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This question comes up frequently and is asked of me quite often, "should I carry malpractice protection?" "What is malpractice?" Simply put, it is a failure to adhere to a standard of care... Read More

  1. by   talaxandra
    Quote from elkpark
    The two nurses in TX have been indicted on criminal charges, which professional liability coverage doesn't cover (there's no such thing as insurance that protects you for being charged with breaking the law), and another member posting on that thread mentioned being involved in a SLAPP (nuisance) lawsuit, and her insurance not covering that. She didn't offer any details, but, from what she did say, it sounds like that suit is not related to particulars of her nursing practice, so professional liability coverage would not cover that, either.

    Professional liability coverage protects your license; it's not intended to provide coverage for any legal difficulty one may ever get into (if it was, it would cost a !@#$ of a lot more than $100/year! )
    Actually, my indemnity insurance does cover criminal charges associated with work. I hope I never need to access any legal services, but especially that one!
  2. by   serenityk579
    So then what would be good companies to look into for this? I live in WI...doest that make a difference???
  3. by   sirI
    Quote from serenityk579
    So then what would be good companies to look into for this? I live in WI...doest that make a difference???
    Look on the first page and find some companies.

    Many, many nurses use NSO. For an LPN in WI, employed full-time and not a newly licensed nurse, premiums are around $107.00/year for 1/6 coverage.
  4. by   talaxandra
    To summarise: whatever state you live in, whatever kind of work you do, all nurses should have indemnity insurance. Pick a company from the list sirI provided on the first page, in the first post, or call around and compare. For me it's like travel insurance - if I can't afford to buy it, I can't afford to travel. Or, in this case, work.

    Well, in Australia I can't work - indemnity insurance is a condition of registration for all health professioanls here.
  5. by   Langata145
    Yes you should carry malpractice insurance. There has been a 21% increase in nursing disciplinary action over the past 5 years and in the event that you face the state board of nursing you will need legal representation. I recommend at least starting with a prepaid legal plan (about $17.000 per month) You will need a lawyer who specializes in license law.
  6. by   sirI
    As with any plan, the consumer must check out any plan including all fine print.

    PPL Plans are utilized by many entities where high-risk legal issues are the norm. Some of the areas that are included would be speeding tickets, real estate issues, contract issues, IRS issues.

    Malpractice issues tend to be very time and resource consuming and require special experience and skill. So, the consumer must ensure this is definitely in the pre-paid plan.

    Also, these plans usually cost much more than "regular" malpractice insurance.

    One caveat I always embrace is "buyer beware". Not saying these plans are wrong, just be careful with any product you purchase.

    (i've never met anyone who utilized a PPL Plan)
  7. by   fltnrse2
    Yes by all means carry mal-reactice insurance. There are a number of reasons to have it. Did you know that if a complaint is lodged gainst your license you MP insurance will cover the cost of and attorney. It's well worth the expense.
  8. by   NeMnurse
    Yes, it seems that having liability insurance is a good idea. What if I just purchased the insurance, but wasn't covered last year. Would it be possible to get coverage for the previous year as well? Is this possible to purchase a "back dated" policy?
  9. by   talaxandra
    I don't know of any insurance, in any field (eg travel, home and contents, car) that provides backdated coverage.
  10. by   NeMnurse
    Well, I was looking online and noticed some indemnity insurances for engineers and accountants will backdate coverage if the individual has not been covered and there is not a current claim against them.
  11. by   fltnrse2
    I don't think your going to find any company to insure you for the previous year. It's my opinion that I wouldn't give any attorney a chunk of cash up front, I would keep it sat aside in a personal account and let it earn interest, then if you need it you have it. I was a little confused in regards to an indemnity policy, I thought indemity policies pay a portion of Hospital/Medical expenses, then your major medical kicks in to pay, some but not all unless you have an arm and a leg to donate! FLTNRSE2
  12. by   caffein

    I would like to know:

    If I didn't have active insurance now as I had stopped working as a nurse for couple of months/years. What if now someone sued me for when I was working and was covered under insurance? Do I still get assistance form insurance company now?

    Its a hypothetical situation.

  13. by   RkfdNurse1
    Yes Caffein...if you were covered at the time stated in the lawsuit, then you are certainly covered. It doesn't matter that you aren't covered now.