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  1. Emmienme

    I'm a nurse and I don't like people.

    OMG.. I honestly thought I was the only introverted nurse. I am so happy that some people feel the same as me. Well, lets see, where to start? I will never work days mon thru fri. People clicking their high heels across the floor while I'm in scrubs and tennies, up to my elbows in "you know what". .. I will work PMs or Nights when you have gone home. Believe it or not these people still need medicine. I don't attend "Staff meetings" which generally are a bunch of BS. So sorry if I have offended some people, but its the truth.. And you wonder why there's a nursing shortage.
  2. Emmienme

    Why are some nurses so petty?

    Are you familiar with the phrase " Nurses who eat their young". ?
  3. Emmienme

    Anyone else employer not drug test you?

    Likewise, the ALF I worked at did not drug test. Apparently, its expensive.
  4. Emmienme

    I hate nursing

    I'm just thankful someone said it before me. After 15+ years I'm ready to call it quits. Nursing is not what I had thought it would be nor is it what it used to be. Going from one "field" of nursing to another doesn't seem to help. However, I am not quite willing to throw away all my schooling and licensing, etc.....I am seriously considering returning to school ( at my age) and possibly getting into a new field where some of my nursing skills may be used.