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You want to know why you're complaining that the world is ending because you have to take your own vitals? Because your aides are sitting. You want to know why your aides are sitting? 'Cause your... Read More

  1. by   buildingmyfaith57
    what if that sitter was a diabetic? im sure there are alot of health care places that do have co-workers that are diabetics right? not that everyone going to give their personal health business. sleeping on the watch is a no no. there is something to think about right?
  2. by   Ms Kylee
    I sat yesterday.... regular 8 hour shift... Patient was sleeping when I came in. Aide knocked on the door about 20 minutes later and told me to do the patient's vitals when they woke up. HUH? I'm the sitter, not the aide... If I was an aide, I'd be working on my own unit. Hour later, she came back all pissy cause I didn't take and chart the vitals. Patient was still asleep. Night sitter told me the patient had a rough night due to pain, and didn't sleep much. Took the vitals when the patient woke up. The nurse came in and gave meds, talked to me for a few, and then asked if I'd get the patient bathed in a hurry because the patient was scheduled for a test. Again, I'm the sitter, not the aide. Patient goes for the test, I'm thinking I'll get a bathroom break (this is hour #4), and I can change the linens before it's demanded of me. Nope. Sitter has to go to testing with the patient. Surprise, surprise... at 12:30, snotty aide comes in and said she'd take over so I could go to lunch. Got back after my half hour, and was not even checked on again till the next sitter arrived at the end of shift. God help me that I never sit again.
  3. by   jgoalie29
    Ive been a sitter for two years now. I work evening/night 16 hours shifts and love it. As a student I get a ton of homework done while the patient is sleeping, and for the most part the staff really treats me well because unlike most sitters here...I actually help the patient rather than just letting them **** themselves while I wonder what movies AMC will be playing tonight. However, I've had my fair share of ***hole nurses and techs. My favorite experience was when I had a large fall precaution male, and he said he really had to go to the bathroom (mind you he had successfully used the toilet all day, no urinal or catheter necessary). I got him out of bed and started walking him to the toilet, and he decided to unleash a waterfall of feces down my leg. I suppressed my urge to scream "WHAT THE F*** MAN!?" and continued to walk him to the toilet so he could (yes there was more) finish. I cleaned him, changed his bed, disinfected the floor, and got him back in bed. I rang the call light, and when the nurse came I calmly pointed at my s*** pants and asked if I could borrow some scrubs to finish my shift (I had been working for 13 hours with 3 to go and he knew it). He looked at me and shrugged and brought me back a single dry rag... blabbering about how it was against policy to distribute scrub pants. I had to go into the patients shower and scrub the crap out of my pants and lather my leg in purell. When my shift ended the charge nurse had the balls to say, "so last night was rough huh?". I then bent over and took a crap on his lap and gave him a tissue.
  4. by   Nursebarebari
    Haldol, restraints and 1:1 sitter means the sitter wants to sleep and snore. If you want a break to stretch, you can do that right in the patient room, I can relieve you for bathroom break every 4 for hrs as needed, smoke all you want before coming to work because I may be too busy to relieve you for that, Don't come to work if you are having a diarrhea and have to go every 2hrs. It is hard to relieve you for a break every 2 hrs when I dont get one myself for 12.5 hrs. some of you sit for 12 hrs reading and writting your school essays, or watching tv. some even sleep 6 out the 12hrs on a night shift and still fuss about not being relieve for break. I don't remember the last time I took a break myself. I take food to work to eat on my break and end up giving it away in the morning or bringing it back home. We use to take a good 90 minutes break but that is no more with working short every night. We were told to be happy that we have a job when we voice out. So please forget that idea of being relieved every 2 hrs for break.
  5. by   carolmaccas66
    I've done quite a few special (or sitting jobs as you call them). Here is how I handle these situations:

    YOU are responsible for calling YOUR OWN BREAKS. U only need to say 'what time am I taking my break at?' set a time and say 5 minutes b4 ur ready 2 go, say in a loud voice - or walk over to the nurses' station - 'I'm going on my half hour break soon/now'. We as RNs can get so busy (especially in EDs/ERs where it gets crazy) that we 4get re the sitter in the other room. U have to remind us.

    As a special and a RN I am also entitled to time to do my charting on the patient. I don't have to do this in the patient's room if I don't want to.

    When I need to pee or get a cup of tea or whatever, believe me, I grab the nearest nurse & say quite distinctly: 'I need u here because I have to go to the ladies' & b4 they can say no, I walk off. I don't wait to pee for anyone now, my kidneys get too sore & I should NOT have to wait till I'm bursting just to satisfy a natural human body function.

    It's good you are thinking of other people. But if u don't like sitting jobs, why do you do them? Can u get another job where u get breaks maybe?