retention bonus

  1. Just wonder if anyone works for a hospital or company that offers retention bonus money?? If so, please tell how much$$ for how long of service. Would be nice if we could get some $$ every couple of yrs, might make you want to stay in the same place for a while!!!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    In our large midwestern teaching hospitals, we have clinical ladders which reward us with 5% bonus every year in two installments and also 5% raise plus what they give everyone else. However, our unit is still 42% down for RNs, so it doesn't work too well.
  4. by   nurseman
    My previous job was at James Bay Hospital. They give $2500 (1,601.93 USD) for first year, $3000 ($1,922.29 USD) second year and $5000 ($3,203.82 USD) for every year after that. It's the most northern hospital in Ontario and very isolated. You can get to the town of Moosonee by plane or train. No roads leading anywhere at any of the three sites. Current job has no retention bonus but I'm in civilization!
  5. by   live4today
    Retention bonuses don't mean a hill of beans to me if the people I work with...and the people I work FOR...have the characteristics of a monster. I prefer to work with nice people vs. those who are meanspirited. All the $$$ in the world wouldn't be able to keep me somewhere that was totally against my own nature as a person. You can't put a price tag on human love and compassion for one another.

    That said.....just pay me a very decent paycheck ON TIME and let me worry about whether I'll be "retained" at a certain facility based on the way I'm treated at said facility. :kiss

    Night night ya'll! It's bedtime for me here in the LoneStar State! :kiss
  6. by   NannaNurse
    I work for a major healthcare system in the St.Louis,Mo area. I recieved a $7500.00 bonus paid out over 3 years, but I'm not required to 'stay' there. I get 'installments' every 6 mo as long as I stay until it's paid. If I leave, I don't have to pay any back.
    Our referral bonus is $1000. I love this job! My co-workers are awesome, we all work as a team and we all feel as if we have known oneanother for a long time...something I've not had in a LONG TIME!
    I've referred several friends, who have been hired, so I'm 'really' liking it. I work 12's and any extra......which is alot.....I get bonus pay. Holidays are double time......I really feel spoiled! Got my review yesterday........OMG....they love me. I feel really fortunate and blessed to have found this job. I've felt 'unappreciated' for so long, so this is a boost to my ego too.
  7. by   renerian
    In central Ohio no one is paying a retention bonus........
  8. by   tiger
    at my hospital we get a longevity bonus. when i started in 1990 you began collecting it after 5 years. now you have to wait 8. it increases every year you are there. my last one after 11 yrs. of service was around 1700 net. it is based on a percentage of your yearly salary. i am an lpn.
  9. by   Faby
    Dear Nannanurse. Is there any room for foreign nurses in your hospital? It seems to me that you are working in ideal conditions, don't you? I'm serious about my question, I'm really interested in moving to America.
  10. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    We dont get retention or longevity bonuses, but we get several golf outings a year, which just tickles me an incadescent orange

    doo wah ditty
  11. by   dindy
    I worked for a hospital in PA, offered $5000 bonus for two years, I left after two months. I don't care how much money one offers if I am being treated badly!!!! I am still trying to find a good place to work. Any suggestions in the PA or NJ area????????