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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   boobaby42
    I know I talk about my dad alot, but anyway. After he died, I felt his presence all of the time. Not a scarey feeling, but a comfort. I got a little crazy, ok? I got a witch board, and guess what...
    I asked the questions only my dad would know the answers. The board spelled out the answers. It scared my sister so, she wouldn't play again. But I did, and it continued to move in the direction of right answers.
    Some say it is evil. I don't know. It hasn't worked in a year. I guess my dad was satisfied the last time we talked.
    I reassured him (dad) that I was going to be ok, that I would see him one day soon.

    I believe in spirits and I believe we have a guardian angel to help us. I believe. dob: 10-31-1959 boobaby
  2. by   momrn50
    I've seen several ghosts at LTC facilities that I've worked. One was an old lady who went back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. She was dressed in a long black dress and she actually moved the tables and chairs around. The other one was when one of our little old ladies was getting ready to die, but she was waiting for her husband who had been dead for years...When i went in to check on her she was smiling and said,"See, I told you he'd come for me. Right next to the bed was a tall collumn of bright light...she reached for it and died, and the light disappeared. Comforting really....also have a rocking chair that rocks by itself and bed tables that go up and down in one room where I work now...the lady in the room just laughs and says "It's just the haunts."
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    During Vietnam War American trucks would broadcast via loudspeakers, to the North Vietnamese soldiers the sounds of ghosts. The Asians are more believing in ghosts; more hardcore believers (?)
    Anyway, the messages would be in the sound of a voice of a ghost, using echo chambers and the like. Many Vietamese were scared very much by the sounds. It even scared many South Vietnamese who heard the broadcasts from loudspeaker trucks.

    I think thesy believed if you were killed as a soldier you instantly became a ghost, at least thats what was broadcast to them. People believe in so much stuff :-)
  4. by   dianthe1013
    Believe it or not, the one thing that freaks me out more than anything else is one of my father's cars. And this is going to be a long post.

    Several years ago, he bought a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle with the intention of restoring it. The red exterior was still in pretty good shape, but the interior had been completely gutted by a fire. I mean, hollowed out, to the point of having no front seats. He started small and kept trucking away at it, finally getting the interior cleaned up and a driver's seat in place.

    When he finally got a passenger's seat installed, I started noticing that every time I walked past the car, I'd do an automatic double-take. My eyes kept being drawn to that passenger's seat. If I looked dead at the spot or tried to see something, then there was nothing there. It was always when I wasn't thinking about it.

    I mentioned it to my parents and sister, and they all agreed that I was nuts. However... My mother, the Staunch Realist, admitted that it happened to her sometimes, too. My father never had much to say about it.

    One day, I realized that I'd never really seen something in the car, simply sensed a presence. Though it wasn't something I'd seen with my eyes, I had a feeling it was female, young, with long dark hair. After that, I avoided the car and said nothing more. I was freaked. I refused to set foot in the car, but wouldn't elaborate on why.

    Finally, one day, my father came home just wigging out. He kept saying that he'd been stung by a bee, which is a huge deal for my dad, because he's so dreadfully allergic that anaphylactic shock is a real worry. He said the bee had stung the back of his hand, but I couldn't find any marks or welts. He wasn't having his usual reaction, so we dosed him with Benadryl and waited for a while. He never did have an adverse reaction.

    Later, he told me the story about what had happened. He was leaning over to retrieve a CD case from the passenger floorboard - not watching the road - when he felt a stinging pinch on his hand. He looked up just in time to avoid hitting an SUV that had slammed on its brakes in front of him.

    He didn't want to hear my interpretation of that, but admitted that other strange stuff happens in the car, like how sometimes the radio volume will adjust itself. He maintains to this day that he just owns "a quirky old car."

    His near accident was almost a year ago. Since then, I have no problem with whatever - or whoever - resides in that Volkswagen. The way I see it, if she's watching out for my father, then I owe her the courtesy of not being freaked out.

    There are other stories, mainly about our house and family, but those are for another time, and another post.

  5. by   fedupnurse
    Anybody else out there saying "WOW!!!" after reading these!
  6. by   zudy
    Yes, I've got duckbumps on my goosebumps!!!!!!
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Not sure if this is along the lines of death, but definitely creepy...

    I've had 3 dreams where I think I have experienced someone's deaths - right at the moment of their deaths.
    The first I was a Asian male, I think Japanese, coming home from work. I lived in either Japan or China, not sure which one. I was wearing a blue oxford shirt and navy pants. I had a small bouquet of flowers for my wife in one hand, briefcase in the other. As I was walking up to my front screen door, I was shot in the back. I sunk into the screen door, and thought how sad I was that my wife was going to find me like this, that she was going to be so distraught.
    The second one I was a hispanic male, migrant worker in California. I was on a truck full of lettuce heads we had picked that day and the truck brakes failed. The truck was going down a steep hill and rolled over. I died on impact.
    The third I was a young girl in the south. I was buying something from a convenience mart. When I walked out of the store, I was hit and killed by a stray bullet from someone shooting from a car passing by.
    These are dreams, but, not like any of the regular weird dreams I have, in these I was not myself at all and felt (although muted) the deaths of these people.

    Real story ... my cousin's roommate went to have a planned back surgery done. He died on the table VERY unexpectedly - bled out from a ruptured aneurysm or something. When my cousin came home, he went into his roommates room and found all of his insurance papers laid out, a suit on the bed with a note saying it was the suit he wanted to be buried in, and final letters to his closest friends and family. That still gives me chills. Whew.
  8. by   shannonRN
    lasvegas, your whole thread gave me the goosebumps. those dreams are amazing. but i don't envy nor do i want to have any like them!
  9. by   KatWright
    I live alone......kids are grown and on their own .........the ex is an ex for many reasons.........anyhow, one morning I had a weird dream (?) a few months ago. I pushed snooze for the third time (usually I only push it once) and I swear that some one yelled......."Get your A$$ out of bed"
    I jumped up and was in the bathroom before it dawned on me that no one else was there !!!!!!!!!!
    But even though it puzzeled me, I still hit snooze
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Something similar I have, but not as impressive as some. I work in ob and there is a room where apparantly a tragic death of a pt took place (an adult I was told; I was not there when this was supposed to have happened). Anyhow, that call lite will simply go off on our nite shift for no apparant reason! No patient assigned to the room. We will go cancel it and RING!~ on it will go again! Go back there to the room, TV on. Turn off TV. Call lite goes off again!...TV back on. And on and on it goes several times then just stops!

    It is the weirdest thing..........my coworkers and I were certainly spooked the nights this has happened. No apparant reason why. We even switched call lites to see if the bell was to blame. Still went off by itself. So, we just chalk it up to "one of those strange unexplainable things", but we sure don't like to go there alone, when it happens, to fix it! (lol)... Good thread lisa, hon! How's life treating you? ;-)
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  11. by   jurbyjunk
    How nice to find professional health care people who don't think that one is "crazy" because of seeing things. I have "seen things" for years, both in my personal space and at work.

    Many years ago now, I worked at "old" Childrens Hospital, here in Vancouver, BC. The hospital had been built in 1929. I worked on "upper east", a medical/clinical investigative unit, with a long hallway and glass double-doors at one end. At night, when I would be doing rounds, I could see my reflexion in these glass double-doors. Often I would see "another nurse" walking right beside me. It wasn't scary, I just felt as if someone else was keeping watch with me.

    Two days before Princess Diana died, I lost my son, Eric, who was 29 yrs 1 month 1 day. I mention this because I hear from his friends, once in a while, that they've come home and "known" that Eric had "dropped in". "Sometimes something's been moved".

    Another friend, Harmel, told me that he and his wife had been visiting my son's fiancee, Naoko, in Japan. Eric "woke me up one night" (the room lit up), Harmel said. He "wanted to tell me that he was okay and that he would see me "on this side" someday. That I shouldn't feel bad, because he was okay. And that when the light beckoned, to go towards the light, not away".

    Harmel also said that Eric told him that he often visited Naoko's family and that Eric "thinks that they know that he's there". Harmel said that, at breakfast the next morning, he finally asked if any of them ever saw Eric. And the answer was yes, they all saw him at various times. Naoko's mom said that at first she was afraid but then decided "it's only Eric visiting" and that now, when she senses him there, she chats with him, over a cup of tea.

    My best friend, who lives on the Isle of Man, and has known Eric since he was a little boy, says that she "always knows" when Eric is there visiting. "He smells like fresh babies breath". Her husband also smells this. "I tell him what's been going on in my family and tell him that he can stay for as long as he likes. In the morning when I get up, I know that he's left".

    My son had a military memorial service. Several days after the service, the mother of my son's best friend came over. She told me that, after the service, her husband, Paul, said "Eric certainly enjoyed his funeral". She said what are you talking about? Paul told her that Eric had sat on the edge of the dais for the entire service and also "hung out" at the reception afterwards, listening to what people were saying. Paul said he could "see him as plain as day".

    My daughter is 22 months younger than her brother. When she turned the exact same age as Eric was when he died, she had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized. Yes, she is fine now and no longer needs to be on meds. Anyway, the night that I admitted her, I came home and went to bed. Before going to bed, I turned the portable dishwasher on. Now, on my way up the stairs to the bedrooms, I had "de-doghaired" my stairs. Believe me, there was nothing on my stairs.

    I was lying in bed, thinking about Julie's pain, and thought "okay Eric. You're her big brother and she needs you to help her". I heard the dishwasher click off and decided to go downstairs and disconnect it. Now, earlier in the week I had been looking all over the house for a particular blue shirt of mine. I couldn't find it at all. When I went back downstairs, there on the second stair from the bottom, was my blue shirt.

    My final ghost story involves my son's cat, Maddie. Maddie has always been an indoor cat; if she got put outside, she would sit on the front doorstep and cry until let in. Several weeks before this past Easter, I decided that, at age 14, she should go have a check-up at the vet's. The vet did a geriatric blood workup and a physical. The results were that "she's in great shape for her age".

    Maddie always liked to sleep on the end of my bed. About a week prior to going to the vet's, she had been sleeping there and woke up. She sat up, stared in the direction of the armoire by the head of my bed. She began "nattering" and staring at the floor. She continued "talking" and turned her head towards the floor by the foot of my bed, along the foot of my bed, and finally to the other side of the head of my bed. She just kept talking away, almost sounding as if she was arguing. She even went to that side of the bed. Finally, she went back to her corner and went to sleep. I was reading in bed at the time.

    When I had her at the vet's, I told the vet about this. She said "what do you think she was doing?" I said that I thought that perhaps Maddie was visiting with the spirit of another cat that I had had years ago. I told her that I wasn't uncomfortable, so figured that whatever it was was friendly. The vet said "I think that we should consider a brain lesion". I'm not too sure if she meant for Maddie or for me. LOL.

    Anyway, the Wednesday after Easter, I was in the kitchen, grabbing my lunch for work. Maddie came up and rubbed/twined around my legs (she was not a particularly affectionate cat). I picked her up, gave her a kiss on her nose and said "see you later".

    My daughter phoned me later at work. Maddie had stood by the sliding doors, wanting out. Julie said that she was surprised but Maddie was insistent, so she let her out. When last seen, at about 1715, Maddie was "going from blade of grass to blade of grass". We haven't seen her since. Now, often when a cat is going to die, they will "leave home" and find a spot to bury themselves in. We have a large wooded area behind our house. I believe that Maddie found a spot that she liked, buried herself and just went to sleep. I don't think that Maddie had a brain lesion. I truly believe that an angel came for her but Maddie told it that she wasn't ready to leave yet. I believe that Maddie picked her own time to go, and when the angel came for her, she went with it.

    I don't know why I see/feel these things, I only know that I do. I'm not crazy. I believe that there is a life after death, that the soul, which is what we really are, is eternal.
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  12. by   fedupnurse
    How nice that you still have your son's spirit and that you know he is ok. I hope that gives you and your daughter some peace.
  13. by   Vicki K
    I've experienced (not always visually) ghosts both at home and at work. Someone who posted earlier asked "Why is it only the believers who see ghosts?" It isn't. My father emphatically does NOT believe, but still manages to hear from his great-great-grandfather from time-to-time. That's another story.

    Years ago, while working in a CCU in Washington State, I was floated to the rehab floor. I was bored out of my mind because Rehab wasn't busy, so asked the other nurse if there was something I could do for her. (My patients were all sound asleep, breathing, etc. No meds due . . . nothing to do!) She said yes, I could go take vital signs in Room 4, the corner room. She said it was a four-bed room, but there were only three patients in it now, so be careful to visit ONLY beds 1, 2 & 4. That sounded a little strange, but I didn't know her very well. This was about 2AM, and I thought it was odd that she hadn't taken her MN VS in that room, but what the heck.

    I went into the room and took vital signs on the patients in beds 1 & 2, got them water, fluffed pillows, etc. Then, forgetting the warning, went into the corner that Bed 3 was in. Immediately, a pillow came flying out of that corner and hit me in the face! At the same time, a wave of sheer malevolence nearly knocked me over. I must have shrieked or something, because one of the patients sat up and turned on her light. You guessed it -- nothing, no one in Bed 3's corner. But the little old lady told me, "You have to leave him alone, dear. He gets angry!"

    When I got back to the nurse's station, the other nurse was sitting there, and I asked her about it. She said that she had been working in Rehab for 20+ years, and that the ghost had been there the entire time. If the bed was occupied, no ghost. The staff tried very hard not to leave that particular bed unoccupied, but the patient in that bed had been transferred to another floor for surgery earlier in the day and the evening nurse hadn't known enough to move another patient into that bed.

    "Wait," she said. "I'll show you something even better." Carefully locking the med room, she took me to the rec room. We sat and chatted for awhile, (Ghost stories, of course) and I was getting impatient to see what she would show me. She kept saying "Wait just a little while. You'll see." Then, about 4 AM, we heard a tremendous racket from the area of the nurses station. I jumped up and was going to run down there, and the other nurse told me to wait a minute. Finally, after things quieted, we went back to the nurse's station and looked through the glass into the locked med room. Every drawer had been torn out and upended, the shelves emptied, supplies tossed around. It looked like someone had had a temper tantrum in that room. "You woke him up," the other nurse told me. "He does this every time someone wakes him up, and no one has ever seen him do it!"

    That was the scariest ghost I've ever encountered!

    Vicki K