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  1. Nurse Lulu

    Anyone here who hate the holidays?

    Just saying, worked @ Target for 6 years and actually enjoyed working there. For the record, we got holiday pay... No one loves working over holidays regardless of your plans, but if work needs to be completed somebody has to work. Good and bad parts to every job.
  2. Nurse Lulu

    Manager With No Prior Experience? What?

    Was the holding manager ever oriented by the regular ED assistant managers? Perhaps that would be a good place to start. Critical care experience does not necessarily equate or translate to the ED or vice-versa- two very different worlds.
  3. Nurse Lulu

    ADHD Nurses-what area do you specialize in?

    Critical care-same reason. Always different, usually running, and always learning. Great for "multitasking" brains!
  4. Nurse Lulu

    Could I be the only reformed misfit in nursing school?

    I sounds like I have a somewhat similar life experience to yours, in that I was by no means a "good kid" growing up for similar reasons (and others). As other posters have pointed out, it has been a service to me as an adult, even if I "grew up" at about 3x the normal rate! You are by no means alone. Although I am no longer a student, I am sure at every level throughout nursing you will find those who can relate. Kudos to you for turning your situation around!
  5. Nurse Lulu

    Where have all the jobs gone?

    Not a problem in my part of the country, we are still hiring. We are hiring less than we would have though. I live in Michigan and with many husbands still out if work pt/contingent wives are working ft to make up the difference. Even so, just on my unit we have four openings available at the moment. The rest of the hospital is actively hiring as well. We recently hired two new grads who are still in orientation. We do prefer bsn nurses though. Other hospitals are still hiring as well.
  6. Nurse Lulu

    party like a nurse?!?!

    Anytime I hear some jerk use the "naughty nurse" reference I say "sure come hang out at work with us" and "be a guniea pig for: Letting students/new nurses practice skills depending on your level of being carefree 1. IV skills-no problem 2. NG-ugh 3. ABG-ouch 4. foley/flexiseal But...I promise you will get attention from these so-called "naughty nurses" or party nurses while they poke and prod you to learn new skills!"
  7. Nurse Lulu

    Minor things people get fired/wrote up over,,,give examples.

    I believe because of the language that was used.... not appropriate but after a three hour roadtrip to IR with a confued ICU patient....can't say I blame her for THINKING it, too bad she verbalized it.
  8. Hehe.... Had someone freak cause I didn't give iron as scheduled at 0800 am besides being the only med and the patient being asleep... um it is hard on an empty belly too people! Retimed for breakfast... I got upset later in the week because the same person didn't give marinol before breakfast because the patient was sleeping, also retimed for with the meal.... so not the same thing. Didn't understand even after I tried to explain.
  9. Nurse Lulu

    Hiring outlook for ADN vs. BSN in your town?

    ADN's are to be phased out of the system I work in within the next fifteen years. LPN's are already gone. This includes having those already working going back to school to obtain BSN. LPN's had to obtain an ADN to keep their job by 2008. P.S. We are still actively hiring all the time (we just hired three FT RN just on my unit). BUT, they are all BSN with extern or previous experience.
  10. Nurse Lulu

    Managers can I change your opinion of them?

    Your post reminded me--- I HATE HAVING A CLOSED DOOR!!!!!! However, I am constantly being scolded that for joint commission, CMS, and the fire marshall it is a violation. Some environment of care nonsense. I am sorry but, really? It sends the message that "I am too busy for you" or "I want to be left alone" or "I am doing something private" ugh! If I am needing privacy I will shut the door. I do not understand the basis for the rule and I feel like it alienates people, so every chance I get..... I OPEN the door! FYI doorstoppers are contraband......If it is a fire safety thing why can't I shut the door when the alarm sounds? This is procedure for patient rooms...
  11. Nurse Lulu

    Managers can I change your opinion of them?

    Feel like I am being ran over a bit as well. Never had a work related issue in my life, feel like a nervous wreck walking on eggshells. No problem asking me for help/ opinion about things needed however quick to take credit for any results/work completed. Never dealt with this type of this behavior, it is overwhelming and draining. Her whole thing is "accountability and fairness for everyone" but then when I try to apply the expectations she MADE, she makes exceptions. Oh and of course, the rules dont apply to her. Sorry, along with the new role goes the ability to vent to anyone at work. Thanks
  12. Thats not what Im saying, BSN clinicals to my knowledge, all have these types of hours. Those are part of education time. Even after that grads in other professional programs often take unpaid internsips for specialty programs or highly sought areas. Unpopular thought I know, but if the poster really wants critical care that is a choice they may have to make.
  13. Most other professions (physicians, lawyers, etc.) have unpaid internships....and nursing will be heading that way as well..... I have already seen positions posted here i the midwest
  14. Nurse Lulu

    Modifying tasks when pregnant. My boss says "no".

    sorry for being late, where I work you can only get light duty for on the job injuries-not pregnancy.
  15. Nurse Lulu

    Starting Clinicals and Having Anxiety

    Well don't know if this helps, but I am about to be a new clinical teacher and I am having anxiety! You will do fine, just treat people (non-medically) like you would like to be treated. That is half the battle...people seem to lack common sense.... as for the other stuff, no one expects you to be confident right now, if you were it would be scarry....:redbeathe