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I am very annoyed, incase my little annoyed face smilie didnt tip you off haha at my place o' employment we have mmmmm four lines or so of full timers, myself being one of them, that work on... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    Whew - what a hot topic!! Same old subject, same old story. No different here in Illinis, unfortunately!!
  2. by   zudy
    Yes, TraumaRUS, it is certainly SOS here in Arkansas. At my old job we did self staffing for about 2 yrs, it worked great, then got a new manager, and she made us stop self staffing and got someone that worked in an office somewhere in house todo it. It was a diaster. Typical manager.
  3. by   Nancy45
    When I was working prn rehap/ltc, I was required to work 1 w/e a month. Being a good, conscientious nurse, I usually picked up a lot of 3-11's. I actually wanted to work Fridays. But on Friday everyone left at 5. One time the door alarm shorted out, no one to fix it! LOUD! It was two hours before maintenance came. Often the hospital discharged 3-4 pts to uson Fridays so there were admissions. Meds were hard to get for them since the pharm closed at 6. Usually there were call-offs or staffing problems so I often got 2 jobs plus house supervisor. One of the nurses would always call me - "desperate" for someone to come in. Usually it was new staff, they didn't know this facility was always desperate. Turnover was huge. A lot of questionable things happened because low staffing. They did the "can you please stay 4 hrs until the next shift comes" in thing
    too. Then they asked the next shift to come in 4 hrs early. Well after 2 years of trying to help this sinking ship, my own life started to sink too. You know 3 teenage sons, marriage. So I quit. I really am bored. A good rn sitting here gardening, reading books, movies, being the maid. I know , sounds like fun, BUT I really need to work. And I will, I'm here, finding out what's happening in nursing. It sounds like nothing has changed!!! But I think it's starting to. I see some legislation and some unions. I don't know, being agency before I have been at most facilities and hospitals in my town, some are a little better. I guess I'll hit the clinics.
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  4. by   hoolahan
    Nancy 45, check into homecare, you can work per diem, one pt at a time, etc...

    However, we have our problems too. I gave up a chance to interview with Johnson and Johnson today for a phone-type job, b/c I knew in my heart that 1) I love direct pt care, and 2) I couldn't sity still in an office all day, and 3) I would never be able to call the office and say, LIsten I can do my full load today, but I have to get my kids to the dentist at 3, so please don't give me any late cases, I'll do my paperwork at home later, OK? And they say, No problem!!

    Today, I went in on my day off for an inservice, glad I did, it was really good, but I was handed a letter by our union steward, which outlined concern over our serious staffing crunch! Yet another nurse resigned this week (Yes NRSKaren, if you are reading this, that is another one since I talked with you on Monday!) That makes 6 or 7 in the last 2 months!! We are all drowning, having to pick up so many cases, we are being forced to give up some of our long-term cases to other agencies!! Anyway, shop steward asked for input on her letter, which she requested no less than a $4/hr pay increase to keep people from jumping ship, I added to make a NO Holiday policy, no new admits on Holidays, only on-call for emergencies, like other HH agencies do, to act as incentive to keep people to stay.

    I think this came about b/c as one of the managers asked a nurse to get ready to take more cases from one who is leaving this Thursday, she very loudly said, "You know, I'm thisclose to leaving and not even giving a resignation!" The shop stewards and team leaders are meeting with the big cheeses today, and we have an all agency meeting tomorrow to discuss the poor morale and staffing crunch. Not sure if anything will come of it besides a big bit*h session, but I hope it does. I am seriously thinking of skipping the meeting, I have a feeling my BP will be sky high if I attend!
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of texass

    Its the same down here in Texas also. Ive been at this a long time, and I have always worked overtime. I have slowed down this past year to just 20 hours of OT per pay period. Im getting too old I guess. Got to admit I would love to see unionization in nursing occur here in Texas, but it isnt liable to happen in this state still run by the good ole boys mentality.

    so keep it in the short grass yall
    Your story sounds EXACTLY like the LTC facility where I used to work.............i would be interested to know if it is the same place.........was it in Toledo?
  7. by   Nancy45
    Shellybell! Yes I admit it , from Toledo. I wouldn't doubt you worked there, since the turnover is tremendous and very many agency nurses work there pretty much full-time too. It would be a great rehab place if not for the management. Everyone quits shaking their heads, or just plain shaking! I had made a committment to stay 3 years at one place after being an agency nurse. I wanted to get to know the ropes better- management, mds, admitting criteria, staff development, vents. I almost made the 3 years and I did find out what I wanted to know, but it almost did me in. I have to say to be fair though, PT there is excellent. It's a separate company. So I'm off to work agency again and if I ever find a place I can commit to again, please hit me.
  8. by   ewewho
    I know that there is nurses shortage everywhere, and there are many managers that do not appear to care or help out. But I thought I would share with you what we do here. I am a CLinical Director here as well as one of the Nursing SUpervisors. SO I am one that may be calling you in the middle of the night or day looking for help.

    Here we are very fortunate to have "working managers" They do look ahead and try to make sure that each shift is covered and many times have to cover it themselves. OF course this is not always possible so we do have to work short at times. One of the ways that the managers have tried to help the situation with the nursing shortage and turnover is to developed a "Core" schedule. THey have a certain amount Core positions that are guarenteed their 36 hours a week with out LC unless they request it. We then fill in the needs with partimers and regular fulltime slots. If the core are not needed they do have to float at times but not LC'd.

    We hire very few partimers that do not do 12 hours shifts. BUt on the occasion that we do we try to overlap them so they are not left short in the middle of a busy time.

    I know how much you hate to get called, believe me we hate to call you, however we must. IT is the supervisors or managers obligation to try to make sure the shifts are covered and we have to document every call we make. Many times we call and we know they are going to say no, but if we do not try we could be held responsible for not covering that shift or at least trying.

    Most of you are not as lucky as we are to have the managers willing to work extra, but please try to see the side of the supervisors and realize one of the hardest things for us to do is to inform you that you do not have enough staff, we have tried everything we can to get you covered and it just doesn't always work.
  9. by   fedupnurse
    If you can't get the coverage, does your facility close beds?