things you wish you could tell the doctor

  1. I enjoyed reading the things you wish you could tell the patient, here is something I wish I could have told the doctor:

    We are standing at the foot of the patients bed...

    Doc: Has her foley been d/c ed?

    I'm not even going to say what I was thinking, lol, use your imagination folks

    Here's another

    Doc: Why didn't you tell me about her K level?

    This was about an hour after he got mad at me for calling him on Sunday and he hung up on me. Before, of course, I could tell him about the K level. Again, use your imagination.
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  3. by   flightnurse2b
    no, i can't read your cave man handwriting. if you wrote a bit neater i wouldnt have to keep bothering you.

    you dropped it, you pick it up.

    no, i wont make you coffee. and no, starbucks isnt open at 3am.

    do you always want to sit in the chair im sitting in and use the computer im using? theres 10 more right next to me. i dont feel like getting up.

    i didnt take your folder/picture/specimen/note/pen/whatever. open your eyes. its on your desk.

    dont knock on the door when i finally get to pee after 14 hours and say you need me right now. im getting toxic shock syndrome.

    please dont try and start a peripheral IV when you havent done it in 15 years, then proceed to step on the tubing and yank it out so i have a pool of blood to clean up and a very po-ed patient to stick.

    stop sending all the DNR's to ICU and leaving the vents in ER holding.

    you are a 210 pound man. i am a 130 pound female. dont watch me roll/lift/turn this unconcious patient by myself. your arms arent broken.

    great thread! i have a ton of these. i loved the ER docs that i worked with before, and i love the Gastro guys i work for now. but sometimes they have noooooo common sense.
  4. by   misslo
    I'm not quite there yet, haven't even started the program yet. Please excuse my ignorance but I have to ask! What would happen if you DID say those things to the doctors?

  5. by   fultzymom
    I always want to say: "Your time is no more important than mine. So get over yourself and get in here to help this patient!"

    If you don't want called if the BS is over 450, then don't write that as the order--if you do, I am calling!!

    If you would stop yelling for a minute then I would tell you about that.
  6. by   ebear
    Would you PLEASE tell your wife to stop paging you in the O.R. just to tell you that she loves you? We are trying to do surgery here and I have better things to do than answer your freakin' beeper for this, sir.

    Would you PLEASE tell your wife not to page you when she knows you're in the O.R. to "see if he'll be home for supper". Please call her before you start the case, sir.

    No, I will not bump the O.R. schedule for your "emergent" case that has been here 24hrs. and you just saw for the first time. She is not unstable and I don't care about your dinner plans. You should not have made them when you were on call. DON'T push me, sir.

    No, I didn't know you were sitting behind the desk in PACU waiting for your patient to come to the O.R. I was a little busy getting your case ready and that's why I paged you. Sorry...I don't have time to follow you around, sir.

    I know that you're quite fond of yourself, but you are not the only surgeon in the world. There are 114 more who feel the same as you do, sir.

    Are you a REAL surgeon, or did you "stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"???
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  7. by   RN1989
    "Let me guess, your medical license was the prize you got out of a box of Cracker Jacks."
  8. by   jesskalpn
    Quote from ebear

    Are you a REAL surgeon, or did you "stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"???

  9. by   EmmaG
    Wow lol. I guess I've been pretty lucky. By far, most of the docs I've worked with over the years have been wonderful.

    A few have been rude, but that's been the exception not the rule. I have told a few who fussed about being called that I wasn't doing it just to hear their lovely voice. In any case, I like grumpy docs LOL. They're entertaining I've never been yelled at (that I can remember). Maybe I just look scary
  10. by   jbp0529
    This one was actually said by someone I once worked with in regards to a doc's temper ...

    "I dare you to hit me in the head when you throw that chart in my direction"
  11. by   EmmaG
    Oh wait. I WAS yelled at once... I just didn't pay any attention. He went nuts and I just laughed and turned away. He followed me down the hall yelling "don't you walk away from me!!" and threatening to have me fired. I stopped long enough to tell him I didn't work for him, then continued on my way. He about blew a gasket.

    Little banty-rooster guy. He had serious issues and was kicked out of the practice and the hospital. He yelled at everyone--- nurses, docs, patients, people in general. Nasty little man, but watching him go berserk was funny as hell.
  12. by   leslie :-D
    i'm all set.
    anything i wish i could say, i do.
    i'm a firm believer in clear, concise communication.

  13. by   GrumpyRN63
    I work in a lg teaching hospital,so we work very closely with the residents, most of them are pretty cool ,some go above and beyond. When they do something really nice (either for a nurse or a pt) I compliment them followed by" too bad your not going to be that nice in a couple of years "(when they are chief or attending) they know exactly what I mean ,it gives them pause to think ...hopefully they WON"T get too big for their britches !!! -- I don t say it in front of the pt, to them I always say Oh isn't so and so juuuuuust wonderful, Oh yes they are THE BEST,I love to do this with the Doc's in the room, esp if they are jerks, what can they say, it kicks them down a notch
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  14. by   JaneyW
    Don't you realize that evidence based medicine has changed a bit in the past 20 years?

    When was the last time you read your journals?