Steer clear of this company!!

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    I hope this is the forum that will be seen by the most nurses in general, and especially nurses who work with diabetics and diabetic educators.

    The name of the company is Armed for

    I bought what LOOKED like really nice programs for my Palm pilot and my desk top (separate programs). The demo wasn't much of a muchly, it just showed some pages and forms and said buy the program! It looked good, so I bought it.

    The price I paid was more than the price on the developer's website, the registration number did not come within the promised amount of time, and the program just totally did not live up to expectations. The info would post from palm to desktop but not the other way around. And if I entered it in the desktop (which is SO much easier than on that little palm!) not only did it not sync with the palm, but the new entry would disappear! Report function was completely unreadable..... I could go on and on... So I requested a refund. Here is the email that I received!!! I'll put the "customer service" answers in bold.

    On 14 May 2003 at 21:54, wrote:

    In response to your email:

    " I downloaded the Diabetes NOW and Diabetes NOW desktop
    programs, and then purchased them online....... The demo version was not sufficient to give a good demo, in my opinion. The capabilities that are advertised don't work as well as stated."

    If the demo did not give You a sufficient opinion about the program, You should not have purchased it. Developers put out demos so people can make informed decisions, after that it is up to the user to make up their own mind. After all this is not Wal-Mart.

    " I purchased them using the Palm website, and when I visited your website, I found that I there is a bundled price for the two programs, but I was charged $10.95 for one and $14.95 for the other."

    Yes, you are correct. That is the cost of doing business on other sites. It is not my fault you did not find this on my site first.

    Anyway I think the real issue here is the cost difference between the two websites, after all that is the first subject in your email.

    If you did not like Windows after you installed it, do think Microsoft
    would give you a refund? It is sad that people are always trying to get something for nothing, but they never do. Things like this result in higher prices for everyone.
    Let me repeat for emphasis: "It is sad that people are always trying to get something for nothing, but they never do. Things like this result in higher prices for everyone"

    I also think that it was particularly heinous that this person would make personal insults and libelous remarks -- basically accusing me of something akin to shoplifting! -- but not sign the email.

    Anyway, my hope is that NOBODY ever buys anything from this company. I can't say that I know that all their products are this bad, but I have to assume so.



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  3. by   Edward,IL
    I'm pretty overwhelmed by their responses I've gotten used to people being rude to me but this is over the top. Think about sending this to Jay Leno. He could really offer some interesting commentary!
    Just my opinion, Edward,IL
  4. by   Texagain
    Heard and noted- thanks for the tip!
  5. by   Rhoresmith
    You should report them to Yahoo MSN and anyother search engine my understanding is that many of these search engines will not carry sites and companies that defraud or treat customers badly. You can also report them to the better business bureau and in Missouri our Attorney General is asking residents to give him names of companies like this. I worked customer service at a phone company and you should also get a supervisor in the company and let them know what that rep said to you It might get you somewhere

    Good Luck Rhonda
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  7. by   katscan
    I personally wrote to this dude and told him what I think of his business practices. He has my full name and address so he will probably write back something hateful. I'll keep you posted
  8. by   NurseDennie
    Thanks for the advice and everything, guys. I had thought about the BBB, but I also want to punish this guy (I assume it's a guy) so I'm also looking to see if the company sells on Ebay or whatever that other place is where people sell stuff, and complain there. I'll be good, when I can remember what the other site is. *sigh*


  9. by   kimtab
    Uh, Microsoft would also never respond to you using that language. Natural Selection will eliminate this company, but thank you for the tip!
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
    Thank you for posting about this persons business practices. Sorry that you had that problem. I can't believe the response that you received. I won't be surprised when this so-called business folds, and it will if their products are not up to par and they treat their customers in this manner. I will definately stay away from that company and pass the word along.
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  12. by   BadBird
    Wow Dennie,

    I think you should send it to the newpaper as a consumer alert story. Thanks for the warning.
  13. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Thanks for the warning Dennie, what a jerk!
  14. by   P_RN
    I think i downloaded ours from the onetouch site for free. The biggest cost was a replacement cable maybe $9.

    How about writing to the consumer affairs department of the state Sir from. Pure deception. Does the credit card you used at this company say anything?