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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   rdhdnrs
    I work in a university hospital in highrisk OB and we have a ghost on the antepartum floor. It used to be the postpartum floor and a woman got really sick and coded up there after having her baby. She had fatty liver disease or something. She was a mail-order bride from the Phillipines and her husband wouldn't come to the hospital even when we told him she was going to die. He said he could easily "get another one". Anyway, several people working up there have seen someone down at the end of the hall close to her room. It's always late at night.
    On the subject of a "hand over" to the other side, a hospice nurse came and talked to us when I was in nursing school. She said she'd only seen one "bad death" and the guy went screaming saying "Don't touch me!!"
    I have a friend who was present at her father's death last month and she said right at the moment that he passed, he was saying "Up, up" and raising up off the bed--and he hadn't spoken in months!
  2. by   Robin61970
    When I was 18 years old i joined the military and while I was in boot camp they diagnosed my grandmother as having lung cancer. My grandmother and I were very close(my mom had me at 17 and I lived with my grandparents most of my life off and on). I got pregnant and my grandmother told me she would live to see my baby. I brought him home in June and she died in July. I did not attend my grandmothers funeral because to me that was not my grandma....it looked nothing like her and that is not how I wanted to remember her. I was devastated though. I cried for about two weeks straight....couldn't sleep...very depressed. It was the first time I had ever had anyone close to me die. One night I woke up and I saw my grandmother standing at the end of my bed. She looked so beautiful....she had this light behind her and she was wearing this pink dress with red and purple flowers on it. I remember this vividly......she looked at me and said, " Sister(that was what she called me) don't cry for me anymore. I am in a better place and I don't hurt anymore. It's okay." I woke up the next morning and felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders....I didn't think about my "dream" for a few years after that. About three years later, my mom, sister and I were going through some of my grandparents things and talking about them. I told the story of my "dream" to my sister.....i didn't realize my mom was behind me until I heard her crying......she looked at me and said, " Robin, your grandma was buried in a pink dress with purple and red flowers on it....." I knew then that my grandmother came to see me because she worried about me.....it was wonderful. On the same note......my mother lived in the house that my grandparents owned for 25 years and after my grandpa passed on we knew he was still there watching everyone.......he had a distinct walk(due to a stroke) and you could hear him walking the house at night......and his radio that he listened to would come on(always tuned to a ballgame) or the TV always on a cardinals game........

    Those are my stories............
  3. by   nana kathy
    I just knew there was a thread out there for me.....

    No nurse4kids, I do not believe in ufo's, only because all the flying objects I have seen can be identified..... When I see a REAL UFO, I'll post it on a thread for you...........

    One day my 22 yr old daughter was visiting from college and spending the night. We were sitting talking late at night. She was talking about my father whom had passed away in 1978.
    She was telling me what she rememberd about her grandpa and his service when he died....
    All that she could recall was her sister being on the left of her being held by my husband, the statue of the Virgin Mary in the church, the head coverings we had on our heads, the candles in the church in little cups, and her 2 uncles carrying the casket out the double doors.... It all made perfect reasoning, until I thought about what she was describing.........A Catholic Funeral....She had never been inside a Catholic Church My father's services were at the funeral home in 1978........
    My Grandfather's services were at The Catholic Church, just as she described it.........in July 1972, just 4 months BEFORE she was conceived...... Spooky?!?!?!?!?!?
  4. by   dhogan
    I have a very unerving experience. My mother in law died 6 years ago unexpectely at the age of 46. I have dreams about her as though she is alive but only my family can see her. I started to notice that when I dream about her someone I know would die the next day. This has happened to me atleast 5 times in the past 2 years. My G-mother, G-father, Uncle, Aunt, and a friend. It is very scary now when I dream about her. Especially the last time when my 10 year old was out of town with friends. The next day I was on pens and needles until I found out it was a lady who was my friend and my oldest childs teacher. She went to church with my mother and me for many years. Though I was sad about her dying I was relieved my child was fine. I believe she tries to prepare me because we have had so many deaths in our families in the last 7 years. But is it better not to know, especially when you dont know who it will be? Though, I am not scared during the dream, I am happy and relieved. I guess because she died so unexpectely she feels she needs to let me know.
  5. by   NurseDennie
    I knew this spooky thread couldn't stay idle TOO long, but here it is me, reviving it!

    Okay - take this with a grain of salt, but I always have a dream about losing a tooth before someone I know dies. I've had the dreams all my life, and I've never had a tooth-losing dream without losing a friend or relative to death.

    Last night, I dreamed I was GETTING a new tooth.

    Probably doesn't mean a bloody thing, but it has me wondering.


  6. by   nurs4kids
    You're pregnant, denise

    Hey, what do you guys think about that guy that hosts "crossing over"? As a non-believer, IF I KNEW this show wasn't fixed...I'd be convinced :P
  7. by   -jt
    She had never been inside a Catholic Church My father's services were at the funeral home in 1978........
    My Grandfather's services were at The Catholic Church, just as she described it.........in July 1972, just 4 months BEFORE she was conceived...... Spooky?!?!?!?!?!?

    so who was she before she was who she is now?
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Part of an organism's job is to die. Ghosts, the light, the tunnel, angels are all cool ways of making sense of death. Death used to be pretty untouchable for me, until I began to REALLY understand DNA and cell atrophy. There is an entire field devoted to the study of death. It's an action that happens one time in our lives. When the time comes, you can recognise it. In my opinion, just like when you get that feeling your are going to be sick, you'll get a feeling you are about to die. Again, you'll only get that unique feeling once. It is spooky
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Nurse4kids - wouldn't THAT be funny? My kids are grown I'm OLD!! And besides, whenever I was pregnant, I had painless birthing dreams. That was pretty much my confirmation even before the test.

    Mario - I disagree that people have some sort of recognition that they are going to die. We've been sick before, so we get a feeling that we're going to do it again. How can you recognize something that you've never done before - if there's just one time around and that's it?

    All the evidence to some kind of after life is circumstantial, but still, there's an awful lot of it. Like jt's child who described her grandfather's funeral from before she was even conceived. And earlier someone mentioned someone talking to a relative that they didn't even KNOW was dead.

    Well, the thing is, it's all just conjecture until it happens to us, and then we'll either KNOW or else it won't matter because everything is behind us. Woody Allen said that he's not afraid of death, but he doesn't want to be there when it happens.

    That show - "Crossing Over..." I loved to watch it, but they've changed it to the middle of the afternoon and I'll never see it again. (Yes I CAN set a VCR, but then I can never find the time to watch the bloody tape! - (G)) It's strange, how many "off" things he can hit. I wonder about it too. How could they possibly set it up??? I'd like The Amazing Randi to check that out. He's the best at spotting that kind of thing.


  10. by   NurseDennie
    How about this? I'm replying to my own post!

    I went to the Amazing Randi's web page, and there are a lot of references to John Edward. *sigh*. Randi says that it's called "cold..." Oh rats, the oldtimers disease is kicking in. Cold-something, sort of like cold calling that salespeople do.

    The people are kind of interviewed in the line before the taping starts "What kind of questions are you here hoping that John can answer?" and stuff like that. Then he gives out a lot of hints and we don't remember the wrong ones (and the producers edit them out, as well) and we don't know how many "plants" are in the audience.


    I don't know. I still think that my Grandma was talking to someone she knew......


  11. by   fedupnurse
    Time to revive this thread. It's a great one. They say (don't know who they are) that there are 3 criteria to become a ghost:
    1. die unexpectedly 2. Die a violent death 3. Die in the middle of doing something.
    I worked in a hotel, an old one, about 20 years ago and we had a ghost named Cora. She was a chamber maid at the hotel back in 1951. SHe started having a heart attack in the newer building and ran thru the connecting doors into the old building and died on the couch on the 3rd floor landing. That couch was still there in the late 70's and early 80's. Cora died in the middle of a task and died unexpentantly. I would leave the office and there would be keys on the desk to be put back in the room boxes. When I would return, they nwould be put away. We routinely heard her walking down the back stairs and routinely saw the door opening to that stairway. We would just say Hi, Cora!
    In the hospital, we have plenty of ghosts. One incident was on Halloween when a few of us took a breather and were discussing if ghosts existed. One of my colleagues said we were nuts and thought there was no such thing. No one was near the code cart when the intubation tray flew up into the air about 3 feet flipped over and landed face down on the floor....
  12. by   kmchugh
    Like nurse4kids, I am a skeptic about many things, particularly health fraud, "miracle cures" and "herbal therapy." Have been a member of the health fraud list serve for years. I also believe that the guy from Crossin Over is doing cold readings, pulling info from the before the show interviews and reading the faces and emotions of those he works with. A good blind (or double blind) study would probably reveal him to be, at best, a very perceptive charlatan. Nevertheless, I think there is something to these stories, and my faith makes me believe in life after death. I don't know if ghosts really exist, or if the power of suggestion has something to do with it, but in any event, here's my story.

    While in nursing school, I worked in the VA nursing home here in Wichita Kansas. As much as I hate the VA here, the nursing home was one of the finest in the state (so of course, they closed it down). We had a patient in the unit for a long time, and he was a real challenge. Post CVA (I think), and on his call light ALL the time. 10 times in an hour was not unusual. I don't remember his name, so I'll call him Bob.

    Bob finally passed on. For several weeks thereafter, the call light from his bed continued to go off regularly. We had facilities maintenance in to check it, figuring he'd used it so much, it had a short or something. They could find nothing wrong with the circuits, and even changed the cord and call button, all to no avail. The call light kept going off. Finally, one of the nurses had had enough. She marched down the hall, walked into the room, and said "Bob, that's enough! You died. No matter how much you hit that call light, we can't do anything else for you. It's time you moved on to whatever awaits you, and leave this place for the living."

    You guessed it. From that time forward, that call light never went off again until we had a new patient in the room.

    Kevin McHugh
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  13. by   colleen10
    My husband and I just bought our first home a little over a year ago. Our house is about 80 years old, very old fashioned with hard wood floors and high ceilings and we really don't know much about the history of the house. The first week we settled into the house I was in the smallest bedroom. I was just checking the place out and trying to figure out what I wanted to put in the room and use it for.

    The weirdest thing happened. I smelled fresh flowers, mostly roses. Now, it was the beginning of March, in the Northeast, and about 20 degrees outside. None of the windows were open, nothing was in bloom, there were no fresh flowers or scented candles anywhere in the house at all. And I didn't have perfume on and there was no one else in the house that would have had perfume on either. I didn't have cleaners or air fresheners around. There also was no furniture, boxes or anything in the room with me. The smell just came and went within a few minutes. It wasn't faint, it was quite distinct. I smelled it once again a few days later in the kitchen, which is directly below that bedroom.

    I have not smelled it since. And nothing bad has happened to anyone in my family and nothing "spooky" has happened at the house. But, I did end up turning the room into a guest bedroom and it was almost a year later that my husband said to me "do you realize that you decorated that room in roses?". The curtains and sheets are rose prints. Maybe it was a subconcious thing. He now calls it "The Rose Room".

    Another weird thing about our house a little while after we moved in..... one day I was at work and I was just soooo tired because I had spent the entire weekend doing pretty strenuous physical labor on the house. Nothing was happening at the office so I went home. It was early afternoon and I was lying on the couch snuggly wrapped in a blanket with my eyes half closed. When I swear to God All Mighty that I heard little feet (more than one pair) (like children's steps) come down the wood steps from the second to the first floor and walk past the back of the couch. I heard a tiney child like voice go "shhhh" as if telling someone else to be quiet. I know that I wasn't asleep because I was very awake when I first heard the sounds of foot steps!

    One last story and I promise I'll quit.

    My father has a job where he works odd shifts and at the beginning of his career he did extensive travelling and working out of town. He was living in New Jersey and sharing an apartment with a co-worker who was also stationed there. He had stayed up late and crashed on the couch while his room mate was sleeping in his bedroom. All of a sudden my dad is awakened from a sound sleep by what he says was like a ball of energy just bouncing around the apartment. It only lasted a few seconds but made quite a racket. His roommate came out into the living room and asked what was going on and neither of them had any idea. The next morning my dad found out that the young man in the apartment across the hall and directly above on the next floor had commited suicide that night.

    Sometimes I try to tell myself that these kind of things don't exist but don't you think it's also kind of freaky that so many people have different "things" happen to them?

    I haven't been paying much attention to "ER" this season but did anyone else see last weeks episode with Dr. Green? At the end when he passed away he was back in the ER walking around the empty exam rooms and stations. For some reason that really creeped me out.