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  1. TELEpathicRN

    About to start new job!

    Hi, I start my new job on Monday. I will be working in a busy Children's and Women's ER. I've done ER before and feel competant, but just getting last minute "jitters". :imbar I guess I am just afraid of sticking the kids, etc.. since it has been a little while since I have done this, and parents are not to accepting to have someone "practice" on their kids. :angryfire Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance :)
  2. TELEpathicRN

    staff RN's in LTC?

    Does anyone know about the laws in AL??
  3. TELEpathicRN

    Do the state inspectors ever show up on noc shift?

    They came to our facility on a Sunday! I never had heard of them working weekends!! They seem to enjoy suprising people.
  4. TELEpathicRN

    Care Plans an Exercise in FUTILITY??????

    In LTC we heavily rely on the care plan, they are extremely individualized and really give you a picture of each resident. No, we do not have time to sit down and read each and every care plan before we take care of a resident, but it is a good guidline. When I was in school I thought careplans were sooooo stupid, but after 7 yrs of nursing practice, I believe they help nurses develop thinking skills. Just my opinion....
  5. TELEpathicRN

    LTC is getting the best of me!

    I feel your pain!! I am a unit manager for a 58 bed unit with usually 10+ Medicare residents. Everything falls on me! I am responsible 24/7 for the operations of the unit. I was supposed to be M-F 8-4:30, but our admin has decided that we need nursing mgmt in the building on the weekends. Just to enlighten you, this facility only has 1 RN supervisor!!! and that position has only been in effect for about 3 or 4 months!! So, now we are going to have to start doing weekends too. When I first started, I was doing at least 60 hrs/week, but now I just say "screw it" as long as nothing is going on with a resident that needs my attention, I go home on time. I don't worry about the paperwork, it always can wait, residents cant. I do alot of my paperwork at home also. My DON/ADON are very realistic and don't get upset if the paperwork is late. I am very frustrated with my job and am about ready to go back to hospital work. I just want to be responsible for my own actions and that's it!!! Thanks for listening
  6. TELEpathicRN

    Skin Care products

    I am a unit mgr of a 58 bed LTC floor. I am just curious what everyone is using for Stage I's, moisture barriers, and incontenence products. We currently use constant care for mositure barrier and zinc oxide on reddened areas. All input will be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. TELEpathicRN

    Skin Care Products

    Hi, I am a unit mgr for a 58 bed nursing home floor. We have a variety of LTC and short term residents. I was just wondering what type of products everyone else is using for moisture barriers, stage I's, etc... We use constant care or Baza as moisture barriers. Also, we use Zinc Oxide on reddened areas. These products seems to work on most of the residents, but there are some that they do not help. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. TELEpathicRN

    Alternatives to Bedside Nursing

    I am applying for a community relations position with an assisted living community. Gotta get away from the bedside!! Had surgery on my back and now I am fixed and do not want to get "broken" again!!!!
  9. TELEpathicRN

    Nurses in Other Professions

    To everyone who knows nurses doing transcription from home, do you know if any of them are working for Spheris (formerly Edix)? I am seriously looking into this while I get my BSN and probably MSN. I am not physically able to do bedside nursing at the present time and think this would be a good job . If anyone knows anything about this company, pay, etc... Thanks in advance
  10. TELEpathicRN

    Sickly Nurses????

    I got the "triggering" infection in my first year of nursing as an LPN- I caught strep throat from a co worker and was out of work for about 2 weeks and then worked one 12 hr shift in the ER and took care of a little boy that had mono, then developed mono and about 6-9 mo's down the road, all the fatigue, aching pain and trigger points started. It wasn't bad at first, I went back to RN school and even did some traveling nursing, but finally got bad in the last few yrs. I now have Fibromyalgia, RLS, buldging thoracic, lumbar and sacral discs, and bone spurs up and down my back (just found incidentally while being scanned for MS!!), and my neurologist is about 98% sure that I do have MS, but just haven't had any lesions show up. Full time nursing is getting VERY VERY hard!! I am in the process of trying to apply for some Case Mgr jobs, etc.. hope something turns up. To whoever mentioned the tooth decay, after I started having symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Every 6 mo's theres a new cavity or two!! I never had a cavity up until then!!! Now MD's are saying that MS may be caused by amalgam fillings, my mouth is full of them!!! Hope there's some help for us broke down caring nurses!!
  11. TELEpathicRN

    Young, but New RN Grad with Disability

    I am 28 years old and have Fibromyalgia and possibly have MS. I work acute Hemodialysis and it is just about to take a toll on me!! The work gets more stressful by the day. The job is really physically demandidng at times (pushing around heavy machines) and I am not sure how long I will be able to keep it up. I wanted to go into case mgmt, but I was told without any CM experience, I couldn't get hired. Would love to work from home. If you know any co's that hire from home, could you please let me know? To answer your question, you could take a class in Legal Nurse Consulting (with your CM experience you'd do great) and work as a LNC part time while holding on to your full time job until you see if the LNC thing will turn into full time. You could go back to school and get your JD and become a Nurse-Lawyer (More and more nurses are becomming lawyers(again, with you CM experience, this would be good). I've heard that research jobs are pretty easy. With your BS you could work as a pharmacy rep (if you are able to drive well and travel some). The possiblilties are endless, but I don't think I would leave my desk job to work med-surg!!! Take it from me, ittakes alot out of healthy nurses, much less us nurses with health problems. I really hope I can get a desk job soon. You can e mail me at acutehemorn@aol.com Look forward to talking to someone who understands, we are kind of in the same position: I've been contimplating changing jobs for a while now, just scared and undecided, just like you! Talk to you soon
  12. TELEpathicRN

    How to get into Case Management

    I am an experienced RN and just wondering how to get into case mgmt. I asked one of the social workers @ the hospital the other day, and she said that I MUST be experienced and they wouldn't hire anyone without experience. I have seen ads for case managers, but haven't applied for any because of what she said. You have to get experience somehow!! All input would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
  13. TELEpathicRN

    Fibromyalgia and working fulltime

    I am on everything you can imagine. I take vitamin supplements, etc... and I still hurt like H@#L, but HAVE to work full time. My wife is a full time grad student, I am going to go part time after she graduates. I work acute dialysis and love it!!! I really would love a position of a pt educator for dialysis and pre dialysis patients, but there are no such jobs in my area. Our company did just "create" a pt educator job for one of their favorites, but those are the jobs that just pop up every know and then and are filled by the chosen few. This job was never advertised. They also created a job for a nurse who was disabled (created a case manager position, a one of a kind position)....she has now taken another position, but her old position doesn't exist anymore!!!! I am sooooooo frustrated. Tired of hurting and taking care of pts that expect the moon from you! I go the extra mile for all my pts and that will really wear you out quick!! Thanks for listeningb
  14. TELEpathicRN

    Nurses with disabilities

    I too need to join this club! I'm 28 years old and have Fibromyalgia, RLS, and probable MS....plus two buldging thoracic disks and one "leaking" sacral one and various bone spurs, arthritis, etc... (these were found by MRI'S trying to R/O MS). I work acute dialysis and it is becomming challenging to make it through each day!! Supposed to work 10 hr shifts, but sometimes they are 12+ and we have to take call!! I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to tolerate standing up virtually all day, the lifting required, and the long hours. I am in constant pain, thinking about trying to change into a case mgmt job or MDS job, but they are few and far between where I live. Thought about going back to adult ICU, would only be 3 12 hr shifts per week, might be easier on my body. Any thoughts?
  15. TELEpathicRN

    Godmother was diagnosed with failure

    Many times we see pts whose hearts are too weak, and dialysis won't do them any good. If they don't have a strong "pumper", dialysis doesn't clean enough of their blood to do any good. Sometimes, people are put on renal diets, phosphate binders, and fluid restrictions....gives them more time. Sorry you are having to go through this. As you already know, her time left is unknown. Probably will be approx 2-3 weeks.
  16. TELEpathicRN

    are nursing really using alternative medicine?

    there is one Clayton College that doesn't allow AL residents. go to yahoo.com and search for clayton college birmingham al, that is how i found it