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cincinnati alliance hospitals in the local paper, it was announced that cincinnati alliance hospitals are now offering 30k for cardiac nurses..has an amount like this being offered in anyone... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    It is so amazing how administrators cry broke yet they can fish out mad dollars for sign on bonuses.

    There should be a periodical like TRW for hospitals so nurses know what deep boo boo they may get into. I notice the higher the bonus the worse the facility is. I am sure that is not always the case but a well run hospital wouldn't need blood money to attract great nurses just be fair and treat your existing staff and new coming staff great. I know it is an utopian thing I am feeling :-)
  2. by   prn nurse
    There's many border cities hospitals offering 30 K. Even heard 50 K rumored. I think it comes out to 10K per year. San Diego, Phoenix, Texas border towns, Los Angeles. Any city that gets Snowbird influx is desperate for nurses, especially Nov thru Mar. A saavy nurse can negotiate a deal.
  3. by   kybluefan
    cvicu rn:
    It is great to know that things are better in the other hospital. Administration is now trying to convince the remaining few at your old hospital that things are the same no matter where you are. Our unit now has 4 full-time staff. The rest are prn and agency except the 5 that chose the weekend plan. CVI is doing worse than that. I guess there is something to say for the 10k bonus offered by the other hospital...expecially if you get 10k, less stress, and a better enviornment!!! Keep spreading the word...and Good for you!!!
  4. by   KatyRN2bee
    I just accepted a position in a progressive care unit, the hospital offers a $2,000.00 sign on bonus. It is paid in two installments. Yes it is heavily taxed....40%...but if you chose to apply it directly to your student loans (and I did), then you get the whole amount, no taxes are taken out. I believe that many hospitals are forced to use these bonuses to attract nurses due to the major shortage. It does not necessarily mean that the facility is a bad place to work.
  5. by   patadney
    I have worked as Agency and as travel and did not find that I was taken advantage of. I did learn which nursing homes I would take assignments with and which I would not. If you work agency,you soon get a routine established --due to the nursing shortage. I did not feel taken advantage of,except for the places that were not well run at all and then I just didn't take the job,which is the advantage of Agency nursing.As a traveler,I found that all were grateful for the help and I got completion bonuses,not sign-on bonuses and since there is no vacation pay,that is your vacation pay. Lately,my travel agency is going to simply higher per hr pay. If you travel,you have to be healthy as there is no sick pay.Otherwise,it's wonderful-you learn a lot,you meet new people,see other parts of the country and you get to move every 3 months!Okay,that's not an advantage! I think bonuses are great,but you have to look at the whole picture.
  6. by   dianthe1013
    It is so amazing how administrators cry broke yet they can fish out mad dollars for sign on bonuses.
    I don't think it's a magic act. if someone cuts and runs early, then they usually have to pay back the money. And if they manage to keep an RN for however-so-long, then they've gotten their money's worth, right?

    Either way, I don't think they're out much.

  7. by   moonrose2u
    originally posted by cvicu rn:
    >>i just left this hospital in october that is giving the 30k retention bonus. they are only offering it to the cath lab, angio and ep lab nurses because the md that heads this department demanded he have a well staffed unit. i worked in the cardiovascular icu and let me tell you how understaffed we were.
    when i left we had approx 45% vacancy rate. since then it has increased to over 50%. some of the nurses joining me at my new place of employment. the cvicu was the only unit to take the open heart patients. we also were the overflow for the micu & sicu, so it was not uncommon to have a fresh cabg pt paired with a pneumonia, gi bleed, mrsa, kidney transplant or anything that happened to code that day. they have been working on a retention bonus for over 2 years and this is what they came up with. it's a slap in the face for the rest of the nurses at this institution. and for the 30k, you only get a small portion up front, the rest is payable at the end of the third year. it's not worth working at this hospital. they don't care for their employees, just the $$$. i'm glad i left their and haven't looked back. the stress level is so much more decreased, i work with fresh open heart patients and i also got a sign on bonus at my new hospital!!!<<

    what about dean? i would think he would be upset that cvicu is understaffed. do the powers that be, know?

    i must have missed something here, but what pay are the long term nurses getting? are they be paid something, per year?

    are you by any chance, at the "geriatric" facility in cincy? i am curious to hear if they are offering sign on, and how competitive their pay is...i know one rn who is working float there, and she is unhappy with her pay..

  8. by   l.rae
    moonrose, sent the artical by e-mail, never saw it. I also subscribe to the Hamilton Journal, sent a "guest collum" item to them today. I hope they print it, when I talked with the managing editor she seemed favorable. Can you believe this hometown paper has made no mention of nurses week. I called them up and took them to task. log on to journal-news. com the next few days and check out the opinion section. I hope they print it, I thought it was pretty good..
  9. by   moonrose2u
    i will be watching for your opinion....this should be interesting!
  10. by   cvicu rn
    Yes Dean does know that CVI doesn't get the bonus
    and no they are not doing anything for the other
    nurses. By saying "geriatric" if you mean Deaconess, no I went to the new open heart unit at Mercy Fairfield. Was a bit scared at first since this was such a small hospital but it has turned out to have been a great move - with a sign on bonus to boot!!
  11. by   Foxtrot
    [quote=cen35][b]all of the hospitals in our system, are offering bonuses of some type. one of them, which is a small 230 bed hospital, is offering a $14,000 sign on bonus. however, with most of these bonuses it requires you to remain employed within the system (which is about 14 hospitals) and/or facility that hired you, for 6 months - 2 years.


    you said that a small 230 bed hospital was offering a $14k sign on. where is this?

    terri, rn
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  12. by   nekhismom
    I would advise everyone to beware of high sign on bonuses. I was tricked by one, and I was severly abused, over and over again in that job, and all as a new RN. Especially beware of McAllen, Tx. It's pure torture for the vast majority of nurses. If you look ONLY at the city and amenities, it looks good. BUt once you have to deal with the crime, the illegal activities and the culture of it's-not-what-you-know-but-who-you-know in EVERYTHING, and are repeatedly abused at work, it gets really ugly really fast.
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