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My friendly nurses in Allnurses Land!!! :) Tell me the truth. Deep honest truth!!! :confused: Is/Was nursing school HARD? Is/Was it difficult for you to pass the course?... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by TootyFruity
    My friendly nurses in Allnurses Land!!!

    Tell me the truth. Deep honest truth!!!

    Is/Was nursing school HARD?

    Is/Was it difficult for you to pass the course?

    Did you think you would fail?

    Is/Was it difficult for you to grasp the medical terminology?

    Most important question that I'll ever ask.....

    Would you really recommend that anyone (interested in nursing-of course) take the ADN course to be an RN?

    As always.......your help and advice is soo much appreciated!! :kiss

    Yes, nursing school was hard, but not impossible.

    The only course I thought for sure I would fail was Pharmacology. I actually thought my clinicals were easier than the "book" classes such as anatomy & physiology, nutrition etc. I am definitely a "hands" on learner.

    The medical terminology wasn't too hard for me to grasp, but I was already working in the healthcare field.

    If an ADN is what you want, then go for it. There are pros and cons to each nursing degree. I have an ASN degree (2 year). I am looking at going back for my bachelor's degree, but not necessarily at BSN. I am looking more towards a BS in Healthcare Services.

    Best wishes for whatever you decide. :kiss
    Nursing school was harder than I thought it would be, but I was never in danger of, or thought I would fail. The medical terminology wasn't hard for me, it just takes some memorization.

    I absolutely LOVE what I do, and would definately recommend it to anyone who was interested!

  3. by   renerian
    Heather you do OB right? Did you do clinicals in school and did you decide then you wanted to do that type of nursing? Do hospitals ever hire people who have no OB and train them? I ask that since I had acute care in oncology/bmt and wondered about OB?

    Hey renerian! I knew I wanted OB before I ever went to nursing school, that's the whole reason I went to nursing school!

    As for having no experience in OB and getting hired, I would just leave yourself open. I started in post partum and nursery because I thought it was the best way to "get my foot in the door" with L&D. But my hospital does way too many deliveries a year, and it just feels too assembly line to me. I could never do L&D where I'm at now. Plus, I've really found my niche in PP and nursery.

    So, usually the best place to start without experience is PP or nursery, but I won't say that they'd never take ya in L&D. Just depends on the situation. It's not like you're a new grad, right?

  5. by   shay
    Is/Was nursing school HARD? no

    Is/Was it difficult for you to pass the course? no

    Did you think you would fail? no

    Is/Was it difficult for you to grasp the medical terminology? no

    Most important question that I'll ever ask.....

    Would you really recommend that anyone (interested in nursing-of course) take the ADN course to be an RN? as a BSN nurse who didn't know ADN courses existed and could have saved myself a lot of time and money if I'd done the ADN instead, YES.
  6. by   Kayzee
    I enjoyed school. Went back at age 40 . My sister had just finished before me and found it difficult. I had the advantage of not having children home, and devoted most of my time to study. I love anything medical, so terminology was interesting. I was not afraid of failing, although I did have a rough time with chemistry. Came in for special help often. You have to give it 100%. As with anything that you want badly enough, you must do your best to reach your goal. I would recommend an ADN. I would have went for my BSN, but $ was a factor, and of course my age. Go for can do it!
  7. by   GAA30
    have you all experienced Nursing instructors from hell. One of my instructors who is essentially a problem to everyone bit my head off about charting in the computers. She never has anything encouraging to say and tries so hard to make you feel inept. I had a CVA patient ordered to the bed with ulcers on her heels. I questioned the order went to the nursing instructor who did not recall my conversation. She told me I could have killed the patient for not getting them up. She also said I should never tell the Nurse who the patient is for,tell her. She talks over you and never allow you a word in edge wise. This was my first week with two patients at this location. I t took every ounce of God in me to maintain my character and composure. Guys help!!!
  8. by   moongirl
    Quote from mario_ragucci
    (grin) Since I'm in Land, I'll chime in and make my peace. I don't know if nursing school will be hard or not. How easily do you get lost? My school has a pass/fail thing. You have to get a 75% to pass. i heard there is a 20% attrition rate amongst new classes.

    I start in one week officially. I work in a hospital. The hard part for me will be school, work and the time it takes to live my life and still be naughty sometimes if I want, oh, and to always have enough time to sleep at least 6 hours per night.
    1. sleep
    2. school
    3. work
    4. naughty

    Mario's nursing school priority to do list :-( I'm sorry
    lmao, Mario. Once you get into school THIS will be your list
    1. school
    2. school
    3. school
    4. sleep
    there will be no time for naughty
  9. by   pcicurn7
    Is/Was nursing school HARD? YES. It certainly wasnt a walk in the park. However, i think that you cant really compare people's experience, "hard" can have differing definitions. I was in a program that tried to "weed out" those it thought would not turn out to be good nurses. The professors usually tried to make our life difficult.

    Is/Was it difficult for you to pass the course? No. I always said, that if i were to ever find myself on the verge of failing, life would stop. thankfully, it never got to that point. School was always my priority.

    Did you think you would fail? Me, personally, no. Anything below a 74.9 was considered failing, so i had a good deal of people who were always on the verge...and i did have some buddies who did fail (if you fail, you had to wait an entire year before resuming).

    Is/Was it difficult for you to grasp the medical terminology? NO. Actually at first, my friends thought they would never get it. You will.

    ADN vs BSN? I'd go with the ADN. Let the hospital you work for pay for BSN. Good luck!
  10. by   MedSurgeNewbie
    was it hard, not hard but not a cake walk its work like any new adventure

    hard to pass? No you know going in what you have to do, its a matter of doing it

    Fail? I had moments in one course I had to work harder but it was from gettting lazy on the front end

    Med term is like easy get the roots and endings and youll get it

    ADN vs BSN - BSN if you have time, ADN if you need to get done
  11. by   BrnEyedGirl
    I didn't think nursing school was hard,.but lots of busy work,.many hours outside of class. The REAL education begins after graduation!

    It wasn't difficult to pass any classes

    I never thought I would fail

    Medical terminology wasn't an issue for me,.as I had a BS in Bio et Psych,.I had also worked in some field of medicine most of my adult life

    I would recommend Nursing to anyone who really wants to be a nurse,..not because of the pay,.not the flexibilty,..none of that will matter or get you through if you really don't want to be a nurse. If I didn't really love what I'm doing,.and still believe that I,.little ole ME,.can make a difference in peoples lives, I would not be able to hang in there through all the other crap we have to deal with.

    If you want to be a nurse than go for it!! It's often hard, sad, scary, and very physically draining,..but on those good days,.some people do say thank you!!!,.it makes it all worth your time and energy!!

    Good Luck!
  12. by   lupin
    1. Yes I thought nursing school was hard. I didn't really have a concept into what nurses do I guess.
    2. A & P II really kicked my rear but that's because we had a med school drop out as the teacher and like most doctors could not educate anyone!
    3. I was afraid I was going to fail once but it wasn't because of the school work. I had a snowmobile accident the week before my L&D/peds rotation started and my injuries were bad enough to keep me out of school and clinicals for the first couple of weeks. It was an ADN program and every class counted but I made it up on weekends and during the week of spring break. No Miami beach trip for me.
    4. Medical terminology wasn't that hard for me. I worked as a medical receptionist before and during school.
    5. I graduated from an ADN program in 2005. I would say to anyone considering nursing school to go for an ADN first and then go back for their BSN. Makes it easier to pay for the BSN if you're already working as a nurse.
  13. by   styRN
    is/was nursing school hard?
    it was hard because i was a slacker in high school who everything came easy for and never really had to work hard or study to maintain a 3.5gpa. nursing school was culture shock! definitely needed to pick up the bootstraps for the first time in my life. that being said, it was 20 years ago and the work ethic for learning should hit you hard so it stays with you throughout your career.

    is/was it difficult for you to pass the course?
    yep - see above. first few semesters were really, really tough. first year, i think i had a 2.0 gpa, and that was working my ass off in my mind.

    did you think you would fail?
    a few times. near the end i considered quitting, and when my best friend quit, i then realized how stupid it would be and stuck it out. my grades had improved and i was getting used to the constant studying/assignments but being a guy, i had some very old-school instructors that didn't like men in the program to begin with, but i also pushed their buttons because i was a real rebel - i was very young, into punk (mid '80's) had a huge hair-band mullet and wore wild clothes; basically i was in the instructor's faces as mich as possible to be a pita, so i actually had to work harder than some just to prove my worth.

    is/was it difficult for you to grasp the medical terminology?
    nope. well, not any more difficult than memorizing everything else you need to learn. new or unusual "medical terminology" is easy enough to figure out once you have a foundation in the basics. i am terrible at straight memorizing; unless i use it everyday it's useless. repetition is the key, and it comes in time.

    most important question that i'll ever ask.....

    would you really recommend that anyone (interested in nursing-of course) take the adn course to be an rn?
    not sure what adn is...but if it's the equivallent to a diploma vs. a degree, then i'd say degree. my daughter is 16 and wants to persue nursing. the only way her mother and i (both rns) would allow her to go is if she got her np, which will likely soon be a mandated masters minimum prepared very soon.