 week course with 6 days of clinicals at one of the local nursing homes.

    In order to even take pre-requisites for LPN or RN I have to wait to be accepted into the school first. Application has gone out so I should be hearing something in a few weeks. What a waiting game!

    In waiting I am reading, researching the nursing profession and of course reading this entire forum.