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Nurse Lulu specializes in critical care.

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  1. Nurse Lulu

    Manager With No Prior Experience? What?

    Was the holding manager ever oriented by the regular ED assistant managers? Perhaps that would be a good place to start. Critical care experience does not necessarily equate or translate to the ED or vice-versa- two very different worlds.
  2. I sounds like I have a somewhat similar life experience to yours, in that I was by no means a "good kid" growing up for similar reasons (and others). As other posters have pointed out, it has been a service to me as an adult, even if I "grew up" at about 3x the normal rate! You are by no means alone. Although I am no longer a student, I am sure at every level throughout nursing you will find those who can relate. Kudos to you for turning your situation around!
  3. Nurse Lulu

    Where have all the jobs gone?

    Not a problem in my part of the country, we are still hiring. We are hiring less than we would have though. I live in Michigan and with many husbands still out if work pt/contingent wives are working ft to make up the difference. Even so, just on my unit we have four openings available at the moment. The rest of the hospital is actively hiring as well. We recently hired two new grads who are still in orientation. We do prefer bsn nurses though. Other hospitals are still hiring as well.
  4. Nurse Lulu

    party like a nurse?!?!

    Anytime I hear some jerk use the "naughty nurse" reference I say "sure come hang out at work with us" and "be a guniea pig for: Letting students/new nurses practice skills depending on your level of being carefree 1. IV skills-no problem 2. NG-ugh 3. ABG-ouch 4. foley/flexiseal But...I promise you will get attention from these so-called "naughty nurses" or party nurses while they poke and prod you to learn new skills!"
  5. Nurse Lulu

    Minor things people get fired/wrote up over,,,give examples.

    I believe because of the language that was used.... not appropriate but after a three hour roadtrip to IR with a confued ICU patient....can't say I blame her for THINKING it, too bad she verbalized it.
  6. Hehe.... Had someone freak cause I didn't give iron as scheduled at 0800 am besides being the only med and the patient being asleep... um it is hard on an empty belly too people! Retimed for breakfast... I got upset later in the week because the same person didn't give marinol before breakfast because the patient was sleeping, also retimed for with the meal.... so not the same thing. Didn't understand even after I tried to explain.
  7. Nurse Lulu

    am dose v pm dose steroids

    Hi there, feel like this is dumb question but, why are steroid doses lower at night than in the morning? Was asked this by a NP clinical instructer. Only thing I can find is possible insomnia. Is that all?
  8. Nurse Lulu

    Cardizem, rythmol, and dig.....oh my

    Hey guys, thanks. Pt ended up intubated about 48 hours came off ok. I asked the nurse if she verified she says yes. But admits she didn't question the order. Dealt with same doctor many times never heard an order like this. It was a pulled nurse I am not that familiar with...but from same critical care type unit. Just seems to me way too much cardizem alone let alone the other meds. I was even sharing a room at the time, and the nurse didn't even say "hey does this seem weird to you?" nothing IDK. Thanks all for your researched responses. Very helpful.
  9. hey guys wondering if anyone has had or heard of this before. pt had afib rvr 160-180s. critical care. doctor ordered 60 ivp cardizem (huh????) and 0.25 dig ivp and 600 ryhtmol, followed by cardizem gtt 5-20/hr. nurse gave all three at around 1800. patient pretty much non-responsive several hours later around midnight. blood gasses ph 7.07 co2>100. physician wouldn't intubate, bipap first... normally this patient pretty anxious. could barely clear own secretions. looked up meds says can cause somnolence. what happened??? pt originally here for pneumonia..trops neg. ugh...i hate being in charge. cat
  10. Nurse Lulu

    Orders you wish you could have written in the chart...

    For a hard to sedate pt I had....ativan gtt 2-5mg/hr...doc then said..if that doesn't work use a louisville slugger....I thought it was funny....
  11. I went to Oakwood as a new grad and was VERY happy.....
  12. Nurse Lulu

    Toxic Healthcare Personalities

    I agree about the complainers! They want to cry and moan but you better believe they don't have any solutions. Let alone try to help CHANGE the situation......CAT
  13. Nurse Lulu

    Difference between ICU and intermediate critical care

    It depends on the hospital. Our IICU take everything but CRRT IABP and "brain drains" not just "stable vents and tube feeds. We do all the gtts, vents, procedures, etc so you should really ask.....
  14. Nurse Lulu

    Charge nurses

    Our charges always have a full assignment......we are trying to change that CAT
  15. I would have picked A.....
  16. Nurse Lulu

    Help with IV Potassium administration

    We run it over one hour for 20 meqs in 100 NS for CL CAT