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LegzRN has 4 years experience and specializes in CEN, CPEN, RN-BC.

I'm a man... not much of one, but a man.

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  1. LegzRN

    What phrases do you use?

    TTCFR (Time To Call For Ride) DNNTTTDA (Does Not Need To Talk To Doctor Again) AUS (Another Useless Scan) DSP (Day Shift Problem) FLT (Florescent Light Therapy) Therapeutic Wait Traumas Get Naked and do the No Pants Dance The 411 (4 of Zofran, 1 of Dilaudid, and 1 of Ativan)
  2. LegzRN

    Are you doing this at work?

    Giving nebs ... yes Drawing own labs ... yes Starting your own iv's ... yes Running own blood gasses ... no Cleaning own rooms ... sometimes Walking pt to radiology, CT etc ... if they're critical and on the monitor Testing urine ... yes Mixing meds ... sometimes All caths, ng insertions, trach suctioning ... yes
  3. LegzRN

    Your Most AWKWARD Nursing Moment

    The lol who was dressed up in complete KKK garb. Not so much an awkward moment, but a W-T-F moment.
  4. LegzRN

    Airforce Nursing 2011

    Go here: http://www.airforce.com/contact-us/recruiter-locator/ Find a recruiter and talk to one. This is the best way to get the information you're looking for. A USAF healthcare recruiter will have the most accurate and up to date information regarding all the questions you have. The Air Force is as tight as ever, but they still accept nurses every year.
  5. LegzRN

    All Those NPs with No Bedside Experience

    sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder the size of texas
  6. LegzRN

    ER peer interviews? Help please!!

    I've had two of these which consisted of the manager walking through the ED trying to grab whoever wasn't busy. I was in the interview for 2 minutes before they called a trauma overhead and everyone left.
  7. LegzRN

    serious question about a DNR order?

    If you don't want anything done, why are you going to the clinic?
  8. LegzRN

    What are your must-do's?

    Must dos? Hmm... usually grab a cup of coffee and survey the break room for whats left of the chinese food that administration bought for day shift.
  9. LegzRN

    It's Not MY Responsibility to Get YOU Home...

    Out to the waiting room for a little FLT (fluorescent light therapy)... maybe a turkey sandwich if I like you.
  10. LegzRN

    Mass casualty incidents

    Each hospital has their own disaster plan and protocols set in place. Usually the only time you'll hear about it is during your orientation or a drill.
  11. LegzRN

    To the cynical nurse

    How are you naive if you're not the one ordering the medication? Who cares as long as it shuts them up while your gritting your teeth to the tune of "LEVEL ONE TRAUMA ETA NOW."
  12. LegzRN

    Per Diem Not for me

    I love per diem! I have per diem jobs at two different hospitals. One guarantees me 24 hours a month with the flexibility to bid on extra shifts within my unit. The other guarantees me 16 hours a month with the ability to bid on extra shifts within my unit, as well as identical units in all of its sister hospitals. So far I've worked as little as 40 hours a month, and as much 160 hours a month.
  13. LegzRN

    Night Shift 1 hr commute: tips to arrive home alive

    I work night shift and have an 1.5 hour commute home... on the Philadelphia Turnpike... if you've ever driven on the Schuylkill you know what I'm talking about
  14. LegzRN

    What kind of car do you drive for those 1+ hour commutes?

    1 hour commute for one of my jobs. Have an 09 eclipse 4 cylinder... gets about 28mpg hwy
  15. LegzRN

    CEN Exam

    How does the majority of CENs renew their certification? I don't have to deal with it until 2015.

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