Prayers for the Families of the Virginia Tech Massacre!

  1. I live about an hour away from Blacksburg, Va. I just wanted to take the time to say that the families of all of the students at VA Tech are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. While sitting in my classroom tonight at our local college, all I could think about was how easily something like that could happen to any of us. It's true that "There but for the grace of God go I". I can't imagine the horror and the grief that those families are facing. Every mother's worst fear is losing a child. How awful it would be to have a child there and not know if they were safe. It made me want to hold my children very close tonight. I just can't think of the words to describe how horrific this is. It just goes to show that our small towns can't keep out the ugly parts of the world forever.
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  3. by   mrsalby
    Wow you read my mind. I was answering another post and thought about this. How blessed we are to have and be where we are. I am about to graduate and cannot bear to think about the lost futures of all those young minds. Let alone the families and the shock.

    yes pray and send positive thoughts to the east coast!
  4. by   TigerGalLE
    My day was so awful. But when I heard about this, my day sure didn't seem so bad! I am so thankful for what I have. I feel so bad for the students and the families involved. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
  5. by   time4meRN
    You bet they will be in my prayers. I can't imagine. I pray also that if something like this would ever happen in my community, that I would be able to draw on my critical thinking and skills to save lives. This kind of event usually gives ER nurses a chill down their spine, we never know where or when such things can happen. God be with all of us in situations like this.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    We watched it on my patient's tv - (pitocin induction).

    So hard to be a parent on a day like this - I called both my older boys and left messages on their cell phones telling them I loved them.

    Came home and hugged my dd and ds.

    I will remember the families in my prayers.

    How can you shoot 32 people?

  7. by   CHATSDALE
    i had heard of the first incident and then before 12 turned on tv and they were breaking the news of additional fatalities [20 at that time] and i was thinking that has to be a mistake it couldn't possibly be that many
    bless those dear parents, those nurses and first responders, police who had to deal with a day that will be with them all of their lives
  8. by   CRNI-ICU20
    This world is going nuttier....I am so sorry for the kids who died; the ones who are attempting to heal or survive, and the ones who weren't wounded physically, but will carry with them the emotional trauma for the rest of their lives....
    the need to feel secure and safe in your environment has once again been ripped away by someone very disturbed and deranged.
    It only surprises me that it doesn't happen more often.
  9. by   JennieO
    I was sad all day about this. I have a 19 year old son who lives in the engineering dorms of his university. It really hit home. These kids are just kids and so vulnerable. Your freshamn year of college should be exciting, not terrifying. I just do not know how he could have done this or why. I think this is as awful as 9/11.
  10. by   shippoRN
    my prayers and heart go out to the families of the students and victims. My heart hurts at the thoughts of those moms and dads who's phone calls aren't being returned, and those husbands or wives of the professors and staff who were shot who's phone calls aren't being returned. What a nightmare.
  11. by   Bella Donna
    My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family of the guy who shot all these folks as well as to the shooter's family as well. We need to remember his family also. God Bless all who suffered a loss today. We are there for you always.
  12. by   potato
    my heart goes out to the entire Virginia Tech community. i think this is the second tragedy that has happened there during this school year.
  13. by   bettyboop
    Again such an awful event our hearts thoughts and prayers go out to the community and pray this dreadful event never shadows a school again, my heart goes out to the parents and students of that campus can not even imagine the horror these young people saw and endured.
  14. by   jollyjenny
    My heart is breaking for the families of the victims. Dear Lord please help them heal.