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Hello! I just started my clinical rotation for school last week and it's been really really great! I am in the LPN program at my school and we've just been doing bed baths and changing linens and... Read More

  1. by   LegzRN
    I have one on my left wrist that is mostly covered up with wristwatch. Then again, it is white ink and not very noticeable in the first place.
  2. by   meteorite36
    Move to California - doesn't seem to be a problem here. The Dermablend is worthless, even for a cover up for evening dresses where it is not subjected to water or friction. The wristwatch idea sounds good, and you could always get one of those long sleeved sports shirts from an outdoor store which are supposed to wick away the sweat. Good luck.
  3. by   juniorminty
    Quote from KatieMI
    Dermablend (and other like products) may be great but patients may have allergies on their components. I once got systemic reaction because of that; having this product permanently applied on wrist area, it would be really difficult to avoid contamination of water while giving baths.

    I have Dermablend and I have used it to cover a tattoo on my back for my wedding. I wouldn't use that at the hospital because, as you said, some clients may be allergic to some of the ingredients. Being that my tattoo is on my wrist it will be in close proximity when I'm caring for patients. Also it is water proof but not soap proof so as much as I wash my hands, it will probably not last a whole shift.
  4. by   irishmama721
    I have been wondering about this same thing for when I start school in August. Same issue, tat on my left wrist about an inch-and-a-half square.
  5. by   loriangel14
    It is no problem where I work. Several coworkers have visible tattoos and a couple have multiple piercings (ears and noses).One even has the tragus of both ears pierced.My charge nurse has a bery large tattoo on the calf of her leg and she wears capris in the summer to show it off.
  6. by   PrettyInInk

    I've used those cover sleeves during my phlebotomy clinical rotation at two different hospitals. Nobody ever knew I had a full sleeve on one arm. They come in neutral colors like 'skin tone', white, and black so it wouldn't clash with scrubs. I also like that they just cover the arm, instead of wearing an entire long sleeve shirt. I never got too hot- and they were easily washable.
  7. by   gcat626_RN
    I've got a full sleeve. Literally, there isn't one spot on my left arm that isn't covered with tattoos all the way from my shoulder to my wrist. I recently graduated nursing school and I wore long sleeves under my scrubs for the entirety of my time in clinicals. I also worked as a student nurse and did the same. Never once did I have a problem with faculty or administration, and there were many times where I'd have to roll my sleeves up during grooming etc. I wore thin cotton long sleeve shirts under my scrubs ( even during summertime) and never found heat/ comfort to be a problem. Give it a shot. I hear that under armor is highly recommended. I know they make a brand of apparel that can keep you cool when warm out and warm when cool out, just depends on what your looking for but it is expensive... There are several knock off brands that do the same thing for much cheaper.
  8. by   NamasteNurse
    A girl I work with covers the ones on her wrist with sweat bands to match her uniform. Since you now know that tats are mainly frowned upon in your profession, why would you be planning another one. In my experience, the upper arm ones always show whenever you move. Your shirt sleeve doesn't stay still.
  9. by   BluegrassRN
    Live in a relatively small town, conservative area, and visible tattoos must merely be tasteful, with no official definition of what is considered tasteful. I did clinicals in several hospitals in surrounding larger cities, and all but one allowed visible tattoos.
  10. by   caitmarie813
    My watch covers mine up! But all the boys in my class have to wear long sleeves to cover theirs up. And we not allowed to have more than one pair of stud earings in and no face piercings.
  11. by   asluss
    I have tats and piercings, but most of mine are not visible. Sometimes the ones on my ankles are when I sit if my pants legs come up. The last place i worked you could wear capris and mine would show and quite a few of our nurses and our social worker had the inner wrist tats. Most places won't say much as long as they are tasteful. But it's different during clinical rotations.
  12. by   imintrouble
    Ten years ago I thought tatoos were just disgusting. Sorry, I'm old.
    Now, while I don't have any, I kinda think some are pretty cool.
    Attitudes will change and restrictions will relax. If you're a good employee my bet is your place of employment will look the other way about a tatoo that peeks out from under a sleeve or neckline.
    I just don't see a Mike Tyson kind of tattoo ever being acceptable in the hospital. Unless you're a brilliant Thoracic surgeon.
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  13. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I work in long term care and not one of the places I've worked in has ever had a tattoo policy. We have policies for fake nails (not allowed), facial piercings, dangling earrings, and giant rings but none for tats. All the other items are a potential infection control problem. Tats are not.
    PS I'm the DNS and I have a tat on my ankle. My bosses have never mentioned it.