1. What kind of stethescope does everyone and and where do you keep it. I have a Littman Classic II SE and think it's great, I wear it around my neck almost all the time and feel naked without it, which can be kind of a nice feeling since i work with 99% women
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  3. by   janine3&5
    Littman Classic also- hey, maybe silly question, but how long are stethescopes effective? Meaning, after so many years, does tubing, earpieces, or whatever wear out or are they pretty much good forever?
  4. by   buck227
    Littman makes excellent stethoscopes. The main thing to remember when buying one (Ihave tried many) is what area you work in. If all you need to do is verify sounds of heart, lungs and bowel, buy a cheap one. If you work in an area where you have to evaluate things more precisely then spend the money and get the best.

    I have seen some electronic stethoscopes that are awesome. The have volume and pitch controls that really help. Of course they can cost 300 to 400 dollars. You get what you pay for.

    Even the best stethoscope will wear out. If you hang your stethoscope around your neck, the oils from your skin can cause the tubing to break down and crack over time. Also the ear pieces willl wear.

    Originally posted by janine3&5:
    Littman Classic also- hey, maybe silly question, but how long are stethescopes effective? Meaning, after so many years, does tubing, earpieces, or whatever wear out or are they pretty much good forever?
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    Buck hit it right on the head, on a lot of floors you only need a 9.99 cheapy. As you move into higher acuity levels, you may want a more sensitive stethoscope.
    One I have found to work great in the ER and ICU where noise levels may be a little higher, and you may need to listen through multiple layers of clothing or coverings is a pot belly stethoscope.
    It can also be ordered in some of the butt-ugliest colors you have ever seen, which along with its shape makes the likeihood of it wandering away almost non-existant. It is great for listening through a couple layers of clothing or in an area with a high acuity level. As a plus, it is pretty light, much more than your 20 buck sprauge, and is quite a bit cheaper than most Littmans.


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  6. by   Doey
    I have a Littman also which I absolutely love. Most of the time it's around my neck, I too feel naked without it!! Plus I don't want it "walking away". I had it for about 10yrs. when I sent it out to be cleaned/sterilized and had the tubing and ear pieces replaced. I was told at the time the same thing that buck said about wearing it around your neck and the oils from your skin causing the tubing to crack over time. They told me to apply something like Armoral on the tubing every so often to help with this. I also now wear a stethoscope cover. There are two secretaries I work with that make them. Different patterns for different times of the year. Those help. Also, watch out where you keep your stethoscope when not in use. Extreme temperature changes decrease the life of the tubing too.
  7. by   mustangsheba
    I have a decent, medium priced Littman (around $50). I would like to have a nice cardiac, but since I don't work regularly in this area, I'm not willing to fork over the couple hundred dollars. I always wear a lab coat so I make sure the tubing is protected from body oils by the collar.
  8. by   Q.
    I have a Littmann Classic from nursing school days. I keep in my bag and actually I hate it around my neck. I only use it when I have a post C-section lady. We also have neonatal Littmanns, but the nursery supplies those and they just are available. Funny thing is, they keep disappearing. I think the patients take them home because they look "cute." Oddly, though, I use my adult size to listen for murmurs in neonates. I seem to pick them up better than with a neonatal stethoscope.
  9. by   LisaPRN
    I have a Littman Cardiology III. I love it and it is worn around my neck. I've had several walk away when I've placed them elsewhere.
  10. by   iamme457
    My litman II tubing cracked after 12 years of service, thinking about buying new tubing and getting a new one too. I have another one but it just dosent make the grade after a litman. And yes in all phases of nursing a good stethescope will greatly increase what you hear and can help in what you tell the doc. In nursing homes the units see a doc once a week, the nurses daily.
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    i HAVE A LITTMAN MASTER CLASSIC AND I WEAR IT AROUND MY NECK EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THAT THE OILS FROM MY SKIN WILL CAUSE THE TUBING TO HARDEN AND STIFFEN AS WAS THE CASE WITH MY 2 YEAR OLD CLASSIC II S.E. I tried buying a scope coat for it but found that it made the scope fall off my neck. At my hospital you can't leave your stet just lying around as someone is surely to walk off with it. But Littmans are the best scopes on the market and definitely worth the money. After all, aren't our pateints worth it?

  12. by   photolurch
    I like the ultrascopes. It really amplifies the sounds. I have had Litman's before and I can hear far better than the Litman's.