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Why do some RN's (not all) think that they are better than LPN's? It's like they don't think LPN's are "real nurses".... Read More

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    Guys..why do all the doctors think they are better than me?? I mean, they only had a LITTLE more training.....
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    Yes we all know Rn's have more education. Some have alittle more and some have alot more, and I respect them for that. I've worked with all kinds of Rn's....ADN, BSN, and even some with a MSN. No one thought they were better than the next because we all worked together for the welfare of the pt. What I have found working with those who think they are better, is their attitudes suck! Hence making them THINK they are better than anyone else. For those RNs I have ignored their attitudes and did my job the best I knew how so they couldn't come back to me and be a critic. If they like you, you're fine. If not, you're in trouble and those who don't like you generally turn out to be your bullies who will do everything in their power to get you to resign, or to transfer to another unit. One I worked with was an alcoholic and later died...Sad to say, but no one misses her... that's how bad she was to other nurses.
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    Originally posted by getbabygirl
    I will only say that I have not seen a thread on why RN's think that they are better than LPN's. So if you tired of seeing this question do what everybody else does.... DON"T RESPOND!!!!
    Don't get snippy...this debate has been discussed to death. Leave it alone, it will only get ugly.
    originally posted by jay levan
    hiya, just thought that even though, the responders here are obviously correct about there already having been numerous threads discussing this subject, you do indeed deserve answer to your question that is, lets say fresh i think there is a line that gets crossed, whether it be on purpose or inadvertently. i believe that line is in the area of training. it is generally accepted that r.n. training is more complete. as with all things, there are always exceptions to this general rule. some will use this general rule to crow a little, after all is said and done, the only real test is how we apply our knowledge. there are those with lpn after their name that in my opinion are just as competent, as any rn. as all the responders here know all to well there is the same kind of debating strictly within our own ranks. adrn, vs bsrn vs diploma r.n. etc. again, my belief is in how well you use the knowledge you are taught. hope this helps in some small way.
    i agree, even though this topic has been covered probably, hundreds of times before...you do deserve a decent response to your question getbabygirl. i'm so suprised at some of the responses you've gotten so far. some are down right cruel! if these people are tired of seeing *these types* of threads...then they should decline in reading/responding to them if all they have to say are cruel/disrepectful things...just because they're tired of seeing the issue brought-up again. obviously, this person had some recent experience which prompt her to start this thread in the first place & she's seeking answers as to why some people behave the way they do...maybe we should ask why she started it before behaving so cruelly !

    thanks jay for giving a kind explanation to getbabygirl.

    thoroughly disgusted !
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    Originally posted by getbabygirl
    I will only say that I have not seen a thread on why RN's think that they are better than LPN's. So if you tired of seeing this question do what everybody else does.... DON"T RESPOND!!!!
    getbabygirl, if you had an experience that was negative, my best advice is to confront the person who treated you without respect, rather than posing a question that is so painfully obvious a generalization of a group of people (RNs).

    If people are azzholes, it has absolutely, positively nothing to do with the RN behind their name.

    Now...I'm waiting for a bloomin' onion and a Harp, thanks.
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