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I enjoyed reading the things you wish you could tell the patient, here is something I wish I could have told the doctor: We are standing at the foot of the patients bed... Doc: Has her foley... Read More

  1. by   TigerGalLE
    Why are you using the patient's restroom? And why didn't you wash your hands after?!?!?!
  2. by   Happeetxn
    This is my favorite, when I see them coming out of a pt's room who is on contact isolation with no gear on and not washing their hands............"I didn't know you doc's were immune to MRSA, the rest of us here sure aren't."

  3. by   lvlissl2ebecca
    Oh, You don't want me to call and wake you up at 2 a.m. anymore? Fine, You can just use all that extra money you get paid to be on call to pay another doctor who WILL give a crap.

    What do I think should be done about this? Well, I can tell you what is usually done, but you are the one getting paid to come up with the solution, so I'll let you take an educated guess.

    Hmm Doc, You seem a little annoyed. Oh, It's because this resident's BS is 401 and the order that YOU wrote states to call you if >400. Hmm, well maybe you should edit your order OR take responsibility. Either way, I do what the order says.
  4. by   Nurse Lulu
    you want to know labs/i&O/transcriptions (for the past three days) that is why you have a computer password too.

    you want to know another b/p, learn how to use the critical care monitors (since you and your herd of students are undoubtedly in my way) ugh..... sorry I am over it now
  5. by   bren3299
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    Oh wait. I WAS yelled at once... I just didn't pay any attention. He went nuts and I just laughed and turned away. He followed me down the hall yelling "don't you walk away from me!!" and threatening to have me fired. I stopped long enough to tell him I didn't work for him, then continued on my way. He about blew a gasket.

    Little banty-rooster guy. He had serious issues and was kicked out of the practice and the hospital. He yelled at everyone--- nurses, docs, patients, people in general. Nasty little man, but watching him go berserk was funny as hell.
    Had to reply when I saw the term "little man". We have the most amazingly annoying doc who is all of 5'2" who has been dubbed by one of our ward clerks as "the little man" for code. His tantrums are viewed as just that and not taken too seriously but he is out of control sometimes. Outside of the tantrums, his most annoying habit is being too chatty when you have other matters to tend to. I was busy at the desk one day, he called and as soon as I heard his voice the phone disconnected, rang again, he started talking and it hung up again. I was just thrilled and told the ward clerk that I was so glad they had installed a Dr. Soandso filter on the phone!
  6. by   ebear
    Sometimes I just have to laugh at these "little fellas"!!! It would be so nice to have their tantrums videoed to make them sit and watch themselves a few days later! It would also be nice to have a narrator explain the circumstances leading up to the display of childishness. I would hope that would embarrass the crap out of them...but I doubt it!
  7. by   lil' girl
    Received on a fax from doctor regarding fax we sent to doctor about a script for a patient for so and so "Above ok". Well doc "Above ok" is not an order!

    And don't send me a fax with some med you want the pt. to have with JUST the name of the med. I am not a doctor and I do NOT write doctors orders! That is what you get paid the big bucks to do so YOU write the darn thing and I will carry it through!
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  8. by   TazziRN
    Quote from misslo
    I'm not quite there yet, haven't even started the program yet. Please excuse my ignorance but I have to ask! What would happen if you DID say those things to the doctors?

    Depends. Some docs will know they do not have a leg to stand on if they try and complain. Others think they have a leg and end up getting laughed at by the nurse's manager. Still other nurses will have little backup from their bosses, who want to kiss up to the arrogant a-holes who complained, and will write up the nurse.

    My contribution just happened today: a man who developed a bad cellulitis from an accident at work was sent home on round the clock Ancef via CADD for 4 weeks. Among the home health orders were to draw a weekly INR, since he developed DVT while in the hospital and is now on Coumadin. The doc that the orders said to send the INR result to knew nothing about it, he said "I didn't order that."

    The ortho involved said "I didn't order that."

    Called the infectious disease doc, who is managing the home health orders, and he got all blustery and said "Yes, I ordered the Coumadin so he needs to have INRs drawn, but I don't do anticoag therapy. You need to find him a doc who will manage his INR results and dosages."

    WHAT???? HE sent him home with those orders but I have to find a doc to manage him???

    What I wanted to say is unprintable. What I did say was "Thank you for your time, Doctor, I'll see what I can do."
  9. by   ebear
    Tazzi, you're a better woman than I am! Are we supposed to order consults now also???? :angryfire
  10. by   gentle
    If you don't like what your consult MD did then you talk to him. Stop being a wimp. I do not wish to be your message bearer and don't appreciate when you write an order telling me to pass a message to the other doc.

    When you call me to ask if I passed on the message, I will try to end the conversation with as little information as possible. Again, I don't want to be involved in your problems. I have enough of my own.
  11. by   ilda
    if they're asking me too many questions i'll answer a few but after that just make myself sound like that i dont care it's your'e problem you figure it out ,and they leave me alone once i actually hung up on one chineese doc,because he was rude,and nothing even happened,i did not get written up or anything another time another doc said to me " so you have no idea why i was called as a consult " and i said to him with a nasty attitude like i really dont care "I don't know why" beleive me he does not bug me no more, sweet! once i had this mean old *art doctor lying about how he was looking for me wanting to say somthing about the cp this patient was having,and how nobody was helping him , when i was too busy with my other one transfering to icu, i just wanted to tell him you're nothing but a lyer,cause the charge nurse helped him out
  12. by   lpn1313
    I'm not sure what to do. What do you think? "I'm flattered that you respect my opinion, but you went to Med school, YOU make the decision. I'm not licinsed to perscribe."

    Were you the one who let them go to the hospital "Yes I sent them to the hospital, If you had called back any of the 10 times we called/paged you, maybe we could have avoided it."

    I need you to talk to the family, you're supposed to protect me. "No, my job is not to protect you from the families of residents, my job is to provide care to the residents. If you don't want to talk to the POA's, you shouldn't have become a LTC doc."

    These pharmacists think they're doctors "If you don't like the pharmacy recommendation, just say no- you're the doctor. "

    Is he my patient? "No doctor, he's really not your resident, I just didn't feel like bothering any doctor but you today. "
  13. by   traumamomtx30
    How about:

    No, I don't want ativan or valium just to snow the patients so I don't have to deal with them. If you can't stand to go in there for 2 minutes to see them everyday; try 12 hrs.

    Please don't order 1 mg of Morphine every 30 minutes IVP when I have 7 pts to deal with just give them a PCA.

    Residents/Interns: don't tell me you don't want to make any new or change any orders because at briefing in the morning you will get yelled at because "that attending physicians" yells at everyone for everything.