Should I stay or should I go?

  1. I graduated from nursing school a year ago. I have been working on an oncology/hematology/medsurg floor in a major hospital in Columbus, OH. I have recently had opportunities to be the Charge Nurse on the 3-11 shift & been told that I do very well.

    The Charge Nurse has now taken another position within the hospital and her position is open. My manager has made comments like, "hey you could be my charge nurse".

    I have been offered and accepted a position in a Dermatology office. It will obviously be LESS stress/no weekend or holidays, but I am worried I might be bored.

    I am not sure what to do now. Do I talk to my current manager about staying on as the new Charge or do I take the leap and go to the office?

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  3. by   Chixie
    Do you think you could manage as charge nurse?Do you like where you work now?
  4. by   Flo.
    One yr experience seems alittle too soon to be a charge nurse. You would be the go to person for all floor concerns. Do you think that you are ready for that?
  5. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    Lets back up for a second. It doesn't look to me as if you have even applied for the charge nurse position let alone been offered the job so this whole discussion may be academic. The real decision, as it stands now is whether or not you are willing to forego the job in the derm office for the possibility of being considered for the charge position where you currently work. Presumably, you had good reason to seek a position elsewhere in the first place. What were those reasons? If you are unhappy in this workplace it is unlikely that you will be happier there in a different position, especially not one in which you will undoubtedly take on more stress. You really need to sit back and examine closely why you wanted to leave for a less stressful position in the first place because it seems to me you must have wanted out for some good reasons. Be careful you are not just flattered by people thinking you could do the job and use this as a reason to stay some place you were clearly unhappy enough in to pursue other positions outside.
  6. by   surgicalcap
    If you are asking I would say you do not feel ready. If you are afraid of boredom, check into a PRN or perdiem job in the hospital and see if you can work some of those hours. If you have to ask then something is telling you that you are not ready.
  7. by   netglow
    Office hands down. Prn if you get itchy.
  8. by   gobux90
    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    If you are unhappy in this workplace it is unlikely that you will be happier there in a different position, especially not one in which you will undoubtedly take on more stress.
    Thank you for this statement! You are right! I think I am just afraid of change - and who isn't??
  9. by   gobux90
    Quote from onaclearday
    Office hands down. Prn if you get itchy.
    I have actually agreed to stay on contingent with the floor I am on currently - I didn't want to burn the bridge.

    Thanks for the advice!

    As for "getting itchy" - I had to laugh at that since I am going to a derm office!
  10. by   caliotter3
    If you felt it necessary to apply to, and accept, a new job, then you probably should not back track. Instead, reexamine your need to change employers. Is it the job or is it you? If it is you, you might find yourself unhappy in the new job, no matter where it is.
  11. by   G MA RN
    Go with your HEART.
    I can tell you from personal experience that being a Charge Nurse has hidden factors you may not have considered. The responsibility IS overwhelming. You will answer for any and all errors, attitudes, patient complaints of your subordinates as well as daily dealings with Doctors and Interns.
    After I had returned from a well deserved vacation of 3 days, I was quetioned regarding medication counts, supply orders, longer lunch times enjoyed by the nursing staff, and documentations that left alot to be desired. The fact that I was on vacation during the period of time in question had no effect.
    A Charge Nurse carries alot on her shoulders, if any thing maybe you will have some empathy with regards to your Charge Nurse. Its a rough position to hold.
    I have left Nursing as a practice and now Teach. Think about what it means to be a Nurse and you will make the right decision. Good Luck and God Bless.
  12. by   gobux90
    Quote from G MA RN
    Go with your HEART.
    More good advice. There are lots of reasons I applied for & got the position in the office - I need to remember those!

    I have only spent 2 half days in the office so I need to remember that there are lots of things I haven't seen yet & that none of the girls look bored - they are not stressed, but not bored. I also need to remember that I can make the job what I want - if I want to be bored, I am sure I could manage that...but I also can look for ways to be busy & effective. I know an office is a busy place with lots of patients and appointments...I want the patients to feel like more than just another pt who the dr. saw for 5 minutes! I like the education part of nursing.
  13. by   gobux90
    OK...thanks everyone!! You have made me realize that I am making the right move for me!

    I just needed to hear someone besides my husband say it. I know he knows me well, but he doesn't get the nursing part of it!

    Thanks again!!!
  14. by   brandy1017
    You will probably enjoy the derm office much more, less stress, regular hours, no weekends, holidays and not having to worry about getting injured lifting someone. I would go for it!