Thanks, nurses!

  1. I am a pre-nursing student now, just finishing up my prereqs to apply for the nursing program. My 6 yo dd ended up in the hospital this week with a number of issues - not a fun time. Of course I was more aware of the nurses since I am planning to become one, but I have to say, they absolutely made our stay, well, as wonderful as a hospital stay can be. They were so good with my daughter, and just as nice to dh and me. It really gave me a good feeling about becoming a nurse myself, because I would like to help someone through a stressful and exhausting time the way they did. And yes, we did write nice things about them on our "comment" sheet before we left.

    Two days after coming home, dd said she wanted to go back to the hospital . I just wanted to say that you all may hear only the complaints, but some people really do appreciate all you do.

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  3. by   muffie
    hope your little one is doing well
  4. by   traumaRUs
    It is always so stressful when the little ones are ill - please take care and join us.
  5. by   psalm
    The few times our kids had to be hospitalized (one for 3 weeks when he was 9 months old) the nurses were wonderful. This was at Tripler Army Medical Center, the 3 week stay...and then ER trips at the old Saginaw General Hospital in Michigan, where they were handled with "kid gloves". One of the reasons I kept thinking of becoming an RN was to be there for others.
  6. by   grandee3
    Tripler in Hawaii?
  7. by   TazziRN
    When my little one spent a weekend in house with pylonephritis, the staff was wonderful. They treated me like a mom, not a nurse, and let me be the mom, not the nurse. I wrote a letter to the NM and listed everyone by name. Made me proud to be a part of the facility and it also reminded me to treat my nurse and doctor patients the same way.
  8. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry about your daughter. But I'm happy to hear it gave you a positive impression of your chosen career.
  9. by   charlies
    that is sooo sweet. im glad you had such a positive experience.

    make sure you fill out the survey if you get one, lol
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  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am sorry for your ordeal, but gratified to read your experience with nurses was positive for you and your daughter. I hope she recovers completely and good luck to you in your future career aspirations!
  11. by   psalm
    Yes, Grandee3, Tripler in Hawaii :spin: Gave birth there and wasn't too impressed with some of the docs and nurses, but WAS with some of them. I wasn't a nurse then, but had been a medic in a small military hospital in Maryland a couple of years before then.

    The son I mentioned who had a 3 week stay in peds at Tripler visited there on his honeymoon in 2004.