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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   purplemania
    ok-here's mine.

    Worked in pedi's. Co-worker in nursery was daughter of pediatrician. He was killed in MVA. A few nights later I "felt" someone behind me at the nurses' station (I was alone at the time). Looked up to security camera and just saw white light, but blew the whole thing off. EXCEPT, I really felt like that Doc was near. Later another nurse came to the station from down the hall stating "You aren't going to believe this but I thought I saw Dr. X in the stairwell". I believed it. Another night I was working with Dr. X's daughter in nursery and she told how she and another pediatrician had "seen" her Dad recently. Turned out it was the same night we had "seen" him on pedi unit. Guess he was making rounds one last time.
  2. by   maggiesma
    Originally posted by dhogan
    I have a very unerving experience. My mother in law died 6 years ago unexpectely at the age of 46. I have dreams about her as though she is alive but only my family can see her. I started to notice that when I dream about her someone I know would die the next day. This has happened to me atleast 5 times in the past 2 years. My G-mother, G-father, Uncle, Aunt, and a friend. It is very scary now when I dream about her. Especially the last time when my 10 year old was out of town with friends. The next day I was on pens and needles until I found out it was a lady who was my friend and my oldest childs teacher. She went to church with my mother and me for many years. Though I was sad about her dying I was relieved my child was fine. I believe she tries to prepare me because we have had so many deaths in our families in the last 7 years. But is it better not to know, especially when you dont know who it will be? Though, I am not scared during the dream, I am happy and relieved. I guess because she died so unexpectely she feels she needs to let me know.
    OMG!!! That has got to be pretty scary!!!! You must have some sort of Psychic powers!!!

  3. by   Scotty
    I don't believe in ghosts but.....

    10 years ago on nightshift in a surgical ward a bath tub tap gushed water just seconds after I had checked bathroom lights were off etc. No-one could have got in or out of that bathroom without going past me and I assure you no-one passed me. I explained it to myself as an air lock in the pipe, or an empty water tank just filled up etc. Maybe one day I'll ask a plumber.

    I worked in a hospice and staff told me about call bells going off in empty rooms on night shift. I didn't believe them, but then it happened when I was on night duty, a few times. Once it was crazy - lots of buzzers going off repeatedly and all together etc. Although I don't believe in ghosts I wasn't brave enough to investigate those empty rooms myself. I told the security man who found nothing untoward. I've blamed it on electrical or equipment faults (despite no fault found by maintenance) or mischevious unknown others. I've thought maybe it was homeless people who sometimes used to sneak into the unocupied rooms in the hospice (one time I bumped into one of those and he gave me a hell of a fright - probably worse than seeing a ghost -despite being utterly benign and just looking for a place to kip.

    In a medical ward on night shift, infusion pumps and feeding pumps would alarm in empty rooms, or go on hold repeatedly, despite no-one touching them etc etc. Those of us who worked nights were getting a bit spooked by this. One night an infusion pump that was not in use or even plugged in alarmed. It was in the room of a patient who was comatose and dying. The pump was still not plugged in but was alarming because it was on hold! I was so spooked by it that I started to think maybe it was a sign that the patient didn't want to be alone, or in the dark or something. I did everything I could think of to ensure the patient was comfortable and sat and held his hand for a while. Eventually I had to leave to attend to other things. Later I was at the nurses' station alone and a freaky creep of a patient approached me with handcuffs and a policeman's torch and told me he really cared about us girls and would always make sure we were safe. It was a real cringe and laugh moment! Anyway, something twigged. This creep was a frequent flyer and when I checked his admission dates they coincided with all of these strange night time occurences. I sort of spied on him after that, and eventually caught him turning a patient in bed, who was begging to be left alone for the nurses to attend to him. That turned my stomach. I think I'd rather it was a mischevious ghost than that creep.

    One morning at 7am Iwas driving to work and a psycho truck driver nearly killed me. It is the worst driving fright I have ever had. I lost control of the car, but somehow it came right again. I was upset all day at work. I'd had such a fight or flight rush that I was jittery all day and desperate to 'phone my husband, but I didn't do it, because I knew he would worry about me driving home. I was terrified driving home. When I got home my husband gave me presents of a new perfume, body lotion etc. I didn't tell him about my day, but asked what he had done wrong what the presents were for etc. Eventually he said that he had a horrible nightmare and woke up at 7am with an overwhelming feeling that I had died in a car crash. He couldn't get rid of the horrible feeling, so at lunchtime he had bought me gifts. That is my favourite perfume now!!!

    I do believe that some patients choose to die when the relatives are not present, despite an almost continuous bedside vigil, maybe because the patient wants to protect them. I've seen that happen quite a few times. Sometimes I do feel honoured when patients die when I am present.

    Lots of colleagues have told me spooky stuff, but I just can't give any credence to what I have not seen myself.

    So, I still don't believe in ghosts........but then again, I can't explain everything.
  4. by   maggiesma
    These are all such cool stories!!! I truly believe in Ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them. I have never "seen" one, but I have felt their presence and have seen them move things. Several years ago we lived in a house that had belonged to my father in Law before he died. For over a year we experienced all sorts of strange things (lights coming on that were off, footsteps on the stairs, chairs moving, garage doors opening)...my husband, me, and 2 of my stepsons all noticed these things. Our dog Maggie (hence my "name" ), also would notice these things and would bark or whine and follow movements around the house that we couldn't see. After awhile it all stopped.

    I've also had patients who've seen things or people that weren't there right before they died. I once had a patient who had been roomates with another patient who died. For the 3 or 4 nights after the one patient died, his former roomate told us that this guy had visited him every night. Not long after those visits the other patient died also. WIERD!
  5. by   lissagirl
    Here's mine tho not work related...

    My son was my grandfathers first great grandchild. I was due August the 20th and my grandfather lived in another town. He drove down on Friday the 18th and arrived that night at my mothers house. My mom said "what are you doing here" He didnt call or tell anyone he was coming ahead of time. He said "Im here to see Lissys baby" My mom told him I hadnt had the baby yet and he said well she's going to. I didnt talk to either of them that night but I had started having mild contractions and my son was born at 8:36 the next morning and my Grandfather was at the hospital before noon to see "Lissys baby" Maybe thats coincidence but to me its one of the sweetest stories I have about my grandfather... very special.

    Bout 2 years later, same grandfather, came into town again and had a *strange* conversation with my mom. He had a horse and he wanted my mom to keep it in a stable near her home because he said he couldnt take care of it anymore. He talked to my mom for a while and seemed to be telling her goodbye in a more tender/serious way than someone who you'd expect to see again would. If I remember right he asked my mother if she was happy and if she was ok. Then he went back home and was found dead in his bedroom 2 days later. I think he knew what was coming. He was always a happy man and he loved my mom so much. She said he didnt seem upset just concerned about her when they had that last talk.
  6. by   OnMyWay
    OK, this is not really a ghost storey but more of a permonition:
    When I was about 6 and living in New Jersey, I had a dream that I was a nurse taking care of a little boy who was covered in bandaids only he was sitting in a fountain in front of a hospital. Now I am not one of those people who always wanted to be a nurse and I didn't think about this dream for years. Over 20 years later, driving through Deland, Florida - I saw THE EXACT hospital and fountain that had been in the dream. Again, I haven't thought of this until reading these posts and realized that here I am becoming a nurse 10 years later in Florida - only about 1 1/2 hours from that hospital!
  7. by   sassyr
    Back in 1994, my mother was in the hospital. She had COPD, and the works. My aunt and I were sitting beside her bed and she kept asking me if I could see "her" and I ask who. She said Wayne, which is her sister that had died months before. She even saw her brothers who had died before her. An hour later , she got worse and had to be in the ICU and on a ventilator. She came through it, but came back with some visions that she shared with the family. She told me that she saw a dark haired little girl and a red haired little girl walking together through a yard. I had no children and only two nephews at the time. I had a good friend who was the RN that took care of my mom then and had taken care of her before, she was pregnant at the time. Anyway, that was in April of '94. In July '94, I found out I was pregnant and in September "94 my friend, the RN that took care of my mom, had a dark haired little girl. In Nov. '94 my mom was told that she had bone cancer and she told the Dr to just keep her alive till "the baby "was born. She died a month later. My daughter was born in April 1995 and yes, she has red hair. And there have been many trips through the yard with her and my friends little dark haired daughter. Chokes me up everytime I see them walking through the yard!! Often wonder if Mom knows that her "visions" were right.
  8. by   tennurse267
    I could tell several stories but I'll stick to just a few.
    After just graduating from nursing school in '92, I worked Peds where some very good friends of mine worked. One evening, while preparing for an admission the bed in the room, all by itself mind you, started moving the head AND the foot in the full upright position.I had not touched the controls at this point and when I tried to put the ends back down, nothing moved. I thought that was weird but figured there must have been a surge or short. I pull the bed out to the hall and replace the bed with another from a different room. No sooner had I plugged it in and started to turn the covers down than it starts again...same exact thing. This time I'm thinking "what in the world is going on". I get a friend of mine (also a nurse) to see if she knows whats going on. Again, we move the bed out and get one thats "not broken". Then it happens again. My friend says outloud..."Stop it Micheal, we have someone who needs this room". I'm looking at her like she's crazy. She asks me if I remember the 14 year old who died the previous year after a 3-wheeler accident (the entire hospital knew about it because it was tragic and we're kind of small-I was working as a CNA at the time on another floor). She swore it was the anniversary of his death. After she said that, the bed worked for us and we had no other problems from that room. Everyone swore there were ghosts there not only from that incident but because we had the "call light ghost" too. I don't work there any more.

    While still working on Peds, we had a fairly young and very beloved OB/GYN die while at a conference and it really shook everyone up. Later that year, I transferred to L&D and kept hearing stories of Dr. D wandering the unit. I laughed it off (should have known better) and went on about my business. It was a really quiet afternoon in the unit and we had all cleaned the delivery rooms and c-section room (putting up stock and clutter) and had retired to the nurses station to enjoy the unheard of lull in birthing. All of a sudden, we hear this horrific clatter from the delivery room and hear a loud hissing noise. We all jump up and run in there to find everything-and I mean everything-that had been on a back table all over the floor and the O2 was on full blast blowing from the anesthesia cart. You could almost feel something laughing at us. Dr. D was quite the prankster and everyone just kind of laughs and says, "he's at it again".

    Last story. I was raised by my grandfather and we were very, very close. He was more like my mother and father combined than a grand parent (hhmmm-a GRAND parent-guess that describes him). He called me on a Wednesday evening telling me that he missed me (I lived another state away) and loved me and he wanted me to be strong because he knew he wasn't going to be around much longer. Now this talk always upsets me and I immediately changed the subject and he never put up a fight about continuing the conversation. On Friday night, my phone rang. I had just laid down to go to sleep (my husband was in the other room) and we both picked up the phone at the same time. I never even said hello, just blurted out "he's dead isn't he?". Sure enough, it was my grandmother calling to tell me he had passed away. I was distraught and beyond being consoled. The next morning we leave for Florida, I'm still very upset. Walking into his house was surreal, always expecting him to come walking through the door. I refused to stay there that night and insisted we check into a hotel. My husband was on the other bed as I lay down, thinking to myself "this will be one of the worst nights of my life" when I feel someone lay down beside me, wrap their arms around me and say in a very plain voice "Baby, its allright. I'm okay". It was my grandfather. I lay there for a moment then drift off to sleep and had the most peaceful, restful sleep of my life. For anyone who is wondering, no it wasn't my husband, I told the story to my mom and aunt the next day and he swore he never even got in bed with me that night...didn't want to disturb me. Anyway, I go back home after the funeral and cry for 8 solid months...just can't let go of the grief. I finally fly back to Florida for the first time since his funeral, take roses and a blue (his favorite color) balloon to the cemetary. I sit at his grave and cry and talk and babble on but finally tell him, I can't bear the grief anymore. I tell him I'm going to release the balloon, and with it, release my grief. I let go, still talking to my grandfather and watching the balloon drift towards the sky. I turned my head for a split second and the balloon was gone. Did it pop? Drift out of sight? Perhaps, but I choose to think he reached out and "took" my grief away from me. Yes, I'm still sad sometimes, but nothing like I was before making that trip. I know he was comforting me and checking on me. And after reading these stories, I'm more convinced than ever.
    I love you Papa :kiss
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  9. by   major_undecided
    Here is my story, after having read all of everyone else's Very scary stories!!!!!

    My sister's best friend in high school was very popular. He was so friendly to everyone. She was very close to him as all best friends are. They hung out all the time did everything together. After they graduated she didn't see him as much as she use to. He started doing drugs and hanging out with the "wrong crowds". He would come in the mall where I worked and see me. I would talk to other people I knew from working at the mall and everyone seemed to know him. Well my sister worked in the mall to one day he came to see her at work. She had been thinking about him (she had at one point started to like him as more then just a friend) anyways, there was a song she remembered that was playing on the radio that made her think of him. Just then he stopped in to say HI. He was with some of his "new friends" and was in his normal hurry. They talked for a few minutes and then he said he had to go. My sister said to him just before he ran off: "when will I see you again?? I miss you a lot." he said: "don't worry I see you soon." he ran back and gave her a big hug. She thought it was odd that she thought that she would never see him again. But she blew it off.

    A few weeks later my family and I were visiting my grandparent's house across the state for the weekend. As we were saying our c-ya laters Sunday morning my sister kept looking at our car and getting really freaked out. She kept saying to me "I don't have a good feeling, something really bad is going to happen I know, a bad accident I can see it." She told me this over and over. I was getting freaked and blew it off after a few minutes. We had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us. We got in the car and took off. All the way home we listened to our walkmans and would listen to the radio and tapes back and forth. She would tap my arm and say turn to this station and the song would be playing that she heard last time she seen her best friend. It seemed every time it was over she turned it to another station and it would be on. We heard it like 7x's or better.

    The next day I went to school and was standing by my locker and one of my good guy friends come up to me and said that it was sad what had happened to one of our friends best friend. I said who? What are you talking about??? Then he said my sister's best friends name and i said what about him??? He said he died Sunday morning in a really bad car accident. I broke down crying and ran to a pay hone and called my mom, who phoned my sister at work she broke down to.

    At his funeral there were SO MANY people. People from ALL walks of life. And everyone had a wonderful story of how he had touched there life in some way for the better. It was amazing to see.

    He was a very different person from anyone I had ever met in my life. It was so sad to see such a young life taken so early. Some of us have this idea that he was an angel sent to earth from God and was taken back after starting to be lead down a wrong path. Other odd things happened with his death. He is someone a LOT of people will never forget.
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  10. by   Browneyedgirl
    My grandfather died on Christmas Eve when I was five years old. He and my grandmother had 9 children. The younger grandchildren stayed at the grandparent's house on the day of the funeral. My aunt, who was 16 at the time, had written I LOVE YOU DADDY on her ceiling with a marker and then padlocked her door. No one at the house had a key to her room. When she came home, in grampa's handwriting was written I LOVE YOU ANGEL......on the ceiling....

    Also, we often smelled his pipe tobacco and heard him walking the halls. Every weekend, all the children would go to the grandparent's house to visit......after grandaddy died, when we came, a white rabbit would sit at the edge of the yard and watch us play. The rabbit stayed for about 6 months....never let us touch it...but always there.

    My grandmother was sick with cancer for a long time. The nurses told us all to go home...yes 8 of the 9 kids were camped out past 2am in the waiting room...with at least 6 grandkids....We knew she was going to go soon...So, we went home and climbed into bed....At 6:30 the next morning, I woke up to my grandmother standing at the foot of my bed..She told me to be strong for my dad and that she felt so much better...kissed my cheek....and that it would be okay..she just kind of faded....i laid back down and the phone rang in the other room...My dad came in the room and i told him Grandmother had just left.

    Dad has also smelled granddaddy's pipe during hard times...like when he and my mom divorced..

  11. by   goober4699
    hey i remembered another one!!!! My father passed away when I was only nine years old however my mom and dad got married very young so she was very close to my dads father. We had been living with him when my dad passed away and so he came to live with me and my mom when we moved soon after dads passing. He was really a father figure to me, my dad was not very fatherly and worked very often so I never really got to know him when he was alive and therefore was very, very close to my pop. My grandpop was one of those guys that everoyne loved, he was a special kind of guy he did everything a typical housewife would do. My mom worked and my pop was retired so he would cook, clean, do wash, get me to school (even put my shoes on in the morning lol!) My mom and pop were known for taking in strays. I am an only child and so my mom basically raised all of my friends. My pop would sit and tell them stories about his days in the army and all the different jobs he had while he made his all day pasta and meatballs. Well anyway, my grandpops only wish was to see me graduate highschool, he often asked god to grant him the ability to make it that long. Many things in my life changed through highschool, I became a mom at 17 (junior year) and so my pop would babysit my daughter while my boyfriend worked and I finished my last year in school. I graduated valedictorian of the class and my pop was in the first row, smiling from ear to ear (I was the first of all his children and grandchildren to even graduate let alone graduate top of the class)He was so priud and I was just as proud to have made him feel that way. In october following my graduation my pop started to have chest pains, after finally going to the doctor he found out that his blockages were clogged again and he would have to have a cabg (his second) He decided to go ahead and have the surgery, despite his 85 yearold age. He said if he could see my daughter go into first grade then god would have once again granted him his wishes. He did well through the surgery but when he came out his kidney had failed to work right. My pop was an active man and so going to dialysis three times a week was not exactly his idea of living. Anyway, he continued on until about April and then had to be readmitted to the hospital. He really started to do poorly, even got to the point where they couldnt dialyze him. My mom and Uncle finally sat down and decided that enough was enough and after discussing with him what he wanted to do, he said he was tired and had a good life and wanted to rest. While all this was going on my daughter was with her other grandmother and my b/f and I had decided to go see a movie together in the middle of the movie I just had this horrible feeling and do I left and called my mom at the hospital, she told me that we needed to talk and so she met me home and hour later and explained to me that there was nothing more the docs could do for pop and it was time to let him go. She asked me if I wanted to come and say goodbye to him but then explained that I probably would want to remember him the way I always did and seeing him for the last time alive like this would probably be devestating. I agreed but had an uneasy feeling about it and then that night he passed away (on memorial day fitting enough) So as the story goes, I went to bed feeling very uneasy and sad and had a dream that he was sitting with me on the bed and explained to me that he was there to say goodbye to me and that we would sit and talk alone. He said he felt safe where he was and that I would be ok, he told me that he would always look out for my daughter and that I shouldnt feel bad about anything, that I made him the most proud he has ever been. I awoke feleing so calm and comfortable and from then on I always knew things would be ok. My b/f then (now fiance) recalls a time when we were packing up our home to move when he smelled my grandpops cologne and heard him make his indigestion sounds LOL! he said he high talked it out of there and this is coming form a very skeptical human being.. SOrry so long but I got really motivated.
  12. by   lpnshortygurl
    Quote from roadrunner
    icu ghost...

    everytime something strange happens in the unit (and it does!) we say "it's just the ghosts". but something strange is always happening in bed 1 room 96. i work nightshifts and we go get some zzz's in this inoccupied room (closed because of nurse shortage). four beds in the room. bed 1 is almost never used, because everyone lying there feels someone's watching them. one nurse, you say, she's imagining things, but one after the other, without having spoke about it? creepy!

    in icu, people die in very awfull conditions, often coding, not always pretty let me tell you. i sometimes say "this one will come back hunting us!". i thing someone just did!

    does anyone has a "cursed" bed? you know, the worst patient of the unit dies in this bed, and for a while, it seems every new patient in this same bed goes from bad to worse... revenge???
    i totally believe that.. there is a bed in the ltc i work at and a very sick man with hiv was in this bed. one day i was working 3-11 and the man would not take his meds. this was not usual for him he was usually anxious to get his meds. when asked why not? he simply stated because he will not be here tomorrow so why worry... he said he was leaving... he was passing on... he was not sickly or end stage so it was a bit wierd when he died at the end of the shift. anyways.. now everyone who enters that room in that bed gets sick very quickly and dies! its wierd!
  13. by   burger914
    I really really want to believe. I lost my sister in 2001,it was very unexpected, right before I passed my boards. She walked into the hospital and three weeks later she died. She was in a coma and I never got to say goodbye. I prayed and prayed she would send me some sign, anything that she was ok. It never happened. And this past summer, my neice went missing on the 4th of July. A week later we found out she was murdered by a serial killer. I have lost many many family members, and I have never had any experiences. Maybe some people are more receptive then others, lord knows I wanted to know they didn't suffer.

    On the other hand, I have had some strange feelings....When we first moved into our house, we had kept switching bedrooms while we were doing over the rooms. When we started sleeping in the upstairs bedroom, I started having terrible, evil dreams. The funny thing is, we have since redone this room and I sleep like a baby. Who Know??? Maybe the bad spirit didn't like the old wall paper!