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  1. by   EmergencyRNBSN
    Just started a month ago with my BSN at 22. Loving my ER job at the moment. Terrified beyond belief..but day by day I'm getting the hang of it.
  2. by   itthybitthythpider
    I realized I wanted to be a nurse at 17 (I wanted to be a doctor before then, but that was waaaay too much schooling). I finally graduated at 24, thanks to the blinking prereqs and a 2 year waiting list!
  3. by   strawberyheelz
    I entered the nursing field when i was 19 as a Cna. Then i stopped working as a Cna after 4 yrs and went to the bank for 5 yrs. I graduated from Lpn school when I was 28 and now I'm beginning an Rn program at 35:heartbeat
  4. by   Black Jade
    Quote from Mossback
    I graduated with a BSN at age 60, and got hired as an RN three months later on my 61st birthday.
    Congratulations Mossback! That's awesaome!