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what is the strangest thing that you saw when you were a student...the one that sticks out in my mind is also on the subject of male/female nurses. when we did our ob rotation, the teacher did... Read More

  1. by   AAHZ
    Had a patient come in, said he had been st cathing himself for years at home, for urine retention. He said that there was always some discomfort on insertion, like the cath was "sticking".
    I asked him if he used enough lube, and he said yes. Then I asked if I could watch his technique. I went and got the supplies, and met him in the head. He saw the package and told me "I don't need that stuff, young man". He then pulled his pants down, pulled an old Yukky looking red robin from his pocket, ran it around his tongue a few times, and proceeded to cath himself. (my family hates that story!)
  2. by   MandyInMS
    I guess the most strange thing was during a psych rotation to a huge facility with multiple buildings pertaining to various sp. psych conditions..the pts all had color coded armbands according to whether they were permitted to be walking outside in the complex ect. On my 2nd day driving into this place i caught something out of the corner of my was a pt politely doing #2 right there on the sidewalk oblivious to people walkin/driving chin dropped to my knees...made me wonder what the HECK am I getting into with this to first staff nurse I found...hopefully his armband was changed so he wouldn't be OUT...haha
  3. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by memphispanda
    So's the guy who had an indwelling foley for who knows how long, and his urethra had fistulized to the skin and he had all these holes from his scrotum to the meatus (which was torn/enlarged) that urine would come out of. He couldn't have a foley any longer and the family refused a suprapubic catheter.
  4. by   Hooligan
    So as a student, this is what I have to look forward to...Can't hardly wait!!!

  5. by   yougohelen
    MAGGOTS!?!! YUCK!! No wonder there is a nursing shortage.
    We have to deal with so much gross stuff it scares would be nurses away. I am doing wound care on a diabetic that had his
    toes removed in Mexico. He had been letting his family care for
    his foot and it got putrid and you can guess the rest. the stink
    was horrifying! We had students come into the room to see the
    wound. They almost ran. Poor things. He is getting better now!
  6. by   JNJ
    I was working nights in the ER in the mid-1970s. Respectable looking man came in as a return visit. He had been seen earlier in the day - the previous visit card just said 'maggots!' and sent home without apparent care or treatment, just told to return the next day at derm. clinic.

    I took him somewhere private and investigated his partly balding head. Seems a minor scalp wound had been infested with maggots while he was sleeping in the garden. He had been afraid to sleep, thinking the maggots would crawl into his ears and into his brain. Poor guy.

    I fetched a vial of alcohol and forceps and spent the best part of two hours picking maggots out of his head. I even got him to joke a little toward the end of his ordeal. Later persuaded a doc. to give him some antibiotics, dressed his head and sent him home to sleep. Oh, and to bring in the maggots in alcohol to the clinic next day.

    30 years later I still feel good about doing that, although I was retching a little at first.
  7. by   Flynurse
    Originally posted by AAHZ
    I went and got the supplies, and met him in the head. He saw the package and told me "I don't need that stuff, young man". He then pulled his pants down, pulled an old Yukky looking red robin from his pocket, ran it around his tongue a few times, and proceeded to cath himself. (my family hates that story!)
    I can't pick up my jaw! GROOOOOSSSS!!!!!
  8. by   debi87021
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle I have been laughing at all the descriptive entries. As a young nurse i remember some similar situations to all of those described. Loved the added detail of weavals. (sorry i can spell cardiopulmonary but forget how to spell the simplest of words). Anyway, my story isn't gross, and i wasn't a student. It was a year ago, here in the ER, extreme rural setting (reservation) Ambulance went out for an elder that was little over 1 hour away. To do the math for you, it took aproximately 2 hours round trip. OK, so when emt's called with about 15 minute ETA, of course they gave VS. AS follows, hr 14, rr 36, bp 134/86 and room air sat of 91%. OK this elder is also 90 years old, Alert and Oriented. Everyone in the ER were laughing at the emt's for switching the rr with hr. As they are walking into the ER with this pt, pt had a emesis basin and using it, said his hello's. Anyway, as they wheeled passed with this elder i caught a glimpse of the monitor, seen a bleep...............................then bleep.....................................bleep, well you got the picture. Our little grandpa was flown to albuquerque and recieved a pace maker, and to this day is alive and well, at least he isn't vomiting cause his heart rate is paced at a cool 75. Anyway, i just wanted to share. I still have ekg (without a name of course) to prove my story. Sorry mine isn't as funny as the rest of yours. I am still laughing.
  9. by   RN auditor
    When I was in my surgical rotation in school I was assigned to watch an arm amputation. What I didn't know was it was on a premie. The baby was one of a set of triplets and apparently the other babies had laid on the arm in the womb and it died. The arm actually looked like a dried up umbilical cord when it falls off. The baby was so tiny and I was shocked when the surgeon took out what looked like a pair of wire cutters and just snipped the arm off. It was pretty interesting.
  10. by   chae
    This one is a hoot and a howl. An elderly patient's family complained that the nurses were careless because they had lost their fathers dentures (the lower plate). The nurses searched high an low for it but never found it. So the patient cont'd wearing his upper plate and then one day that went missing too. After having a BM and needing a change, guess where nurses found his dentures. Sooo what do you suppose happened to the upper plate???????
  11. by   gizzy76
    A resident in the LTC where I work has an indwelling catheter due to prostate cancer among other problems. He likes to pull his catheter out with the balloon inflated. I've only been there about 2 months now and it gets pulled out at least once a week. We have now resorted to a 30cc balloon hoping that it will stay put for awhile. The strangest thing about this all is that his penis looks as though it is split in half and his urethra is like a highway it's so huge! I've never seen anything like it!

    OH Yeah! I forgot too...another resident, a nice little ol' gal from England originally, has a glass eye. I've worked there as I said for 2 months and had no idea until right in the middle of dinner in the dining room she popped it out before I was about to give her her pills and put the dang thing in her mouth! I nearly hit the floor. Grossly enough, her eye had some thick goop around it too!
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  12. by   JustMe
    The strangest thing I saw when I was a student 20+ yrs ago was when I was assigned to follow the EKG tech. We got a call to go to the morgue (the hospital was the place for autopsy for the county). The pathologist was getting ready to start the autopsy on a stiff (literally) but he wanted an EKG first!! Turns out the guy had a pacemaker and he wanted to make sure there was no heart response to the pacer!! Well, DUH! The guy was stiff!!!:stone
  13. by   Surgical Hrt RN
    When I was in nursing school I worked as a tech in the ICU. We had a patient that was admitted to us unresponsive from the ER. They had found her in an abaonded building. When we took off her gown and the sheets to do her bath, she had roaches crawling out of her vagina! EWWWWWWWWWW