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This weekend I was team leader. When I went to do my rounds I noticed that the patient had a buisness card with one of my nursing classmates number on it. I was completly shocked and disappointed.... Read More

  1. by   Baloney Amputation
    Quote from P_RN
    even though there is snow on the roof, there is usually fire in the furnace.
    LMAO! I am so going to have to tell this to my 50-year-old husband who is worried about his "snow" making him look old, not that I care.
  2. by   hillarypeace2006
    As a student, I have to say that maintaining boundaries is very important, however, I think use of judgement is key in deciding whether or not to exchange details with someone. In every instance that has been given from posters giving out their details, I haven't read anything unreasonable. Not often, but occassionally, I think you will encounter people that you may impact in such a profound way or vice versa, that you establish that level of comfort. I do not believe that it should be done because you can't say no. If your interpretation was that she was acting out of ignorance and you really brought the issue to light, than I would refrain from letting her instructor know. If, however, you feel that her safety and judgement is poor otherwise, then I would by all means let the instructor know that you have observed that students need to practice assertive communication techniques, this drives the message home further without creating a conflict with a student who is otherwise competent and able to constructively learn from her mistakes.
  3. by   RedWeasel
    I have coworkers that become friends with patients and become myspace friends. Our patients are with us a long time, but I always thought it was clear that boundaries must be kept. What if they did stalk, or the staff member inadvertently gave medical advice to them, over the internet (slipping up) and there it is in print on a computer---so if something goes awry---whew.....the consequences.
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from Magsulfate
    I can certainly see in special circumstances when you befriend a patient. You make it sound like we're working in a PRISON. Come on,, specially with nurses who work in a small community, the patient's are going to run into you at the local walmart anyways... I just don't see it as horribly bad as you do.

    *note... I worked as a prison guard at maximum security prison in Texas before I became a nurse,, ,and you remind me of a person that works for the prison.. talking like this.
    LOL ! I actually thought about working in a prison. Anyway, I'm so sorry that you don't agree with the fact that I won't give my number to male patients that are strangers. I'm so sorry about that. I've been through alot in my life and some circumstances that I won't discuss here has made me not to want to do this.
  5. by   LPNHTNCM
    A woman that I work with is a case manager (HMO). At the time of the begining of this I was working in UR. She came to me and plead a case for one of her cases to go to Mayo Clinic for a work up ($$$$). I then plead the case to the Medical Director, who approved it based on the CM pressing for the approval. The member (pt) then termed ins coverage with us a month later. The CM also had knowledge he was planning on terming with us. The DAY that he termed with us the CM went out on a date with him, the sleep over kind. Now there is no way that this wasn't already hatched/planned while she was still his case manager. I found it HIGHLY inappropriate! I also feel like she used her personal feelings to get me to approve very expensive care for him. My boss, the entire dept, knows what happened. Nothing was done.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from P_RN
    1. BAD IDEA
    3. What is a senior to a young lady, is probably a contemporary of mine, and even though there is snow on the roof, there is usually fire in the furnace.
    4. So all in all giving out any info to someone you are not socially or family related to is a BAD IDEA.
    Wow thanks ! Finally someone that agrees with me !
  7. by   NewTexasRN
    The thing that freaks me out about the nursing profession is that if someone wants to stalk you, it's much easier than you think. I forgot the name of that website where any stranger can find out what town you live in. Also, if they look at your badge they know your full name and would pretty much look up your information in the yellow pages. I think when you're at work you must behave like a professional at ALL times and try not to get too personal with your patients. Some of the stories that I was reading about are crazy! You never really know a patient. You should never, never , never give your personal information. EVER.
  8. by   sbyramRN
    Quote from Tait
    I would agree in her not giving out her information as a new student, and needs time to assess a person, as one would do in real life.

    I personally have a few emails, and I send a Christmas card to one little lady in NC each year.

    As far as the business cards go, we were promoted in school to have cards made and to give them to all our patients as a way of increasing our professional status. However I believe we were only to have our work number on them as a suggestion.

    I have never seen a nurse hand out a business card...Do you walk into the room and introduce yourself and hand them a business card?
  9. by   RNandRRT
    Is it laid out in any of the code of ethics of nursing??

    I would like to know that.

    If not, then it's completely an individual choice and they should not be judged for it just because you wouldn't do it.

    If so, then that needs to be explained to them and hope they get it.
  10. by   swirlygirl
    I work with a few brand new nurses that are about 22 years old. We had an 18 year old male patient on our floor for about a month and one of these nurses "friended" him on Facebook where she has her home address and phone numbers listed for everyone to see! I never said anything about it to her, but I was just very surprised.
  11. by   Be_Moore
    Quote from nursing student 19
    To Be More- I agree to disagree with your actions. There is no way I would hang out with a patient ! Whether you are male or female. Yes you may not be afraid of being stalked however what if you meet a crazy women that claims you did something to her just because you didn't want to be more then friends ?
    Well from my standpoint, as a male, I run that risk anyway. It doesn't matter if I meet a random girl in a bar, at the supermarket, or at the hospital I work at...if she makes untrue claims about me I'm still going to be in deep ****. Doesn't matter in what circumstances we met. So it's not something I can worry about.
  12. by   VICEDRN
    A student nurse in my first semester clinical accepted a friend request from a patient on myspace! We tried to talk her out of it but she insisted on going through with it.

    The patient had attempted suicide of all things!
  13. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Quote from P_RN
    3. What is a senior to a young lady, is probably a contemporary of mine, and even though there is snow on the roof, there is usually fire in the furnace.
    OK, I was soooo not expecting that! Now I have to clean the diet dr. pepper off my computer screen!