1. Just wondering if anyone has tried trimspa?
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  3. by   Anniekins
    I have heard rumors that it works, cannot possibly be a healthy choice! Thats too good to be true. :spin:
  4. by   Loving Life
    what is trimspa?
  5. by   stephera
    A new diet pill out that is ephedra free. Anna Nicole Smith does commercials for it and lost lots of weight. They also have a water pill and carb blocker.


    Quote from shayne
    what is trimspa?
  6. by   Headhurt
    Every time I see Anna Nicole on that Trimspa commercial, and right at the moment when she says "Trimspa Baby!!" I'm usually looking for some blunt object to lob at the television.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I like my television too much to break it over that airhead.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Anyway, someone at work was using it, but now i can't think of who it is, or i'd ask them about it.
  9. by   P_RN
    Hmmmm. Magic Ingredients? Fiber and green tea etc.

    Ingredients Per Serving %DV
    Chromium (as chromium Chelavite tm dinicotinate glycinate) ** 150m g 125
    Vanadium (as vanadium amino acid chelate) 50mc g *
    Glucosamine Sulfate 400mg *
    Green Tea Leaf Extract
    (60mg Caffeine)
    300m g *
    Coleus Forskohli Extract
    (10% forskohli tuber)
    250m g *
    Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 100m g *

    Forskolin - optimizes your overall body composition. Forskolin breaks down the fat in your body and actually increases lean body mass. You'll lose fat and weight while keeping and improving your muscle.

    Chromium - breaks down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently within the body; a deficiency can cause drastic increases in insulin and glucose levels and can lead to cravings for fattening sweets.

    Glucomannan - a dietary fiber that can increase to 17 times its volume, giving you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Clinical studies show those who take glucomannan are more likely to stick to their diet and are also more likely to lose weight.

    Green Tea Extract - a strong antioxidant (free radical fighter) that is also a thermogenic fat burner.

    Vanadium - an insulin mimic that is reported to have a favorable effect on carbohydrate metabolism and is also beneficial for thyroid function
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I got a bottle of Trimspa, really cheap on eBay. Anyway- I've noticed no effect from it at all.
  11. by   Baby Catcher
    I looked on some web site (can't remember where) and the overall feeling was that it does not work. It was a poll of people who used it and they did not lose weight. Anna probably had gastric bypass and doesn't even use Trimspa baby.
  12. by   Nurse Ratched
    Quote from Headhurt
    Every time I see Anna Nicole on that Trimspa commercial, and right at the moment when she says "Trimspa Baby!!" I'm usually looking for some blunt object to lob at the television.
    You read my mind .

    What a bimbo. I can't IMAGINE wanting her to endorse my product.
  13. by   NurseRatchet26
    Don't waste your time or money. These types of pills help noone but the seller. Ever heard the phrase "snake oil"?

    There is a saying. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
  14. by   smileystudent
    I've tried trimspa. My opinion is it did not work. it seemed to curb appetite for a few days and make me feel full then after that it just didn't help any more. the only good thing i can say is it did not affect me or make me sick like ephedrine does. The best thing to do is save your money. that ain't the magic pill either. now that i've become $35 dollars lighter i seem to be able to think much more clearly and realized that those diet pills aren't going to work for me. so i have officially quit looking to the bottle. by the way i'm just trying to lose that last 20 lbs. that no amount of exercising will help. it gets so frustrating sometimes thats why i thought the answer was in a magic pill too. i hope this saves you some money.