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Stevielynn's thread about the nursing home with the signs on the food carts brings up (oops, no pun intended:D ) something that happened at work yesterday that turned even MY cast-iron stomach. I was... Read More

  1. by   nurseT
    When I was first out of RN school, I worked at a LTC pm shift. I was to change a pt's tube feed and bag. I got all my stuff together and walked in. The room was dark so I turned on the light to find her bed, pajamas and her covered with poop. She appeared sound asleep with her mouth hanging wide open. As I got closer to the bed I saw she had dug herself out and painted everything within reach, then I leaned over and looked in her open mouth to see a chunk of poop stuck to the roof of her mouth.
  2. by   nurseT
    :roll Same bat place, same bat time. Confused little old lady who was incont of BM. As I was headed north from one end of the hall and the other nurse was headed south from the other end, just befor our paths crossed, a giant turd flew between us east to west and landed on the floor. We both looked at each other and then into the room it came from. The little old lady had a bm in her pants and took her pants off and shook em out.
  3. by   jayne109
    My motto is "Give me blood, give me guts, just don't give me vomit." I can even handle poop. Tonight was bad though.

    This guy had fallen off of a horse and busted his wrist. Usual Reduction is surgery but the pt. had had tacos for dinner. Needless to say, we all smeeled them. He vomited 5 times before I could get him his Phenergan. I just about lost the bad cafeteria food we had for dinner. YUCK!!!!!!!!!

  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Reminds me of when I was close to the end of my first pregnancy, and I'd fixed this marvelous lasagna that my friend, whom I'd invited for dinner, advised me not to eat because "when you go into labor, you shouldn't have anything in your stomach that you wouldn't want to see again". I ate it anyway, and sure enough, I went into labor that very night. My friend was right, too: lasagna is one of those dishes you NEVER want to see on the return trip. Ugh.:imbar
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Anything involving hot sauce, jalapenos, or Mexican food in general are things i don't want to see for a return visit to my mouth.

    I had the flu back in 98 for 3 weeks. The last "solid food" i had before the pocelain praying began was a salami sandwich on rye with horseradish and mayo with swiss cheese, and pasta salad. To this day i cannot look at salami or smell it without getting grossed out. And salami is a sandwich option for our patients. And of course 90 percent of those that can have it want it.
  6. by   monkijr
    I have heard it said, that green chili, tastes just as good coming up as it did going down, any one with experience here. hee hee:chuckle
  7. by   Dixen81
    No experience here, URSULA, but LMAO over that one!
  8. by   Dayray
    Yuk reading all this brings back memories. I have become soft I guess, you just don't see much of this stuff in L&D. I used to work cardiac, EMS, and some med surg and had a cast iron stomach.

    The final straw that made me move into L&D was the night I had an elderly (hardly with it and hardly alive) man on go lightly for a bowl prep. He couldn't realay make it to the commode even though it was right next to his bed and he had to go every 3 - 5 min, nasty liquid and rancid smelling stool. He couldn't tolerate sitting on the commode between stools so I pretty much camped in his room to help him over to the potty.

    Well we made it about half the time and the other half it ended up on the walls an once it got into the heater vent and filled the room with a smell that no deodorizer would remove. Now you have to realize that I was very used to this smell and had a reputation of having the strongest stomach on the floor. But as I knelt there cleaning BM out of the heater vents and having had changed my scrubs twice already because it had splashed on me, something hit me, that this man would most likely be dead by this time the next day and that he was really suffering. not only did he have pain and weakness from multiple aliments but now we had given him go lightly and made his bowls all crampy and he had to get up and down which was really painful to him + he was very embarrassed and the smell was I'm sure bothering him more then me. I love giving hospice type care but this wasn't what we were doing for this man. He was receiving a surgery he would most likely not recover from and spending his last few hours swimming in poop. That made me sick and after that I just couldn't do it anymore.
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    i can handle the grossest of the gross most times, but there are always those moments... the toughest time i've ever had was with a young boy who had been creamed by an suv. he was pretty much gone when he got to the unit, but resus efforts persisted for some time. at one point, his art gases were coming out pink, he was so hemodiluted by all the crystalloid. he was oozing from every orifice, wound and puncture. of course, he didn't make it. he had already gone when i came on shift and lucky me, i was the resource nurse for the night. we had to leave the body behind the curtain for several hours to let him "gel". even at that, when we turned him, he spewed fluid from his mouth. he was cold and wet, and the smell is still in my nose (i have a sinus infection so that's saying something!!) to this day. he smelled just like raw chicken that had been left out on the picnic table for a week in the sun. i'm gagging just thinking about him.

    another one that caught me by surprise was a teenager who had been run over by the tractor he was driving. it ran right over his head. i was helping to suction his ett and when i stabilized my hand on his cheekbone, it moved!

    then there was the teenager who was in the process of switching drivers in a jeep at 80 mph when it flipped and dumped him out... he had a traumatic amp of the right leg at mid thigh, but that wasn't the worst. he had also ripped his scrotum from shaft to rectum. ouuuuuuch!!! (i wonder if it was like having an episiotomy? at least he was anaesthetized for the first four days... )
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    originally posted by janfrn
    he had also ripped his scrotum from shaft to rectum. ouuuuuuch!!! (i wonder if it was like having an episiotomy? at least he was anaesthetized for the first four days... )
    i hurt just reading that!
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    OOooooooooo......that hurts just to read, and I'm not even a man!!
  12. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Still to this day,the smell of vomit is the worst of all I think I dealt with, sights are not really a problem for me. The one other thing right up there with vomit is the smell of changing a colostomy bag. Now, coming from a nurse, I am sure i should be more matter of fact about this....but it is a "different " kinda smell to me, and I have a real problem dealing with that one!
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    GI bleeds. Enough said. lol

    Or nothing like bending over to take off someone's slippers, the pt. coughs and you feel something hit the back of your neck, and wipe it off to find it's green phlegm.

    So much for my fries tonight...