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  1. Aspirating or flushing the catheter lock solution?

    Flushing a citrate lock into the circulatory system can cause an unsafe drop in blood calcium levels. It is unlikely that such a small amount of citrate would be detrimental, but the concern still exists and the lock should be aspirated whenever poss...
  2. Advice: Profile or Not?

    Why don't you try for a smaller UF goal per tx, say 3500-3800, and have the patient come in for extra treatments?
  3. After 1 Year I am SICK of Dialysis

    SuperstarLPN, I can't agree more with your last reply to this thread. I have been an RN in dialysis for 9 months now, and I have never come across a patient population such as that found within dialysis. While some are an absolute joy to work with, I...
  4. How do you seasoned RN's do it? For example, lets say your 1st patient is due to come off in 6 minutes, and the next patient is due to come off in 10 min. What i've been doing is this: I will go to my 1st patient once their treatment is done, rinse t...
  5. Im thrilled to hear so many of you are benefiting from my post. How is everyone doing in class? Please keep me updated!
  6. Took Nclex 7 times, any help!!

    I hear ya... Honestly I'm not sure I never bought the book. I don't see how it could hurt though. I know you said you tried Kaplan before but give it another shot. Completely soak yourself into the program and try not to spread yourself to thin by us...
  7. Took Nclex 7 times, any help!!

    I am so sorry that you have had to do this 7 times. I know you said you are tight on money, but if you can afford to spend 300 dollars, please invest in the hurst review. It is amazing, seriously. It is an online program with videos for all body syst...
  8. New Grad First Job Question

    I'm wondering the same thing. At this point ive put in 30+ applications, and have been offered a full time position in dialysis. Am I making a mistake by accepting the position?? How will future employers look at dialysis experience when I'm potentia...
  9. Good grades = job?

    Salutatorian of my class, received awards from my state league of nursing, president of my college's honor society, passed nclex 75 questions in 45 min, youth mentor, 25 job apps, worked as a student nurse in a surgical ICU= no job. I'm at a loss. Ho...
  10. Best Med Surg Review/Study Guide

    Mary Ann Hogan's Review's and Rationale's series contains an excellent study book for med/surg nursing.
  11. First off, YOU WILL MAKE IT! Dont ever let anyone tell you that you wont. How can they even make that assumption? The fact that you are on this website several weeks before your class starts and reading up on how to make the most of your nursing educ...
  12. I agree with the posters above me. Everytime I see vitamin c ordered for a patient, it's always been for wound healing.
  13. Do your RN's appreciate you as a PCT/CNA?

    Just want to say I appreciate each and every one of you. THANK YOU!
  14. kaplan online

    My school enrolled us in the classroom version of Kaplan. Honestly, the classroom portion was a waste of time. All they do is go over questions outloud on a powerpoint, and you talk with the instructor about why this is right/wrong etc. Nothing you c...
  15. I think you can still use the flashcard approach with nursing courses as long as you are practicing applying the information with nclex questions-- this is the most important part. Nursing exams will never ask you to regurgitate facts-- your instruct...