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hi everyone...its been a while since i have been in this website..i appreciate ALL of the advice i have gotten from a lot of wonderful a lil upset though...i just became an LPN in July... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    if you can find a way get a job that will help you pay for tutuion/etc
    hospitals usually pay less but they have b etter benefits than many ltc/alf
    and frequently they find it in their best interest to encourage you to further your education...there is a catch because you are required to pledge a certain amount of time after grauation b ut you will need to work somewhere and this benefits you and them
    getting the first job is sometimes a hurdle but do't give up

    good luck
  2. by   emllpn2006
    I so agree that there is a RN shortage but not one of LPN's. It I had a dollar for every person who has sad "Its not hard to find a nursing job if you would just go out and look" I would not have to worry about finding a nursing job. I graduated in June and got my license in July. Between graduation and getting my license I applied at 18 different places. Had 3 call backs and interviews. One said they wanted to hire someone with no LPN experiance but hired a class mate of mine who was a MA before LPN school and they only paid $8.00 hourly with raises only once yearly so I would not have taken the job if offered. One paid $14.80 but was a lock down altzehmers(sp?) unit and said they wanted someone with experiance. The other wanted to hire me as prn but kept canceling my 2nd interview and physical for various reasons. This went on for over a month. They would schedule interviews for on Monday and Friday then would call 45 minutes before the scheduled time and cancel. If I had kept scheduling with then I would have atleast gotten a PRN positon. I thought after they kept cancelling though that since the job was PRN if they could not even get a interview scheduled how would they actually get a work shift scheduled so I just gave up. Since getting my license I have applied at about 20 other facilitys. Just this week 2 have called my back. I have one interview today and have to get ahold of the other to schedule. I do what every one says to do. I turn in applications then call back and talk to the interviewers about the status of the application and most either say they have already hired or that they need someone with more experiance. MY only question is if they want experiance how do you get it if no one hires new LPN's. Sorry this is so long just venting as this is a major irritating thing to me.
  3. by   Jules A
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Here are the general rules of thumb for LPN/LVN pay.....and please feel free to correct me if I have stated something that's erroneous. Rural areas tend to pay poorly. Also, many of the Southern states pay very terribly, most likely due to the lower cost-of-living. Large metropolitan areas tend to offer the most decent LPN/LVN pay.
    This makes sense to me and probably is true in most fields of employment. I almost dropped over when I read about some RNs starting at $19. That sure wouldn't fly here, lol.
  4. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    Well i thank al u guys who responded...its a lil frustrating when u send out resume after resumes after resume and one or two call backs...every add says..GREAT PAY, GREAT BENEFITS, WILL TRAIN!, NEW GRADS WELCOME! familiar? and then when u do get there they want to B selective in their wondering now whether i should get my AS or go sraight for my BSN?!?...u can look very hard for a job and sell urself and shine at the interview but sometimes i beleive that when u show people "confidence"...they dont look at it as wow this person is impressive now its more like "this girl may take MY job one day!"...*sigh*..oh well life goes on one day a decent job will show up...god will let me know..for now ...the hunting
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Jules A
    I almost dropped over when I read about some RNs starting at $19. That sure wouldn't fly here, lol.
    Some facilities in rural Mississippi pay new RNs a starting wage of only $16 per hour. I earn more than that as an LVN in a populated metropolis in Texas.
  6. by   tferdaise
    This problem has been around for a while...

    I'm a LPN, for the last 3 yrs and never had a problem finding work. I live in AZ and here there is lots of work for LPN's, the pay here is higher then most parts of the US. CUrrently I'm working in a Acute Care longterm Hospital called Kindred, I'm making mid 20's/hr. I'm making more then most RN's make. I was a ER Tech before this for 5 yrs and have seen lots of interesting things.. I like my job and I'm working towards my RN currently. Someone hit it on the head, LAWSUIS have played a big role in why hospitals don't want to use LPNS. but with this 'nursing' shortage, who is getting hurt.... The Patients..