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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   misti_z
    A telemetry tech went around last Halloween and asked people where they thought the spookiest place in the hospital was. She took what everyone had told her to two housekeepers that had worked at the hospital for 50 years, and they said that most of the areas were sites of previous morges!!
  2. by   Brownms46
    This is a non medical story....but spooky for me never the less!

    When my mother was living she was a totally type A personality! Well know in many circles where she lived...and when we left the house during the first days after her passing.....if we wanted to call the house...we would have to have the operator break in, and clear the line...as there were so many calls when her Obit appeared in the paper. We ...the children had decided to have a memorial for her in the city she lived in for all those who knew her...but to have the funeral in her hometown...as she had a place in the family plot. Well...many people were upset about this as they wouldn't get a chance to view the body...and felt we should have a DOUBLE funeral...there AND in her hometown! Like...who would want to go through that TWICE! Anyway to make a long story short...I hope. I was troubled by how upset people were about our arrangements....and finally after talking about it over and over with my sister and brothers...we decided to sleep on it. I went to go lie down in my mother's bed...which was off the formal dining room...and away from the kitchen where one of the phones were. No sooner than I had laid my head on the pillow...maybe a few seconds. I heard a phone ringing. I was tired...so I figured I would let my sister get it...as she was sleeping in a small bedroom off the kitchen. My brother was upstairs...with was also off the kitchen. No one got the phone. So I got up...and lo and behold....no phone ringing. So I went back to lie down. Again the phone rang....and and again no one answered! I got up again...and again...no phone ringing! I couldn't figure out why no one else had got up as we all had went to bed at the same time! So I thought ...there is a reason I keep hearing this phone....so I went and checked the house...and could find anything wrong. So I went back to bed. The fourth time it happened...I went into the formal living room...where my mother kept a huge white bible spread open. While sitting there reading...the phone rang again! This time I answered it...and it was a old friend of my mother's, who had had trouble getting through on the line during the day...as it was constantly busy! She wanted to tell us...that my mother had talked to her about how she wanted her funeral handled....and she totally supported the arrangements we had made!!! I asked her if she had been the calls I had heard earlier...and she said NO....she had fallen asleep...and was dreaming of my mother when she was awaken suddenly...and immediately thought to call us...and this had been the FIRST time she had tried again! I think the other calls were someone or something...that didn't want me to fall asleep before this woman called...as I have been know to sleep through anything...and would have never heard the call! Needless to say I slept well that nite!
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    I also believe love ones come for you! My mom once told us about our Great Gradmother...who was part Indian....coming for her one nite. She said she was dressed in a long flowing ..glowing white gown...her hair was down to her feet...long black and flowing. She floated under a flower covered archway...above her bed..and told my mother to touch her hand, and come with her. My mother's people believed if you touched the hand of someone deceased...while sleeping...you would join them. My mother said no.. my children are too young. My great grand mother beckoned her saying...all we do is laugh and play over here...come with me. My mother again refused. My great grandmother told her...if she didn't rest...she would be back for her. My mother had HTN...and was notoriously non compliant with meds...and was working on her Masters at that time! I wonder sometimes..if my great grandmother met my mother when she finally passed....and I wonder if my mother will meet me..
  4. by   nursejws
    This is a personal story, but interesting just the same. When I was a sophomore or junior in high school, I worked at a movie theatre at the mall. While there I got to know a lot of people my age from other schools in the area.

    I became close friends with this one guy, and we remained friends until we went to this party on New Years Eve. To make the long story short, the guy I met that night and the girl he met that night used to be gf/bf. After awhile, my boyfriend told me I had to choose between him and my friend. It was a mess and I ended up losing both of them. (Tragic when you're in high school!)

    Anyway, a few months passed and I could not get my friend out of my mind...this lasted the whole month of March. Finally I called his house to see what was going on and was informed he had died. I thought this was a cruel joke as he and his brother sounded just a like. It was no joke. This other girl we worked with took me to the funeral and the burial. It was raining by the time we got to the cemetary, so the cars were lined up and down both sides until the rain let up. My friend had to go to work so we had to leave and I never knew where my friend was buried.

    A few weeks later I went to the cemetary, determined to walk the entire grounds to find my friend if I had to. I pulled up to the gate and said, "okay Curtis, show me where you're at". I drove right past the gates, parked, got out of the car, and walked right to his grave! It was the freakiest thing.

    Another one...

    Jan 2001 my Dad passed away after being in the hospital for a week. He had cancer, but died from pneumonia. Anyway, my Mother finally had to make the decision to take him off of the machines because they were breathing for him, and even though he had made baby steps all week, IF he were to wake up, he would be in a wheel chair and nursing home for the rest of his life. My Dad would have never tolerated that, and his wish was to give him a go and if he didn't improve, let him go. One of my brothers, his step-son...they were very close, had taken some family to the airport, right after we took him off of the machine. Daddy held on until Chris came back from the airport to take his last breath with all of us in the room. And although, as I was holding his hand, I assured him it was okay to go, I miss him like hell! A year and a half later it's still hard to believe.

    Six months later my Mom and I were in the same position as my Grandmother passed away. Needless to say, 2001 SUCKED! Ironically, my Grandmother lost her husband and mother in the same year six months apart in the late 70s. I hope this isn't some cruel family tradition. I can't even bear the thought!

    In both cases, I felt so guilty. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and my hubby and I made plans way in advance to visit my parents. Unfortunately, mother nature intervened with an ice storm, so my Mom told us not to come, we would get together in March when the weather was better. I was so depressed during the holidays, but was looking forward to March 2001. Daddy didn't make it. Same thing with Grandma. After Daddy died, Mom packed everything and sold what she could before moving to Oklahoma. Grandma was fine during the entire trip. A week or two after she moved, hubby and I were going to Oklahoma to visit everyone and looked forward to the trip. Mom came to Dallas to visit and we were at dinner when my brother called to say Grandma was in the emergency room. We jumped up and packed her stuff and drove to Oklahoma. I stayed the night with grandma in the room, while mom slept downstairs in my blazer with her animals. (no hotel rooms available) Grandma passed away before 7pm the following day. I never knew what she died from. I know they tried and tried to get her blood gases and was unsuccessful. My Mom finally told them to stop because it was making her uncomfortable.

    The day I was to go on vacation my hubby was admitted via the emergency room. I cried the day I brought him home, because we weren't able to bring Daddy or Grandma home.
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  5. by   KaraLea
    Love this thread...Here's my stories...

    My first job as a LVN was in a LTC and I remember when this one elderly woman died. She had been everybody's favorite and was a really sweet woman. A few days after she died, the call light in that room came on (there was noone in that room) and every once in a while someone would walk down that hallway and find the room lights on in that room.

    At my second job, on a Med/Surg unit, there was this one room on the Surg side where people would see an old woman in a rocking chair. Both staff and patients saw this woman.

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    Awsome!!!...spooky :uhoh21: all we need is a campfire and some marshmellows
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    I can't stop reading this thread!

    My thoughts are I can only hope that when I go someone comes to "get me"...
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    This is not work related, but it really happened.
    Five years ago, my daughter, her best friend and I went to the next town to the Walmart. While in the store, by the biscuit case, my daughter said I dreamed this three years ago before I knew Angie (the friend), we were in Walmart by the dairy case. How strange we thought. The girls went on looking at stuff, and suddenly I was overcome with a horrible horrible horrible feeling, I had never felt such a feeling before, thought I was losing my mind, wanted to cry and scream and run away. Finally got ahold of myself before I found the girls again.
    Went home. Next day, we're up getting ready to leave on vacation that night. Husband is working on the van. Usually I have EVERYTHING loaded in the van the night before, here it is just a few hours before we leave, and NOTHING is in the van.
    Get a phone call just then, my mother's car was hit and run over by a bus, in the same town where the walmart was. I began to feel the feeling I felt the day before, never having experienced it before, did not realize the emotion was overwhelming grief.
    At the funeral, it storms and storms, then as the preacher gets up to speak, miraculously it clears, and light streams in a window and shines on the casket.
    Two months later. My husband is taking me to the Smokies to try to cheer me up, I am SO depressed, still waking up crying in the middle of the night. On the way there, I fall asleep. I dream I see my mother in an exact spot in Gatlinburg, she is wearing a green sweater with gold/orange fall leaves on it (this was in Oct.) and she touches my face, and says, "Sis, I am having the best time where I'm at, you wouldn't believe it." I didn't see her while I was there, but when I got home I went to her house and that sweater is GONE!!!!! Never did find it!!!!!
  10. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Oh, and one more thing. The next day after my mother died, my sister and I went to her house, to get clothes for the funeral home, photos of her since it was closed casket, etc. While there, the phone rang. I ran to get it since I didn't want to hear the answering machine come on and hear her voice. When I picked up the phone, it was mother's voice!!!!!!!!!!
    The answering machine message played up through the line into the receiver, and when it quit, there was no beep, no click, no dial tone! My sister said the message did NOT play into the room, and that I looked like I had seen a ghost!
    We have decided it was mother calling to tell us she was okay. We could never get the machine to do it again, my sister gave it to her mother in law and it has never played the message up through the line again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  11. by   zudy
    Great thread! This isn't medical, but happened to a good friend of mine this past summer. His father had CA, i and out of the hospice and hospital for months. His dad was truely a wonderful person, loved his family, his church, was a sheriff in his county and well- repected in his community. He was very weak and bed-ridden at the end, and the family had set up a baby monitor in his bedroom so that he wouldn't have to call out for help. He had been improving, so he was at home. his wife was in the kitchen early one morning making his breakfast before he woke, and she heard men's voices over the monitor. She was embrassed because all she had on was a nightgown, and she thought some friends had stopped by to visit her husband before they went to work that morning. As she hurried down the hall to put her clothes on, she heard the mens voices again. The door to her husbands bedroom was halfway open and she couldsee the shadows on the floor where the men were standing. As she opened the door all the way, the voices stopped and the shadows disappeared!! Her husband smiled and said," Call all the kids together, honey, the angels were just here, and I am going to die today." He was awake and alert x3 to the end. After all 3 of his children were there with him, he closed his eyes and died.
  12. by   PennyLane
    zudy, that's a beautiful story.
  13. by   RoadRunner
    ICU ghost...

    Everytime something strange happens in the unit (and it does!) we say "it's just the ghosts". But something strange is always happening in bed 1 room 96. I work nightshifts and we go get some ZZZ's in this inoccupied room (closed because of nurse shortage). Four beds in the room. Bed 1 is almost never used, because everyone lying there feels someone's watching them. One nurse, you say, she's imagining things, but one after the other, without having spoke about it? Creepy!

    In ICU, people die in very awfull conditions, often coding, not always pretty let me tell you. I sometimes say "this one will come back hunting us!". I thing someone just did!

    Does anyone has a "cursed" bed? You know, the worst patient of the unit dies in this bed, and for a while, it seems every new patient in this same bed goes from bad to worse... Revenge???