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Anyone watch this morning? Their medical expert was on giving tips to patients on how to prevent errors while they are in the hospital. One thing she mentioned was that hospitals (nurses especially)... Read More

  1. by   bklynborn
    Freedom42, thank you so much for pointing out that the original thought of this thread had to do with nurses lack of a professional or uniformed look which makes it easier for patients and family to immediately SEE who the Nurses are.
    Though I am not in favor of wearing all white I do believe that there should be some differentiation between Nurses and other staff members, name tags don't do it as they are often to small to be read or have a tendency (like mine) of flipping over so they can't be read. DEFINITELY NOT HATS. Maybe an RN/LPN patch?
    We have all worked very hard to get where we are, and deserve to wear our title with pride. The only question here is how to do it so that it benefits our patients and their families.
  2. by   smk1
    As a person who did get frustrated when FIL was in the hospital seizing and everybody and there brother was in scrubs, yet nobody was a nurse or doc...I can say that I do think nurses need to be readily recognizable as do doctors. Easiest way to accomplish that? GET ALL DIETARY STAFF, SECRETARIAL STAFF, HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, VOLUNTEERS ETC... OUT OF SCRUBS OR MEDICAL UNIFORMS! This would help a lot!
  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    Quote from Elisheva
    You forgot a couple: weight/smoking

    oh yeah...those are great ones...breastfeeding too....good topics to get anyone all fired up:angryfire
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think, as usual, it's very hard to grasp a big problem (like health care problems/insufficiency) completely in 5 or 10-minute sound bites on a popular news program that is vying for ratings in a competitive market.

    But hey, that's just me, I know.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from asoldierswife05
    I have noticed that once you get beyond 10 pages of any thread the topic switches to one of three things: ADN vs. BSN (or RN vs. LPN), the nursing shortage, or uniforms.
    There are a few "one issue posters" than insist on dragging out a few dead horses and beating them in places where the horses don't belong.
  6. by   mercyteapot
    Do dead horses belong anywhere, really?
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Or people who drag the same-sounding post from thread to thread, dragging that ADN/BSN stank dead horse up. :stone
  8. by   AtlantaRN
    My best friend is 90 yrs young, and she too longs for the "good old days" when the nurses wore caps and white crisp uniform dresses...

    I like scrubs, NOT white...but butt is too big for white pants...

  9. by   Nurseterr7
    This is just my opinion but I wish hospital staff would wear BIG badges or name tags or pins or what ever identifying them selves as RN's LPN's, House keeping, whatever. I work at places where people come into the pt.'s room and have their hanging badges turned back wards so you can't even identify who they are. Not only do I think that the print should be BIG enough for the pt's to read . I think the person should identify themselves to the pt. every time they walk into the room . Example: Hello My name is xxxxx and I am your RN today. I say this because I work private duty and so many times people have just walked into the room and do not identify themselves at all to me or the pt. I always introduce myself and tell them my role but I feel awkward twisting my head into contortions trying to read someone's small print half back wards name badge. I really hate the badges that say the person's name in BIG print and then in little print under the name it will say nursing services. Guess I should buy a clue... OK . Thanks for lettin' me vent...
  10. by   TraceyRN
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Or people who drag the same-sounding post from thread to thread, dragging that ADN/BSN stank dead horse up. :stone
    Were you making a point?
    You may feel differntly when you have earned nyour BSN.
  11. by   TraceyRN
    Quote from bklynborn
    Younger thatn 50 a female SURGEON, who I might add doesn't do insurance billing.That tell you anything??
    I agree with you to a degree.
    Nurses could do more to be recognized as a profession by behaving more professionally. How many execs where cartoon tops and sneakers to work?
    Dress for success, though the hat I'd leave at home!!
  12. by   TraceyRN
    I agree with you to a degree.
    I mean, we do want to be recognnized as a profession don't we?
    How many execs do you see running around in cartoon shirts and sneakers?
  13. by   introspectiveRN
    Quote from Elisheva
    I'm not wearing the hat. It gets caught on the curtains between the patients beds, and that makes me cranky.

    :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    Thank you for the GREAT visual and for the tremendous belly laugh!