Say something or not?

  1. My primary care of 5 years recently got a new medical assistant. Prior to her arrival, the office was exactly what you'd want - calls returned promptly, referrals done quickly and efficiently, lab and test reports telephoned to you as they arrived.

    The doctor is exactly the same, however other things aren't. I'm on medication with side effects of hyperactivity and irritability, so I thought it was my problem that she irritated me so. Recently he decided an MRI and PT was needed and said they'd set up the appointments and call me. I waited and waited. The referral coordinator is the same person who has done it for years with never a glitch. I finally called her after 10 days and absolutely believe her when she said she never got the orders. She called back in 20 minutes with the appointments. I told her I knew what happened and said she really needed to speak to him because while I KNOW where the problem is, some patients might not and it reflects on him. She said she'd gone to the practice administrator AGAIN as that's her "chain of command".
    So, I was in the office yesterday and he was going over the MRI results. There are 4 herniated disks with impingment in one cervical and one lumbar. I asked why it had taken so long for him to get the results.
    He said "You were called last week and a message was left for you to call and to increase the Ultram. I said "No." He said maybe my husband had gotten it and forgot to tell me. I KNEW that didn't happen but just let it go. Both my husband and I checked messages for the last two weeks and there is NO message. She wrote IN MY CHART THAT SHE CALLED! Do I tell him?
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  4. by   suzanne4
    Definitely tell him. She is charting things that she has not done and there can be serious repercussions over this. And that can be considered falsifying documents and that is a legal no-no. And at this point, she would have to prove that she actually phoned you, and she is unable to do this.

    The doctor is also responsible for anything that she does as she is functioning under his medical license. And if others in the office are having problems/issues with her, then he definitely should be concerned as well. Or he will see his other wonderful staff pack up and leave.

    Someone needs to be monitoring this person.
  5. by   texas_lvn
    I sooo agree with the above posters. Tell him, and document it. You are able to be the voice for those who cant...and dont understand what is going on. If you have been a pt for that long, surely the MD will believe you. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  6. by   chuck1234
    It would be a big mistake to not saying anything!
  7. by   first_lobster
    You said that you really liked this doctor, so consoder this. At some point, this tech is going to do the same thing to someone else, and then this doctor is going to get sued, and/or another patient or yourself is going to get hurt. someone needs to say something because he may not realize what is going on.
  8. by   CRNI-ICU20
    before this person charts another lie, you better tell the doctor....
    and before this person has another human being's life in their hands, you better tell the doctor. crni
  9. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I would definitely say something to the Dr. If not him, then the office manager. I would tell him exactly what you posted here. I also think it would be a good idea to keep record of all incidents and wrongdoings of this medical assistant, including dates, if possible. Your husband can also attest that you never received that telephone call. This way, you have something to back up your allegations.
  10. by   EXmpFUTURErn
    Say something! I was in the military for 4 years and had similar situations to this, except I couldn't say anything (chain of command thing, lower on the totem pole). YOU can say something. I would actually say something to the medical assistant- politely of course. Let her explain what happened. If you are good at reading people, her body language will tell you if she screwed up or not. Maybe this girl has no clue that she's doing anything wrong and no one wants to say anything to her. Maybe I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, but give her a chance to "fix the problem" by letting her know.
  11. by   TazziRN
    Definitely say something, because it is affecting your care and medical health.
  12. by   CarVsTree
    Uh.... YEAH!!!

    My sister's OB FORGOT to tell her she had advanced cervical cancer for 2 months. That was totally his fault. However, at least he knew he made the mistake. And my sister is o.k. (it's now about 9 years later).

    Could have been fatal for her though.
  13. by   rn/writer
    Worst case for this doc is that his new employee's behavior will cause serious harm to a patient and HE will be held accountable to some extent.

    But more likely is that, as frustration builds, patients will begin to vote with their feet and look elsewhere for care. And most will go without telling him why they're leaving. Some may not even know for sure. They will just have the feeling that they aren't getting the service they once did and that their confidence has eroded.

    You need to tell him. And make it clear that it's because you value your relationship with him that you want him to know what kind of shenanigans are taking place. Being in health care yourself, you're in a better position than most to get the point across.

    Let us know what happens.
  14. by   Ruby Vee
    by all means, say something. if you're noticing things like this, i'm sure other patients are, too. but being in health care yourself, you're in an ideal position to get your point across.