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  1. BaltimoreHon

    Prejudice Against Overweight Patients: An Issue To Ponder

    To be totally honest, I do have a certain amount of prejudice regarding morbidlly obese patients. When I have one I know that it really will increase my workload for the day; from having to use the hoyer lift, to washing the patient, changing incontinece briefs, even just a simple dressing change can be more difficult, not to mention the co-morbidities. It can be really tough on a healthcare worker's body.
  2. BaltimoreHon

    Nurse tech pay?

    Johns Hopkins pays $15.25 plus differentials.
  3. BaltimoreHon

    Pedal Pulses and Plantar/Dorsi Flexion

    You could always use a doppler.
  4. BaltimoreHon

    Getting a Cna job in Baltimore

    Last I heard Mercy Medical Center is still hiring. You can call the main line and ask for Beverly, the nurse recruiter (go right to the source). They prefer you to put your actual application in online.
  5. BaltimoreHon

    Housing near University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Baltimore is made up of over 200 distinct neighborhoods. One area may be good and then a couple blocks away it changes. If you are still needing a place message me for suggestions. I will be happy to help.
  6. BaltimoreHon

    Tuning in to patient cries

    In my experience at one Baltimore Hospital the nurses and the techs had a much higher patient load than they should of. When they seemed to be unresponsive to patient call lights it was not that they were ignoring the patient, but rather they were truly busy with other patients. When they did get to the patient that called they were usually apologetic. I do not think that the patients needs were unreasonable either. It is extremely stressful to be sick and having to be in the hospital is an additional stressor. Even little things that go wrong; ie, missed sticks, remote not working, even just feeling alone, are all additional stressors. I do think that the patient does have some entitlement for things to be made easier and more comfortable for them. The less stress the quicker the recovery (in many cases). So where does the fault lie? With the management that thinks a 5/6:1 patient to nurse ratio is acceptable.
  7. BaltimoreHon

    Maryland Board of Nursing Horrors

    I do not have the license in hand but I did get my license # emailed to me. I think they got tired of me contacting them. The funny thing (and scary thing) is, that once they worked on it, it only took a couple of hours to get things straight.
  8. BaltimoreHon

    Tattoo cover up

    At our school, and the hospital I work at there is a policy that all visible tattoos needs to be covered. What worries me about covering ink with bandaids, wristbands, etc is the problem with cross contamination. You need to wear something that can be cleaned/sanitized between patients. A watch would work if it is waterproof. Dermablend would be good option as long as you are minful of latex content. I have never seen anyone called out on their visible tattoos unless they were objectionable.
  9. BaltimoreHon

    Job offers while still in school

    I will be starting a nursing externship in a couple weeks at JHH. While I did not receive a job offer as an RN for after graduation, during the interview process the nurse manager did tell me that she wanted to hire an extern who was interested in staying on after graduation. I am a third semester nursing student and only a third of our class has summer jobs as CNAs, externs, PCTs, etc. I think the difference between those that have jobs and those that do not is that those who have jobs started the process early (in Feb) and were very proactive. I imagine it being quite similar for soon to be graduating students.