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Language problems

by Emmienme Emmienme (New) New

Has anyone experienced problems with nurses speaking in a language other than English on the floor, around patients, etc. besides being rude and against company policy (or so I thought), I am wondering how this affects my Alzheimer's/dementia patients. Thoughts?


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That's a very interesting connection re dementias with foreign languages being spoken in proximitry (sp?). I would just venture a guess that it could only add more to the disconnect related to cognition and verbal comprehension.

I have seen where even longtime US Anglo speaking immigrant residents eventually lose their understanding of their native languages, specifically Spanish and Italian. I have really seen this when family try talking to them in the native language, but to no effect. The patients have even lost that language recognition.

So, YES, I guess it could exacerbate confusion for a dementia pt to be hearing foreign Haitian or Filipino or even Spanish. As you post, it is against facility policy - I see it as a Resident Dignity issue. Sheesh, even for a mono-lingual person, like myself, it is ANNOYING. And I could see it also adversely affecting psych pts and contributing to increasing suspicion and paranoia.

If you're a newbie nurse, kudos to you for a very astute observation.

Perhaps alerting Social Service (they're the Pt Advocate 'official' in most places). The facility's rule against foreign language speaking in a pt's presence should be reinforced and monitored. If I remember way back, it was an issue identified during a State survey at a LTC facility I worked. Letting Social Service handle the issue on a facility-wide basis allows them to handle the resistance the will arise. I really don't sweat it if 2 CNAs chat Haitian in the locker-room. Or if 2 nurses chat Spanish in the med room. But you're right, it should not be occurring in any pt areas, and MOST ESPECIALLY, in geri or psych areas.

I don't know how much this has been reported in the professional literature, but there might be some EB studies out there.


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Yes, and there was a formal complaint made, and it's now not permitted, and subject to disciplinary action.... ENGLISH ONLY