1. What do you all think about uniforms with patterns or cartoon characters? I have a Marvin the Martian warm-up jacket that I use mostly on Peds, but I don't see anything horrible about wearing it in L&D or PP at the nursing station where it is ALWAYS freezing. One of the other nurses I work with finds it offensive...Any thoughts?
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  3. by   live4today
    Hi fergus51!

    Tooney decorated uniforms work wonders on the Pediatric and Newborn Nursery wards in the hospitals, but when I had my younguns, I needed calming colors (like blue...for instance) when I was in labor, delivery, and recovering IMMEDIATELY after my babes were born. Now, once I got to the post-partum phase of motherhood, the delightful colors and figurines on the nurses uniforms were quite pleasant to look at again.
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I work in the ICU and I have several Tooniforms....tweety bird, Precious Moments and Raggedy Ann and Andy. Plus I have a Mickey Mouse scrub jacket. No one has aver said anything negative about it and my colleaugues find them cute.
  5. by   sgavette
    I work in the ER and wear Tooniforms, mostly Winnie the Pooh. I have never received any negative comments about them.
  6. by   Teshiee
    I have several toons on my scrubs I work in NICU I receive nothing but compliments. I can't imagine anyone being offended unless they had some serious issues. I wouldn't be too concerned pleasing my staff. You are there to work and feel comfortable. Unless they were racist, religious or demeaning in anyway I don't see any problems wearing them. Could you imagine going back to that ugly white dress and cape? Oh gosh! I would faint. :roll
  7. by   fergus51
    Thanks all. Some of my colleagues, well actually one of them, thinks that tooniforms make nurses look childish and cutesy when we should be professional. I told her to mind her own business, but I was wondering about the rest of you all. My marvin the martian is a really soothing blue and I LOVE it. I also have a thing or scooby and snoopy....
  8. by   4XNURSE

    I wish someone would tell me I look childish and/or cute. LOL

    On a more serious note, I think the 'toons and animals help ease a lot of our patients fears. Unfortunately they don't look that great on a 40++, 6' 1", 350 #, bearded, ER enforcer. (my friends call me Papa ken)


  9. by   TracyB,RN
    OK, I just have to be a tad obnoxious here
    Maybe the offended co-worker has been abducted by aliens & seeing "Marvin" brought back some memories.

    Just trying to be funny, not trying to tick off any "believers"
  10. by   Q.
    On the OB floor I wear our standard blue scrubs - but in the clinic I do own a pair of Disney 101 Dalmation scrubs. My manager actually, at my review said they were really, really nice. She always likes my scrubs.

    The one thing I've hated about the floor was having to wear wrinkly, ill fitting scrubs. At the clinic I can choose what I want and press them and they fit like they should! So no wonder I it got mentioned at my review, of all places! Who woulda thought?
  11. by   fergus51
    I don't know ken, they may look better on you than me some days!!!
  12. by   mattcastens
    Actually, I'm a nurse that believes that print scrubs (especially cartoon scrubs) are doing nursing a disservice. I would much prefer if we wore more professional garb. It shows that we are serious about our jobs and concentrate at the task at hand. It also allows us to be more easily identified in a slough of look-alike non-nurses. Whites would be great!

    The only exception to this rule as I see it is on a pediatric floor, where cartoon scrubs might help put the kids at ease.
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  13. by   judy ann
    Another place where toonscrubs are not only appropriate but very much appreciated by the residents--LTC. I have two scrub tops featuring Maxine cartoons. I have been doing something and realized that some 90 year old geezer is staring at my "chest"! Then I realize he's only reading the joke. I have a large assortment of tops, some fun, some just pretty. I feel that when I am working in a LTC, I am in the resident's home, and that is not the place for whites. I do agree that whites might be more appropriate on the floors, but sometimes a little color makes everyone feel better.
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  14. by   micro
    MattC........I acknowledge your opinion and even see its merit.........

    however I have to agree with fergus51 and judy ann.............

    I can look and act professional in whatever I wear.............

    my tweety uniforms, joe cool and kids with wirebrush hairdos.........are the best sellers.........I also love my love/peace one stars and moons..........

    Hi, my name is............... and I will be your nurse tonight.............and your patient says........."gee thanks for wearing that.....and I say what.....and they say thanks for giving me something to smile about when I am scared to.......,etc. great ice breaker for patient/nurse interaction and trust development..............

    my goal is to have a uniform, totally different 365 days a year........

    this is only my opinion.................

    but i like what i like.....and i have no complaints..........from patients or families.............

    a nurse can present themselves as a nurse and be professional no matter what they wear.........

    I wanna marvin the martian uniform.........santa claus are you listening?????????

    (no I don't work in peds or ob.........maybe belong in peds..........hey, now that was unaccounted for .......psych you that is not so.................)but listen to some psych patients sometime.....we could all learn somethin............

    micro definitely out in left field, but she likes it there.......daisies are nice.............

    lol all.............
    tomorrow it is sylvester the cat uniform.........