Remember You're Important

  1. Since beginning nursing school my respect for nurses has increased tenfold. There is just a tremendous amount of knowledge that a person needs to acquire in a relatively short time while in nursing school. The job opportunities are dizzying in their variety, and in nursing school we need to develop a foundation to prepare us for them all. And, not only do nurses require intellectual intelligence to learn pathology and pharmacology, they must also have amazing interpersonal intelligence as well. After a patient receives difficult news they talk to nurses. Who fields the majority of complaints, about hospital food, hospital policy, delays for procedures etc..? In my experience it's the nurses. We have to smooth things over with families, prevent hospital roommates from all out wars, balance assessments, medications, phone calls, and unexpected emergencies. To top it all off we have to look calm and professional under immense amounts of pressure.
    I want to encourage my fellow nurses, to value yourselves and your fellow nurses for the contribution you make. You are amazing professionals. I think the common perception of nurses as "doctors' servants" could be changed if we change our attitude. I want to challenge you as nurses to tell at least one other nurse in your life that you value the work that they do. Because when we value ourselves, we make it more difficult for others to devalue us.
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    Well-said! Thanks.
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    Thank you It's nice to hear that, especially when one of us (any of us) has a bad day. Bad enough to make your :spin:
    Thanks again
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    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. I really needed to hear that. Thanks again!
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    Well said!
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    very well said .thankyou ! you sound like a very smart funny kind and compassionat are correct we as nurses need to treat eachother better and support eachother.i am a 20 yr nurse veteran.
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    Wow, Thank You! What a wonderful post... I needed that. Thanks
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    luvscrubs, great post!
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    :bowingpur Excellent post!!
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    Quote from luvscrubs
    I think the common perception of nurses as "doctors' servants" could be changed if we change our attitude.
    At my 10 year high school reunion I was talking to a guy that was in med school. I was in nursing school then. We were talking about our careers and he told me that he liked to think that nurses are 'the secret doctors' because they are the one that are always with the patients and they provide the bulk of the care. When he first said it I was like "what?" but then I thought- if that is what they are teaching in med school it is better than the 'bow to me handmaiden!' mentality that I think they teach in med school- (You know, the class right before they teach that formula feeding is just as good as breast feeding (I think my pediatrician took both of these classes.)) If they are teaching that we are 'secret doctors' now- maybe someday we will be seen as profession in our own right. I do agree with the OP- we need to value one another and encourage each other. So kudos to you nurses! I appreciate hearing all of your tips and viewpoints when I sign on here!
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    Nice post luvscrubs. It is always nice to have a pat on the back even if we're not in it for that. And you are right, we do have to stand up for each other & help each other out.