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As I've stated in multiple other posts, I am a new grad in the ER. As a new grad, I do not possess the EXPERIENCE that a seasoned nurse has; however, I have noticed that many seasoned nurses are not... Read More

  1. by   Qing
    We need seasoned nurses so if its not breaking any rules of protocols, let it slide. We have things to contribute to our teams and each other. I have learned that we can offer each other support and learn so much from each other. I graduated several years ago and I had a really good preceptor on my last clinical. School nursing is so different from real life nursing. My preceptor showed me that and the other one I had showed me the ugly side of how catty people can be. They were once where we were when we first started as a new grad, so how they adapted and any advice given is something I would accept. There is nothing wrong with how things are done differently from what school presents to you. As you become more experienced, you find what works for you and what does not.
  2. by   GenieToBe
    Quote from applewhitern
    I have to point out that many nursing instructors don't have hands-on, actual working experience themselves. They only know what the "perfect" world of nursing books say.
    I totally agree 100% on this.....

    Reminds me when i was going through the processes of getting my BSN... My then lecturer asked the lot of us to prepare a training workshop for the affiliated nursing college first year students. Let me tell you, this lecturer never even in worked in an actual hospital setting! Long story short, I did not get on well with the lecturer as many of her ways or "methods" of overcoming the "proposed situations" were ancient (e.g. over 20 to 30 years ago).

    Books versus Reality... That should be the OP's title.