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O.K., men, I've got a couple of questions to ask you! First a little history. I was asked by the vice-president of nursing (a female, by the way), along with a few other male nurses who work at... Read More

  1. by   donmurray
    Ha Ha! Thanks, Ted, Don is fine, only my mother ever called me Donald, and usually only when I was in deep doo-doo!
  2. by   Rustyhammer
    Hmmm...It's a respected career(except by redneck mother in laws)
    The money is pretty good, you have a lot of choices in where you want to nurse...hmmm...this is for 8th grade boys?
    I'll resist saying something I'll surely get flamed for.

    I like the rap idea.
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    I'll resist saying something I'll surely get flamed for.
    This is red neck noise. Just say what you want to say, then you'll know how to say it next time without getting burned. Lol, rusty, when do we get to walk through that forest and chop some wood? And Ted, if I had to communicate a message with eith graders i would just let them do it. Tell them why you are there and start asking base questions in such a way to get them to talk. Leading questions. If you have to make a presentation, start using a dijcam and just make a 15 minute mind blowing display. Shucks - I really don't know. Kids(me) at that age like to encourage disorder for all the structuring they are in day in/out.
  4. by   shodobe
    I have to be honest and say job security is the main reason I went into nursing. When I first went into the medical field I was driving ambulance and paramedics were to be feared because they were not considered competent enough by the MDs. I did not see my self as a 50 to 60 year old making runs. A lot has changed and I still miss the Code runs. I have been in the OR for 25 years and wouldn't change anything. I love working with women and helping patients. There are very few jobs out there that will pay what nurses can command and very few that start new nurses with a good wage. I just got my last paycheck for the year and my final gross pay was $100,768!!!!!! Now I do take alot of call and work a number of double shifts, but in the end it is well worth it. I would recommend nursing to any guy that wants to graduate in two to 4 years and start out at a good realistic salary without struggling thru years of college just to have to compete with dozens of other misfits for one low paying job. Good luck with the video. Mike
  5. by   opalmRN
    Hey please don't yell, I'm not a man but I wanted to post. (Isn't that just like a woman, always gotta get my two cents in)

    I think this a great idea. I wish you the very best with the video and anything else you can arrange for this career day. Maybe it's the title "nurse." If it were changed to something with some, I don't know something more testosterony, than young males would be less freaky about it.

    And like someone else pointed out young males like "stuff" make sure you have lots of gadgets and if the flight can't be arranged perhaps just being able to climb inside would be a great start.

    Good luck with this and I agree it would be great if this was aimed at both sexes. Let's face it the nursing profession needs ALL abled bodies!

    Ok, I'm finished and I'll stay off here I promise.
  6. by   TX Guy
    Im not a nurse yet only a student.

    The resons i wanna be one are because i wanna do something meaningfull with my life.
    But thats now.
    When i was younger money was the only consideration.
    The gay stigma does bother me somewhat.
    I would be proud to be a nurse because they are very smart.
    The training is chalenging and demanding utilizing highly technichal equipment.
    And i have liked virtualy every nurse I have ever met.
    The economic oppurtunity for nurse is excelent and expected to increase 21% thru 2008.
    They get paid very well.
    Men are said to move up easily and get the primo jobs.

    And best of all: There is just so many girls in this field.

  7. by   adrienurse
    Oh Don I love You! Machine that goes PING! Making me flash back to Monty Python's the meaning of life.

    Sorry boys, carry on.
  8. by   l.rae
    McTeddy..hmmm, l must be out of the loop cause all l can think is "l want fries with that"...LOL
  9. by   hoolahan
    Hi TX!! Excellent point ! In the "background" of any hospital scenes, you should have the cutest most well-endowed chicks as nursing colleagues you can find. Sexist? Yes, but if it brings in more nurses, I am OK with that!!

    But boys at that age DO LOVE those tight sweaters. When they see the plethora of beautiful babes they can be around, that alone will do it. I am serious. Use it!!!
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  10. by   azgirl
    Hi, That idea for the video is great. I think boys that age would respond to your ideas.

    As for reasons for nursing my husbands field he had worked in for close to 30 years disappeared. He was left with a future going down the tubes so decided to go into nursing. The main reasons were the hours and the fact that he could work less days and have a better life. It has turned out to be that and so much more.

    He went from being the one in ten interviewed for a lousy paying no benefit job to being highly in demand and in control of his future. No being pushed out of the field because of age or politics. A job which gives him great satisfaction and I can see how he holds himself in such better esteem than he did in the other field.

    He likes ER, tele, and ICU. Other people have said that is no surprise as those are the "mens" fields in nursing. LOL.

    Have to put my 2 cents in because he is sleeping between shifts.
  11. by   Harleyhead
    So far alot of cool ideas.Maybe to show these men out of uniform are still men doing cool stuff ie; horse motorcycle jet ski riding.
  12. by   JTOD
    speaking for myself i got into nursing because i've always noticed at least one horrible nurse on every ward or a type of bully and i cant wait to qualify and meet one.

    i also think that male nurses are much better and can handle the pressures better and patients both male and female feel alot more secure with a male nurse cause some of them think of us as doctors even though we aren't.

    the way to encourage other lads into the profession is to describe every option available to them once qualified and not just the basic nursing duties and that should get their attention.

  13. by   Ted
    Originally posted by Harleyhead
    So far alot of cool ideas.Maybe to show these men out of uniform are still men doing cool stuff ie; horse motorcycle jet ski riding.
    Point well taken! I think that it's the state of Oregan that has a poster out showing a line-up of men wearing various types of clothing (skiing suits, motorcycle gear, suring gear, etc.) Under each picture is the name of each man. . . all with the letters "RN" after their name. Cool picture, actually. . . although it does look a bit like a line-up of The Village People :chuckle It gets the point across, though.

    I visit another bulletin board focused toward digital video making. They've provided some cool ideas too. . . especially with regards to keeping the video interesting and full of action.

    This is turning into a very cool learning experience for me. I'm learning how to think like an 8th grader (which my wife will probably say isn't much of a stretch! :chuckle ); learning how to produce a educational video; and I'm learning how to use some very new and expensive "toys" recently purchased (a $2,400 digital video camera being the main "Big Toy"!!! )


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