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Is there anyone out there doing CPR and First Aid training for groups? If so, I am just curious what you charge, how you charge (set rate or based on # in group), etc.. looking for any information that could help me get started. Thanks in advance

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If you do a search, on this BB and look over the Nurse Entrepreneural existing conversations, you will find some posts to this query.

Here is one link that is down a few posts on the Nurse Entrepreneur Forum:


Here is another:


I hope this helps for starters. Perhaps, some other posters may have more info to share (I hope so).

Let us know how we can help you in navigating the board. Thank you for bringing the topic up again; it is a good one ;)

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I own a business in florida for first aid and cpr training.

We are in the yellow pages and have a website. We market to daycare centers and facilities. We charge by the student with a minimum of 8. If there are less than 8 they are charged for 8.(if we have to go to them) or they come to our classrrom facility. we teach over 1200 students a year.

we charge 25.00 a person for cpr anf 10.00 extra for first aid if done at the same time, other wise it is 25.00 for first aid if separate from cpr day.

we are the largest provider in our tri county area.

good luck and let us know how your business goes.

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