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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by sixes

    Here are some links sorry I don't know how to transfer the story's onto this board.

    Thanks for posting those links. Its unfortunate when the health department tries to inform the public that it produces panic and anxiety.

    Take the proper precautions and take of yourself and families.
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by nurseman
    [They wouldn't even let you stay on nights. Don't put your self in a situation that would endanger your weak immune system.]

    I don't think the manager on our floor really thinks about anything but getting the job done. The nurses need to look out for themselves because no one else will.
  4. by   emily_mom
    Wendy, you stay safe girl. I'm not sure if I would have volunteered given the circumstances. Please keep us posted.

    Thinking of you.
  5. by   FullMoonMadness
    Wendy,please take care. I don't see how having children should automaticly recuse a nurse from working that unit. Is your health/education nurse aware of you immune situation?I realize that these patients need care, but it seems to me you might be in harms way. I don't know if I could do it. Sorry if that seems selfish.
    You are in my thoughts.
  6. by   oramar
    Are you under care of immunologist? I just wonder what he would say? We all know how people with these auto immune conditions get flairups after viral infections. What would happen if he gave you a note saying, "hell no she can't go".
  7. by   fergus51
    Didn't I pick a great time to move here?! Seriously, I am not really freaked out at all. I am lucky that I work in a low risk area, though we are still taking parents as visitors. From what I understand about the spread it is preventable with precautions. From what I understand those who don't want to work can just say they went to Scarborough Grace in the last month.
  8. by   subec
    Wendy-----please take care.
  9. by   Jay-Jay
    Believe me, Fergus, I've been tempted!!

    I work in the community, and CCAC has said they will provide masks, gowns and goggles for us to use when visiting patients who have been exposed and are on quarantine.

    Now, check me if I'm wrong on this. These supplies will be delivered to the patient's home. This thing is airborne, which is why it has spread so fast. Any supplies in the home will probably be contaminated, even if they ARE just inside the front door.

    If they ask me to visit one of these patients, I think I'm going to say NO, unless they can deliver said supplies to my home or the office for me to pick up there.

    What d'yall think?
  10. by   Jay-Jay
    Dang! It's spreading! Now it's hit York Central, in Richmond Hill! Most of our patients come from either York Central or Markham Stouffville. Lucky thing I didn't go to YCH this week to drop off my x-rays!
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  11. by   adrienurse
    Good to hear that my Wendles hunny is okay. This is scary shyte! People are getting a little hysterical (myself included) I was worried about my parents a week ago because they had recently come back from Asia and both had resp infections that were not going away. Thanks god they're okay.

    The Free Press yesterday was saying that there was an unconfirmed case in a Winnipeg hospital (a man who had recently come from China). Our virology lab (equivalent to the CDC in Atlanta) is now examining the virus. I'm really thankful that I don't work in acute care, but the sub-acute program on the other side of my facility gets a lot of admissions from hospitals.
  12. by   BadBird
    Holy Cow, I just came home from spending 3 days in Niagra Falls, Ontario, I sure hope no one in the casinos was infected!!! Geeze it was bad enough we lost a grand but that is just too much to think about!!! Wendy, It is time for you to just say NO, you were not happy on the day shift anyway, and since you are back in school and planning on finding a new job when you graduate it might be time to just stay home for awhile. Hopefully you will stay safe and we can catch up in the chat room. Take care.
  13. by   RNonsense
    Wendy, sweetie...I think you should stay home. I'm glad you posted as I was thinking of you.
    There are four suspect cases in Vancouver now.