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tferdaise specializes in Med/Surg, Progressive Tele.

Currently at Grand Canyon University working on my MSN in Leadership

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  1. tferdaise

    Hospital Reputations in Phoenix

    Let me just jump in here, as you know, Registry work here in Phx has dried up, I know many nurses who are signed up with three and four of them and still have a hard time getting their 36 hours. Have you thought about working as a local traveler? I get plenty of e-mails from companies looking for qualified RN's in the Med/Surg and Tele world... IN regards to pay, this is a tough one, when hospitals use registry the one that charges the less to the hospital are the one who get called first, so yes you can make $43/hr but you wont be working very much, so be happy with the $32-35/hr that most are paying these days Have you thought about working in the hospital pools, flexible hours, and good pay... Just a thought
  2. tferdaise

    RN vs. BSN

    *** respiratory therapy and physicians assistant come immediatly to mind. pa school is really a masters level program, most pa schools want you to have a undergrad degree before applying. rt's will change, slowly, there are undergrad degree's in respiratory therapy these days. *** i worked at two different hospitals during their "journy to magnet" and sat on the committee. in my part of the usa magnet hospitals are gaining a reputation as not being good places to work. especialy among er & critical care types. in my opinion magnet does not indicate qualiety, but rather an indication that managment is more interested in the appereance over substance. i couldn't agree more, this is why most hospitals are dumping jacho and going with dnv home / dnv over jacho. dnv looks at quality of care, not how clean the hospital looks. jacho has it’s back against the wall, they made it almost impossible for older hospital to pass their inspection’s. where i work, we dumped jacho 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. i’m part of the boat for one entry level for nursing, which for me is the bsn, as it has been pointed out there are many studies that prove the bsn nurse gives better care then an adn and diploma rn. this debate has been going on for 40 yrs and the ana (american nurses association) doesn’t have the balls to step up and recommend this, however, they did speak up with a position paper on making np’s earn a dnp as the entry level degree. why haven’t they spoken up with a position paper about the bsn? just do it…
  3. This is the beauty of research, you allow the data to speak for it's self. If only one research article only shows that BSN nurses make better nurses then I wouldn't believe the article. However, there are many article that have shown this. It comes from education, the more educated one is, the better they will be at their job. This is why certificates are starting to be a norm in nursing.
  4. Sacramento is the only campus in Calif that offers the LVN to BSN program. Each state has it own admission requirement. The paperwork took about an hour, however, waiting for all the schools you attended to send transcripts can take up to 3 weeks. It is a great program, fast paced, but once you are done, it is a great feeling to know you have a BSN.
  5. tferdaise

    LPN to BSN at University of Phoenix

    I'm currently in the MSN in Infomatics, one of the nice things about the MSN it is very flexible on what you can get certificated in. I will go with a CNS certificate when I'm all done either in Cardiology or Pain.
  6. tferdaise

    LPN to BSN at University of Phoenix

    I figured I would update, OK so I'm a little late. I graduated from UoP with my BSN and passed the boards... The LPN to BSN was tough, but it is do able... I'm currently working on my MSN, will be done exactly one year. Now I'll tell you, compared to my BSN, the MSN is much harder...
  7. tferdaise

    LPNs being used as ADONs

    Each state has it's own State board that dictates what each level of nursing can do, here in Arizona an LPN can be a ADON of a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility). It is not uncommon to have a LPN as ADON. Just because you have an RN does not mean you have the skills to be a leader.
  8. tferdaise

    RN vs. BSN

    When it comes to an education its a very personal thing, some people look at an undergrad as an accomplishment and a goal for them, no one can say getting a BSN or ADN is a right or wrong, however with the way nursing is slowly heading, to the BSN being the preferred degree. So if many of the hospitals are willing to pay off loans then its not an issue now is it? If your friend wants to go back to school and get her MSN, DnP she is one step closer then someone who doesn't have a BSN. Also if she wants to teach clinical's down the road she can do that with a BSN, something ADN's can not do.
  9. tferdaise

    RN vs. BSN

    More and More university's are offering Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) for people who have an undergrad in another discipline but wants to get into nursing. This is going to change nursing for the better.
  10. tferdaise

    RN vs. BSN

    There are ways of getting your student loan paid for and continue to work and make great money. Have your friend look into http://www.IHS.GOV She will have to work for them for 2 years, but they will pay up to $40K of her student loans off, if she stays longer the more they will pay them off. I know many people who have done this and the pay is usually better then most acute care hospitals. BTW, having a BSN does more then just getting one into management...
  11. tferdaise

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    Your statement is not correct, here in AZ, the school determines is the student will sit for the LPN boards if they are a RN program. Maricopa Community Colleges will not allow their RN students to sit for the LPN boards. The state board of nursing all sets the criteria for sitting for the board, the schools control who does sit.
  12. tferdaise

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    I disagree with your idea of the LPN. When the role of the LPN was started it was its own separated degree. However things changed over the years, there are "tech" schools that only have the LPN/LVN schooling, and there are community colleges that allow the ADN student to sit for the LPN boards between the 1st and 2 nd year. I would have to think there are more Community Colleges out there that allow the ADN student to take the LPN boards then there are "tech" schools. Healthcare has changed over the last 20 years, and the role of the bedside LPN does not fit in the acute care hospital. There are too many studies that shows this. I was an LPN for 6 years, I was grateful for the experiences I got while working at the Acute Care hospitals. However times have changed and so does nursing.
  13. tferdaise

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    I think what people are missing really is not the RN v LPN since the facilities usually follow state board rules. The real issue is making Nursing a real profession. Currently it still is looked at as a vocation and why is that? One of the main reasons is, there are too many entry points into nursing, LPN, ADN, Diploma, BSN. One paper I wrote in my BSN program was how to make nursing more of a professional Profession. How I did this was I did a compare and contrast paper between Engineers and Nursing. Basically before people start the flame, hear me out. Engineering like nursing had many entry points into the field of engineering, some went to a 4 years school, some went to a trade school and some worked as an apprentice before being allowed to use the title Engineer. That all changed around 30 years ago when it became mandatory that only people who went received a 4 year degree from an accredited school could start the journey to be an engineer. Before this happened, Engineering was thought as a Vocations also. It's now a professional profession, and all of the infighting that nursing is going through happened in the Engineering world. Am I saying that everybody who isn't a BSN prepared RN can not practice as a RN, NO that would be stupid and illogical. These people would be grandfathered into the profession just like they were with the Engineers. But there has to be a point in which the profession needs to do something to pull up its boot straps and take the plunge and say, starting in 2018 and after only people graduating from a BSN program can sit for the boards and have the title RN. Does this sound harsh, no, but its what is needed to move the nursing profession to the next level. Everything is almost in place for this to happen, but the biggest hurdle is the amount of $$ community colleges have spent on ADN programs. I was an LPN for 6 years before going back and getting my RN, BSN and now currently in MSN.
  14. tferdaise

    *Weird* Patient Allergies

    I'm sure some of you have heard this, I'm allergic to Morphine, Tramadol, Percocet and Fentyal.... So of course they want Demarol... I had a patient tell me, he is allergic to Morphine (10 mg), but its the only pain medication that work, so he told me has to take Benadryl (50 mg) so it stop his hives he gets from the Morphine, but then he getnaseauted from the Benadryl so we have to give him phenagran (25 mg) to held with the nauseous get got... the kicker was of course it all had to be IV... I educated him on the fact this nurse wont be giving him any morphine if you have a allergic reaction to it, and i don't care what other medications help you with it. I spoke with the Dr and told him he is a drug seeker and since he told me and the RN that he is allergic to morphine, neither one of us will be giving it to him. He agreed to this and the pt signed out AMA...
  15. tferdaise

    Shocked by What Nursing Really Is!!

    What most everybody has written is true, it all depends on what unit in the hospital you work. If you are on a Med/Surg Floor, then the nurse doesn't have much time wiith thier patients, I love it when the Dr writes for Diabetic education at Discharge... Now if I can get in tough with our diabetic educator then she will see the pt (but at our hospital admin wants us to D/C a pateint within 2 hrs of the written d/c order, do you think the patient get real diabetic educations??) But on a Med/Surg floor I as a LPN will start off with 6 patients, so you do the math on how much time I'll be able to spend with the patients. Our Tele unit, the nurses get 3-4 depending on thier acuity level, I have been floated to this unit (I am ACLS Cert) and thought I have gone to heaven 4 patients, I'm able to spend time with my patients, talk wth them and asses thier real needs... In Nursing if you don't document then it didn't happen, plain and simple, so on the Med/Surg floor the nurses are CYAing through out the shift, because LOTS happen... Int he ER, treat them and street them is the moto, very basic charting not much to chart.... OB is a whole different animal... enough said.... But in todays healthcare the almight dollar is the bottom line, not real patient care, so if you plan on going into nursing be expected to working your a$$ off if you work a M/S floor
  16. tferdaise

    Can Someone Be a Nurse Without Jean Watson??

    Each University uses a different thoeriest, mine is Dortha Orem, her theory is simple, if you are admitted to the hospital then you have a Self Care defiect" pretty simple in my book.