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Anyone read the article in the November issue of the Self magazine about the state of nursing. What were the general thoughts about it how it portrayed nursing and the whistleblowing that it did? ... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Article is titled "WHERE HAVE ALL THE NURSES GONE " and starts on page 180, November 2001 of SELF Magazine.

    I had the same problem when I opened the magazine, hence my reply to the editor.
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  3. by   canoehead
    My letter to the editor has gone out, thanks for posting the article.

    I wonder how the college would feel about having you as a guest lecturer in their leadership/issues in nursing course. This is a great learning experience for the students, let them talk about issues and how to stand up for themselves assertively.
  4. by   kaycee
    Great story fiesty. I emailed Mr. Molina to thank him. Wish we could clone you and send one of you state to state. Thank you for your strength, courage and obvious dedication to nurses and our quest to make things better.
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  6. by   canoehead
    Hang in there fiesty, you are earning your name.
  7. by   WriteStuff

    The article was better than excellent! Whoever that reporter is captured the essence of the problem for us in your own painful experience fiestynurse. I too will be e-mailing him and letting him know my reaction.

    It is Nurses like you who are willing to "stand in the gap" in this way, and let our voices be heard, that can make the difference for our Profession. Your story, and the stories of so many just like yourself, BELONG on the front page of newspapers. Not because it's "sensational" news and will up the sales for the publishers, but because it is TRUTH, and represents an existing delimma that keeps the general public in harms way in our health care system.

    We, as Nurses, are on the frontline of a war of our own, and the "enemy" is the Corporate Wolf-Pack mindset that is out to protect its profits at the expense (no pun intended) of the safety of the general public and will go to any length to do just that.

    If we, as a Profession, had a powerful lobby in Washington,DC like all the other special interest groups do, we would be believed for the truth we need to tell. Even our own professional organizations (ANA, state Nursing Associations, our Professional Journals) seem impotent to get this very message across where it will make an impact for change. We are terribly "fractured" in terms of bargaining power and all that it takes to accompish this.

    I believe that those who SHOULD be leading the way for us are:

    1. So far out of touch with the reality of our work settings,

    2. And so comfortable in their own far-removed positions and offices,

    that they wouldn't know where to start in the first place!!

    We are all kidding ourselves if we think you, fiestynurse, are NOT paying a price for your stepping out like you have in this way. The "depresson" you said you felt the "next day", no doubt has to do with your being able to draw the next most logical conclusion........."I spoke out and told the truth, but nothing is going to change." That's my own "take" on it and I could be way off the mark, but it's how I would feel having been through what you have been through, and having done what you just did, (from that place in your heart that CARES about what we stand for and do as Nurses day in and day out.)

    The deaf ears of the people who perpetuate the problem (corporate infrastructures).....would be "cured" if we as Nurses conducted a mass- NATIONWIDE two-day "sick out" of every hospital in this great land of ours. The only reason it has not happened on a scale such as that is that we refuse to abandon our patients and are in a sense held hostage by our Nurse Practice Acts if we did such a thing.

    I encourage you to NOT let any self-doubts you may be having after the fact of this article, rob you of the more lofty character qualities you truly possess! The "naysayers" will all come out from under their rocks and take a stab at you, but they reveal their own spineless character in doing so, and retreat back under their rocks where they hide all of their own not so "lofty" character qualities (if they have any in the first place).

    Be of good courage don't know it yet, but you may have opened a door that has been locked for too long on this bottom line of our profession.........patient safety!!

    Bonnie Creighton,RN
  8. by   Uptoherern
    It is amazing that this hospital would think that no one would see a correlation between getting rid of feistynurse, and the magazine article. Furthermore, why would GETTING RID OF a competent nurse help patient care/staffing. just wondering!
  9. by   betts
    Be of good courage don't know it yet, but you may have opened a door that has been locked for too long on this bottom line of our profession.........patient safety!!

    Hi Betts,

    I'm traveling through next Tuesday, but will call you later next week. I don't want to repost on, only because I have a backlog of people to call at the moment and don't want to frustrate anyone else with good intentions. It's the New York Times Magazine, though. You can see sample stories at, under "Magazine." Looking forward to talking with you. Sara

    Date: 11/30/2001 5:23:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
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    she is
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    From: at TIME_INC
    Date: 11/30/01 3:55 PM

    Since I'm unable to find a link for verifying an employee, I felt
    pr was the next logical place. The below individual, a Sara F. Corbett,
    posted in, that she was writing an article about the
    nurses shortage for Time; see below email...Would you please confirm
    whether or not she is an employee?
    Thank You,

    My interview is scheduled for next week with Sara. She is aware of and has read the SELF STORY. We'll see what the TIMES does.
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  11. by   WriteStuff

    Fiestynurse (Deborah).........
    First of all, thank you for sharing these follow-up letters that appeared.

    1. The CEO should receive an Academy Award for his skillful attempt at "convincing" the general public otherwise, for his skillful attempt at sweeping the real issue under his Executive Suite carpet, for his skillful attempt at whitewashing the enitre incident, and in particular for the way in which he has convinced himself to believe his own lies!

    I think we call that, "saving one's own ass." (job, salary, lofty position and all the 'perks' that go with it in his case)

    2. Praise the Lord for the upfront, wholehearted and honest support of the CNA in responding publicly to this very real and ever-growing issue!!

    Those who would have us "shut up and go away" had better be careful what they wish for!! we say here in Minnesota: YOU ARE THE BOMB!!

    Bonnie Creighton,RN
  12. by   NurseDennie
    OMG - what an airbag.

    My reply to Mr. Werft would be that he can say something as often and as loud as he wants to, but it doesn't make it true. He says that "To retaliate or punish those who speak up, whether internally or to outside sources, is counter to our culture of openness, teamwork and continuous improvement. "

    And yet, When Feistynurse was interviewed and the article came out, she was no longer welcome to teach her students at that facility!

    Quoting Werft again: "Many staff members here at Cottage have expressed their disappointment that the News-Press would choose the front page to turn a private matter, which we will not discuss in public, into an article that implies censorship and retaliation for those who speak up. Just the opposite is true."

    One wonders who the staff members are and how far up Mr. Werft's .... *ahem* they might live.

    Again, he's the big boss, and he SAYS so, so it's automatically true? Doesn't sound like it to me!

    I am still your awed and humbled student, Feistynurse!


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