1. I have a question about scrubs. I am starting school next month and we have to wear scrubs every day. We will have two sets to wear for clinical days but don't have to wear them every day. I found sets at for around $11. Does anyone know if these are made well etc.? They have a pair that is 100% cotton and the other kind is 65/35. The 65% is poly and the 35% is cotton poplin. I don't want to spend a lot (nor do I have a lot to spend) and this is the most reasonable price that I have found.
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I never order online for clothes due to my height/weight (short and thin) so I can't really voice an opinion on the allheart clothing. I found some really durable, nice scrubs at Work 'n Gear. Big color selection and my scrubs look as new today as they did when I bought them.

    If you have a Work 'n Gear near you, give it a shot. They have some really decent and cheap scrubs.

    I guess you could also order just one set of scrubs from the website you listed. You can return them if you don't like them. And if you do like them, you can order as many as you want.
  4. by   queenjean
    My opinion, because it's the internet and therefore you can't stop me from giving it....

    Do not buy your scrubs based on price. You will put in A LOT of time in these puppies. And some of that time you will be grumpy, stressed, and feel out of your league. The last thing you also need to feel is that you don't look right (like, your scrubs don't fit properly, making you look odd) or you are itchy or sweaty because of your scrub material, or you don't have enough pockets, whatever. Go to a store, try the scrubs on, and get the one that you like best, fits you best, you look the best in, and you feel the best in. Don't even look at price. Seriously.

    I bought cheapies online, and then ended up half way through a semester buying completely different scrubs. They were just too uncomfortable, and were stressing me out.

    That said, Walmart pants are actually really comfortable and priced well. They don't have good pockets. But if you have a scrub top with pockets, or a scrub jacket that you are required to wear, you probably don't need them.

    Good luck!
  5. by   VandyNurse714
    Ok, I have about a MILLION scrubs...because I spent a lot of time buying the WRONG scrubs...

    There is already some sound advice in the posts above mine, but here's my opinion.

    I don't care for allheart scrubs. Scrubs fit strangely, and the ones I've purchased online make me look unkempt and dumpy, not professional and intelligent. The material is not super nice, either.

    Really find a type/brand that fits you best, and invest in them. You really WILL have those scrubs a long time. Buy pants that you can bend, sit, stretch, and squat in. Don't buy see-thru material. As for tops, buy LONG tops. There is nothing more unprofessional to me than a nurse whose belly button or God forbid her butt crack shows when she's (or he's!) in certain positions. Nursing requirements movement, and the scrubs should allow for that. Make sure you have LOTS of pockets, as you will need them. Urbane scrubs make cute sets, but I find the shirts are too short with only one pocket on the chest of all places. I like their pants, though.

    I really like Landau's scrub tops because they fit nicely, wash nicely (with little wrinkles), and they have 4 pockets!! I never run out of room for all my nurse goodies.

    And though you didn't inquire about them, shoes are very important as well. Maybe not right now while you are in school, but you will need to get good ones later on. All my friends with high arches really like Danskos (you have to sort of break them in, though). I, however, have long, narrow, FLAT feet. I have only found one shoe that I've liked, and that is a Merrill (spell?) shoe. My feet NEVER, EVER hurt...even after a 14-hour shift. That is huge for me.

    Anyway, hope that helps.
  6. by   BeachBayNurse
    I had a pair of scrubs from allheart when I was in nursing school and they worked fine for me. They weren't the nicest material or fit, but they were ok. However, now that I am a nurse and work extra days, carry lots of stuff in my pockets, and have to move alot more than when I was a student, there is no way I would wear them.
  7. by   AprilRNhere
    Uniform Advantage has nice, very reasonable scrubs. I often get them for under $10 before shipping. Now that I'm an RN...I'm finding I prefer Dickies, and honestly the heavy cotton ones that Walmart carries, but uniform advantage worked well for me as a CNA and student.
  8. by   nurseontheway
    Thanks a million for your advice. I was planning on buying a ton of sets from All Heart and will avoid the headache now. I did go to Scrubs and Beyond but they were pretty pricey. I will try Uniform Advantage and Wal Mart. As far as shoes go I plan on buying a pair from Joe's New Balance outlet (it is an online store.) They have a pair that I like for around $42. New Balance are my favorite brand of gym shoes. The shoes have to be mostly white and have to be closed in the back.
  9. by   justme1972
    I bought the new Grey's Anatomy scrubs, a little more expensive, but I noticed that at the end of my clinical days my classmates looked pretty wrinkled and the fabric that I was wearing still looked like I did that morning.

    Starch and ironing is a MUST. My instructor when she "looked over us" on our first day, she said, "Let me see if I can guess who just pulled your uniforms out of the dryer"...she hit it 100%...the starch helps the fabric keep it's shape.

    I just can't stand to see a professional that looks like they crawled out of bed, show up in ill-fitting scrubs that looked like they slept in them.
  10. by   JustaGypsy
    Hello all! I also spent a great deal of time and money on all the WRONG scrubs... and now I find I am a dedicated client of and always will be! The have poly/cotton and 100% cotton sheeting (I recommend the poly/cotton blend due to comfort, keeps it's shape, and thickness of material if you have to wear white...). The poly/cottons that I have can LITERALLY come right out of the dryer and they look as if they have been ironed. The have multiple different styles, and the posted measurements are true to size. Initially a little more pricey than most, but is worth every cent. I guarantee once you try them you will be hooked! They have regular, short and tall lengths... and pants have 2 front pockets, and a back pocket! They have one style that has seven pockets and they wear like iron! I found the 100% cotton sheeting ones to wrinkle too easily for my taste, and not be as soft, although they were also very nice. My ER gets REALLY hot in summer, and the poly cottons were not too heavy. They also have a catalog, and the colors take about a year and a half to start to look even slightly faded after weekly washing and drying. And no shrinkage!!! The best part?!? They boast FREE... yes, that's right FREE shipping for returns and exchanges!!! They send you a mailer envelope with your purchase, which means you can TRY THEM ON AT HOME, and return if not happy with fit! Quite literally hassel-free returns; almost unheard of in this day and age! The prints are great, too! Simply the best company out there right now, period. And no, I do not work for them...:spin:
  11. by   wonka
    wow, smart scrubs sound great!
    nurseontheway, at $11 you could always order one set to see how you like them.
  12. by   swee2000
    Quote from Aprilhere
    Uniform Advantage has nice, very reasonable scrubs. I often get them for under $10 before shipping. Now that I'm an RN...I'm finding I prefer Dickies, and honestly the heavy cotton ones that Walmart carries, but uniform advantage worked well for me as a CNA and student.

    Uniform Advantage ALLLLL the way!!!!! :spin:

    99.9% of my scrubs were purchased from this company...and I have ALOT of scrubs! Here's why I like them so much:

    1)Everything is reasonably priced
    2)In addition to their own brand, they also sell Landau, Dickies, Cherokee, & Happy Scrubs
    3)They have a variety of colors, prints, & styles
    4)The scrubs are VERY comfortable, including the UA brand.
    5)They also sell shoes(including Crocs, Danskos, & Nurse Mates) and other nursing necessities(ie: stethoscopes)

    If anyone is interested, their website is or they have store locations in Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, California, and Minnesota.